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Dharmveer Choudhary of Unique associates, a top hardware distributor in Jaipur
Dharmveer Choudhary of Unique associates, a top hardware distributor in Jaipur

Hardware plays a pivotal role in both architecture and interior design, contributing to the functionality, aesthetics, and overall character of spaces. It includes a range of elements such as door handles, locks, hinges, etc., which serve both practical and decorative purposes. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, Dharmveer Choudhary of Unique Associates, who is amongst the top door hardware distributors in Jaipur, discusses the significant influence Link Locks has had on his business.


About Unique Associates – Renowned Link Locks hardware distributors in Jaipur


Dharmveer Choudhary of Unique associates, a top hardware distributor in Jaipur
Dharmveer Choudhary of Unique Associates, a well-established door hardware distributor in Jaipur


In 2013, Unique Associates started their journey in the freelancing realm. Recognizing an opportunity for a more hands-on role in product distribution, the firm transitioned into the distributorship domain under the care of Dharmveer Choudhary. This move not only broadened their professional scope but also deepened their insights into market dynamics and customer requirements. Currently, their network boasts a robust presence with 287 retailers, reflecting their growth and influence in the industry.


Choosing excellence: The motivations behind collaboration with Link Locks


Link locks display at Unique Associates
Dharmveer Choudhary showcasing his array of Link Locks products


I started working with Link Locks in March 2023, but I already knew about their good reputation and quality products. We checked their policies, products, and what’s needed to be a distributor, and it all looked encouraging. What excited me was the wide range of products they offer—I could benefit from having those products as a channel partner.

In fact, the first padlock that I ever purchased for my office was from Link Locks; it works perfectly well even after 10 years of use. Needless to say, I was well aware of their product quality.

Moreover, they implement programs that offer advantages not only to customers but also to their entire network, which includes dealers and distributors. They have introduced schemes based on quantity and turnover for hardware distributors in Jaipur, making it simple for each distributor to enjoy benefits.


Link Locks’ latest products amaze the Indian consumer 

Link Locks is widely recognized in Jaipur for its excellent padlocks, but upon reviewing their catalog, we discovered their expansion into door hardware. Even though they’re renowned for padlocks, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends to their new product lines.


Their furniture fittings, including telescopic channels, door closers, and door stoppers, stand out for their quality and variety in finishes. Link Locks has presented a comprehensive range, catering to both premium and economy segments. The company seems to be evolving into a one-stop solution, offering a complete basket of products. Their new additions meet customer expectations in terms of quality and finish, aligning with the brand’s standards. It’s evident that these developments are tailored to meet the fundamental needs of the Indian market.


The distinguished market presence of Link Locks – The experience of hardware distributors in Jaipur

In our business interactions, it’s a common experience that everyone we come across not only recognizes the brand but also recalls its tagline. The brand has left a lasting impression in the minds of people. Our task mainly involves informing them about the extensive range of products the company has to offer. The notable point here is that individuals are keen to stock their shops with these products due to the exceptional value for money they provide. This attests not only to the brand’s widespread recognition but also to the strong appeal it holds for our target market.


Link Locks’ commitment to product enhancement through feedback

When we provide the products, we begin to hear feedback once people start using them. It’s great that there are almost no complaints about the company’s products. But if someone does have suggestions to make things better, we quickly let the company know, and they act on it right away. This indicates the brand’s strong commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and genuinely offering solutions to address their needs.


Remarkable growth journey as Link Locks hardware distributors in Jaipur

Joining forces with Link Locks has made a noticeable difference in our market presence. Our reach has seen substantial growth, as we have progressed from 150 to 287 retailers. Beyond the numbers, our association with a respected brand like Link Locks has had a positive impact on how our business is perceived in the market. Customers now view us with a greater sense of trust and reliability, attributing to our enhanced reputation. This partnership has proven to be a valuable asset, not just in expanding our reach but also in solidifying our standing in the competitive market landscape.


Link Locks’ effective approach to challenges in hardware distribution

The hardware market faces a significant challenge in managing the complete product range of a company, with some products experiencing slower sales while others move quickly. Link Locks addresses the issue of slow-moving products by introducing a variety of promotional schemes. These initiatives effectively capture the customer’s attention and help overcome challenges associated with products that may have a slower turnover.


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