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The wardrobe market in Bangalore is ever-evolving. With the growing need for factory-made and ready-made furniture, brands like Aristo come to the frontline. Moreover, in quality and brand-conscious markets like that of Bangalore, Aristo wardrobes play an even more crucial role. Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout are the Aristo Atelier partners and wardrobe dealers in Bangalore. Their experience center offers a premium experience to customers and helps them make the best purchases.

In our next segment of Retailer Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we interact with premium wardrobe, kitchen interiors dealers, and the first Aristo experience center partners Mr. John Martin and Mr. Pappoo Martin, Business Partners at Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout. This interaction will surely give you a deeper insight into the market for Aristo wardrobe dealers in Bangalore.


Mr. John Martin and Mr. Pappoo Martin, Business Partners, Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout
Mr. John Martin and Mr. Pappoo Martin, Business Partners, Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout


Our unique business model

Our business is a franchise model of the premium Russian brand, Aristo. We provide premium home interior solutions. Our products (wardrobes, kitchens, partitions & other furniture) are crafted for the perfect balance between design and functionality. We have a strong design and sales team who are well trained and are updated with global trends. This helps us give our customers a collaborative solution for their dream home. We closely work with end customers as well as architects and interior designers.


team members at HSR layout
Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout- Team


Aristo Atelier experience center for wardrobes- insight

PM: Aristo Atelier is an exclusive experience center for Aristo, where you could see and experience the entire range of aristo products. Aristo-India has done an excellent job in designing the space as a fabulous experience center for wardrobes in Bangalore.

JM: We are the first Aristo Atelier store in the country. We strongly believe in this business model and our showroom was launched in September 2021. We are proud to say that, within this short time, we completed over 150 projects.  I have been working in the interior design industry for different companies including Aristo for the past 7 years and clearly, I see a great opportunity with Aristo.


experience center
Aristo Atelier- HSR Layout


Aristo’s support mechanism for wardrobe dealers in Bangalore

Aristo provides support throughout the process. To be specific; at the pre-sale, Aristo helps us by redirecting leads and inquiries that they get to the store as they don’t deal directly with the customers. Also, marketing remains the major promotional model for Atelier stores. It helps create a lot of awareness and reach. We also get regular product and sales training.

During sales, Aristo helps with site measurement, 3Ds/production drawing, and quotations, installations. One of the best advantages of Aristo is that all installations are done by a very well-trained Aristo installation team. So, this avoids a lot of snag works. Also, from a business point of view, each store remains assigned to an Aristo sales team to smoothen the process.


The warranty and lifetime service that Aristo provides has without a doubt helped in our post-sales. The client’s needs have been met from time to time resulting in customer satisfaction and good reviews.


aristo wardrobes for bedroom in bangalore by dealers
Aristo wardrobes


Evolution of Bangalore’s market

We believe that urbanization has made cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, etc. one of the most evolved markets. Moreover, Bangalore remains one of the biggest IT hubs in South India. Thus, people here are more comfortable with instant solutions than finding solutions by themselves. Stores like ours give a comfort zone for any kind of customer to achieve luxury & quality products under one roof. In a city like Bangalore, the moment people realize one business offers the best output for them they are ready to sign up for a business without any second thought.

Changes in the buying trends 

We started our business post-pandemic, so we actually don’t have a differentiation between post-pandemic and pre-pandemic. But if you ask our sales, our sales have been picking up pretty well post-pandemic. All of the real estate projects have remained on hold during the lockdown. So, the handovers witnessed a delay. So, all this has actually helped us to get more enquires online immediately after our launch itself.

Factory-made Vs carpenter-made wardrobes

I think one of the main factors for why people prefer carpenter-made wardrobes over factory-fitted would be the cost. Secondly the number of options for the customization they can get from them. However, Aristo wardrobes come with many customization options as well. But there are limitations, subject to R&D. Moreover, the designs & the quality we offer can never be matched by any carpenters. But since carpenters have ruled the interior market for a long period, people’s mindsets remain inclined toward carpenters. This is also one reason behind people going for carpenters. But we see a promising shift post-pandemic.


aristo wardrobe dealers in bangalore
Aristo display units in kitchen


Source of information

Social media serves a major role as a source of information to stay updated in this industry. The interior design influencers give pretty good updates about the Aristo wardrobe dealers in the Bangalore market and more. Pages & blogs of other interior players also influence us a lot to understand the market. Last but not the least websites like BuildingandInteriors, AD, Elle Decor, Interior Design, etc. play a good role in understanding new launches & updates in this field.


To get in touch with Mr.John Martin & Mr. Pappoo Martin, contact on the following details:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 96630 66134/ +91 96630 66934



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