Solar Products

Solar Products

white sustainable domestic hot water heating pump system for outdoors in a house with a garden by Stiebel Eltron
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Reduce your carbon footprint with a sustainable DHW heat pump by Stiebel Eltron

In colder regions and during winter seasons, hot water becomes a necessity for us. That is why several households use a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) …

Solar Lighting _ Panels
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Solar lighting: How to choose the right one? (All FAQs Answered)

Solar lighting is one of the most efficient breakthroughs in technology. It comes with numerous benefits over conventional lighting methods. The new and advanced solar …

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MIT researchers observed increased solar power output during Covid-19 shutdown

    The only good news people have been hearing in the post Covid-19 world, is the reduction in pollution levels. This is obviously due …

Avancis skala_ solar facades 6
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AVANCIS SKALA – The Avantgarde of Solar Facades

    AVANCIS, the leading German manufacturer of premium solar facades offers the architectural module – SKALA. SKALA is a thin-film PV module operating as a …

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PLATEAU – Innovative Outdoor Furniture Series That Encourage Social Interaction

    Plateau is a new series of outdoor furniture developed by Copenhagen-based furniture company out-sider  in cooperation with renowned Scandinavian design studio Holscher Design. …

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film _ Woodruff Arts Center (US)
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DuPont Tedlar PVF film: Long-lasting protection for architectural applications

    DuPont Tedlar PVF  film is a fluoropolymer invented by DuPont for commercial applications. Tedlar® film can be laminated on a variety of materials, including …

Solar panel _ energy
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Research Studies To Reduce Solar Panel Costs: A Synopsis

    Since the commercial application of solar energy as a renewable source of alternate energy has gained grounds, researchers across the world are working …

anti-solar panel
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Now Researchers Develop Anti-Solar Panels That Can Generate Electricity At Night

    Solar Panels have solved energy problems for us to a large extent. However, these panels come with a limitation: they cannot generate electricity …

transparent solar cells for windows
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Transparent solar panels to soon replace conventional windows.

    Solar cell/panel manufacturers have relied on crystalline silicon as a raw material since a long time, simply because it offers good conversion efficiency …

Building And Interiors
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Researchers take cue from nature to develop solar panel self-cleaning coating

It is quite natural for dust to accumulate on solar panels installed anywhere esp. in desert zones. But the problem is that this hampers the …

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