Solar lighting: How to choose the right one? (All FAQs Answered)

Solar Lighting _ Panels
Solar Lighting _ Panels

Solar lighting is one of the most efficient breakthroughs in technology. It comes with numerous benefits over conventional lighting methods. The new and advanced solar light system that includes the solar battery, panels, etc. brings a lot of advantages to the table when it comes to solar lights for home, garden, or outdoors. Earlier, we only used solar illumination outdoors. But now, you can have solar light systems for your home & indoor gardens with the right application information.

It can be installed in a variety of areas. The amazing environmental benefits enhance the green credentials of the owners.

This article covers the following information regarding solar lighting for home, garden, and outdoor:




What is solar lighting?

In simple words, this light is obtained from the energy of the sun.

It is one of the most economical and efficient forms of electricity. This is why more and more people are drawn to the use of these lights.


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Working mechanism


diagrammatic representation of panel, battery and source
The working of this light system

Image Source: adnsolarstreetlight


This lighting works on the simple principle of collecting the sun’s energy from the sun and converting it into the light.

This process needs the photovoltaic effect used in the solar panel. The solar panel collects the solar energy all day long and stores it in gel-cell solar batteries that are rechargeable.

This way, you get solar light for home all throughout the day and night.



You can get numerous reasons for choosing these lights over our traditional lights. Some key benefits of solar light for home and other facilities are:



We can’t press upon it enough that these light systems come with excellent environmental benefits. The solar panels require absolutely no power from the grid. The solar batteries feed on the sunlight all day and illuminate the area effectively at night.


Better LEED rating

The LEED certification becomes all the more important for commercial buildings. This rating determines whether the building is a green building with cost-effective environmental efficiency or not.

The outdoor light systems help increase your LEED rating.


Low maintenance cost

The outdoor light systems for homes require very little maintenance. Although the upfront cost or the installation cost is relatively higher, these lights pay for themselves well over time.

They last for a long time and do not require a lot of services.


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Cost-effective electricity

With outdoor light systems for home, you literally have to pay zero electricity bills.



  1. It does not work in places with very weak sunlight.
  2. You need to have rechargeable solar batteries. Else, the light won’t work at night.
  3. The installation cost is quite high.


Application areas for solar lighting systems

You can install solar light systems in different areas of commercial and residential buildings. The amazing benefits of this lighting make them excellent new and retrofit lighting solutions.

These lights can be installed in different areas:

  1. Outdoor lighting
  2. Indoor lighting


Outdoor solar lighting

Outdoor lighting has gained immense popularity lately. The solar LED uses solar energy which is available in abundance in open areas. Therefore, solar lamps, solar bulbs, and solar poles can last up to 10-12 hours after being fully charged.


Solar lighting for garden


LED lights for garden
Round LED lights for garden

Image Source: taccitygoods


The lights for garden are in vogue nowadays. It is an effective way to light up the garden without spending a lot of money on electricity bills.

Some common lights for garden are:


Solar string lights


garden outdoor illumination
Bulb shaped string lights

Image Source: Wallmart


You can wrap this outdoor light for garden around trees and illuminate you outdoors. These wrap-able lights for garden are cost-effective and decorative.


Solar fence lights


outdoor illumination
Vertically falling fence solar lights

Image Source: Fiverr


The solar-powered fence lights are excellent outdoor light for garden. They create a beautiful atmosphere near the fenced area.


Solar walkway lights


beautiful illumination for garden
Square-shaped walkway lights

Image Source: Love Property


The outdoor walkway lights or pathway lights illuminate the walkway. With these lights, you get the perfect outdoor ambiance. Additionally, they also make the walkway safe and bright.


Solar lawn lights


outdoor lighting
Tiny cylindrical lawn lights

Image Source: Armadadeals


The lawn lighting for outdoor are mostly LED lights in different shapes. You can install ball lights, mushroom lights, flower lights, or even star-shaped lawn lights for home and commercial properties.


Other types of outdoor lights are:


Solar spotlights


solar lighting
Outdoor solar spotlights

Image Source: the solar centre


The spotlights are LED lights for homes and other buildings. These outdoor lightings can be placed at every focal point to illuminate it.


Solar step lights


stairway lighting for home
Centrally-aligned staircase solar lights

Image Source: Pinterest


The sleek lighting LED for steps makes the ideal light for the home. They are a popular choice among residential and commercial settings.

This outdoor illumination for steps comes with built-in solar panels.


Solar floodlights


floodlights for homes and buildings
Outdoor floodlights

Image Source: Patio Best


The flood lights offer bright illumination for all outdoor areas. They are ideal for driveways, parking areas, gardens, and streets.


Solar porch lights


decorative lights for outdoor
Vintage design lights for porch

Image Source: A Green origin


The solar porch lights come in unique shapes and designs. These reliable and cost-effective porch lights look aesthetic and can be wall-mounted easily. They are waterproof bright solar LED lights.


Solar street lighting poles


solar street lamps
Solar street lights

Image Source: Gama Sonic


The solar lighting poles for streets are independent of the utility grid. Thus, they are wireless and energy-efficient. These solar lighting poles eliminate carbon footprints.



Solar lighting for parking


solar parking and road lamps
Parking area solar light poles for safety and lighting

Image Source: ORCA


LED solar lights are used in parking lots of residential and commercial buildings. They offer sustainable and eco-friendly lighting. A self-contained solar parking area has its own solar panel system.


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Indoor solar lighting

Just like outdoor solar lights, indoor solar light systems have their own unique features, information guidelines, and types as well.

The indoor solar lights are basically LED solar lights connected to small solar panels and an integrated battery.

The solar panel is installed next to the window to charge the solar battery. Once the battery gets charged, it can illuminate the space for a long time.

Let us go through some of the common indoor solar lights for homes and commercial buildings.


Solar lighting lamps


solar light lamps for homes and offices with information in text
A sleek white solar light lamp

Image Source: Stephen Karr


Solar lamps offer decent brightness and save a lot of money. Most of them are LED solar lighting lamps that illuminate the dark spaces of the room.

Along with wall lights, these LED lighting lamps can also be used as table lamps.


Solar shed light


indoor sustainable illumination

Image Source: Clean Energy Summit


The shed lights are motion-sensing lights that automatically turn on when someone enters the shed. Just 10 hours of sunlight can fully charge these shed lights.


Solar tube lights


LED solar tubes and panels with information in text
LED Solar tube lights

Image Source: LED solar


The tube lights are small tubular lights that run on the sun’s light. The mechanism of these tube lights needs a dome to be fixed on the roof that harnesses sunlight. This light illuminates the indoors through a tube-like structure.


Solar lighting lanterns


solar lamps for home with information in text
Wall-mount solar LED lamps

Image Source: Expo Cafe Peru


This modern pendant light needs the sun’s energy to illuminate the space. The beautiful design of these lighting lanterns goes well with every interior.

A lithium built-in solar battery recharges the lantern so that it can be used at night and on days of weak sunlight as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even with the benefits and flexibility of solar illumination, people are still apprehensive about installing these lights in homes and commercial buildings.

So, after extensive research, we have handpicked some of the most common concerns of professionals and the general public regarding solar lights.


How are solar lights better than conventional lights?


Sr. No. Solar lighting Conventional lighting
1. Lower usage cost. High usage cost.
2. Independent of the power grid. Dependant on the power grid.
3. Renewable, eco-friendly energy source. Non-renewable energy source.
4. These street lights that work in sunlight are safe. The wiring of the conventional street lights is risky.
5. The lifespan of street lights that run on sunlight is 10 times that of conventional lights. The lifespan is of around 5000 hours.


How does solar lighting work?


panels, batteries for LED street poles
Working mechanism of this outdoor lighting

Image Source: EIProCus


The outdoor light system has three main parts:

  1. A solar panel
  2. An LED bulb
  3. A solar battery

The solar panel converts solar energy into electricity through its photovoltaic cells or solar cells. This energy gets stored in solar batteries. The lighting LED bulb uses this electricity and illuminates the outdoor and indoor space at night.

The additional epsolar controller reduces the voltage and regulates the current. Therefore, the temperature of the battery gets reduced. This saves the battery from gassing & charging simultaneously. Thus, no damage is caused to it.


What are some important information to consider before installing solar lights?


  1. The solar illumination system works on the quality of the solar cells and the size of the LED solar bulbs. Therefore, if your space is huge, consider choosing higher-quality solar panels and larger LED.
  2. If you want incandescent bulbs, go for those lightings with tinted covers.
  3. Brighter lighting needs more power. Therefore, go for these lights with a low and high setting to meter power usage. This way, you can manage the brightness to maximize the lighting’s efficiency.
  4. Always hire a licensed lighting electrician or installer if you need light systems for a large area.


What should we keep in mind before buying indoor solar light for homes and commercial buildings?


You can get an excellent indoor solar lighting experience if you keep the following information in mind:

  1. The active time of this light: The active time of this light can range from a couple of hours to 12 hours or even more. So, always check the battery’s longevity before installing it.
  2. Lumen output: The lumen output for sidewalks can range from 1-10 Lumens. Floodlights need 1500 Lumens or higher. A headlamp needs 150 Lumens or more.
  3. Colour temperature: The LED lights offer a clear whitish-blue colour tone. This gives the feel of daylight.


What should we keep in mind before buying outdoor solar lights for homes and commercial buildings?


Check out the information on the best outdoor solar lights qualities for streets & garden:

  1. Functionality: You can install dimmer LED lights that offer great functionality and efficiency.
  2. Location: You can fit these lights on the ground, wall, or tree. Outdoor lightings are versatile. Therefore, you can hang them at various spots. If your outdoor system has an in-built solar panel, you can fix it anywhere. However, you need to place an additional solar panel, you must choose the spot that witnesses the most direct sunlight.
  3. Climate: If you live in a place with bright sunlight, you don’t have to worry much. But if you live in a place that is prone to clouds and rain, you must choose a waterproof solar solution system. Also, choose the most long-lasting solar battery.


Which solar batteries are good for outdoor and indoor use?


Solar batteries remain one of the most integral parts of the solar illumination system. They affect the durability, active time, safety, charging time, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness of these lights.

Therefore, it becomes important to choose the right type of solar battery.

There are three main types of solar batteries:

  1. Lead Acid solar battery: The most generic type of solar battery, also known as Sealed Maintenance Free battery doesn’t need periodic topping-up of water. We use these batteries with inverters at home as well.
  2. Lithium-Ion solar battery: The Li-on solar battery has a small size, low price, and a long lifespan. They can be charged with a 3.7 Volt solar panel. However, these solar batteries can explode in extreme weather.
  3. Lithium-Ion Phosphate solar battery: This solar battery is the perfect battery for all such systems. They are extremely safe and can last for more than 12 years.


How long does a solar lighting system last?


With proper care and nominal maintenance, this type of light can last for at least 10 years.


Are solar lighting systems waterproof?


Most of these light systems are water-resistant. They can withstand rain. However, they cannot withstand immersion in water.


Does solar lighting work through glass?


As long as the sunlight passes through the glass, the lights generated from the sun can definitely work through it. However, the efficiency is reduced as some of the light is reflected back.

Therefore, if you want to install these lights behind a window, ensure that your window remains in the direction of the sun.

The future is here with transparent solar panels that can conveniently replace the traditional windows. 


How do solar lights work in rainy weather?


Outdoor lighting works just fine in bad weather. On cloudy days, the sunlight is less. But it can still charge your solar panel to the 1/2th- 1/3rd of their maximum charge.

However, if the weather remains bad for a long time, it is advisable to turn off the lights periodically to avoid long-term damage.

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Solar light manufacturers in India

Now that you have cleared all the doubts and queries related to this kind of illumination, let’s find out the top manufacturers and solar solution prices in India:

  1. Inter-solar
  2. Wipro
  3. Surya
  4. Havells
  5. Crompton
  6. Bajaj
  7. Philips
  8. Hardoll
  9. Starline
  10. Britta


Outdoor solar lighting price (brand-wise information)

Sr. No. Outdoor solar light manufacturer and product Solar lighting price
1. Hardoll garden lights Rs. 1761/ piece
2. Kiron Britta Ray Garden Path Lights Rs. 9260/ piece
3. Starline LED light for outdoor Rs. 3100/ piece
4. Wipro LED street light Rs. 25000/ piece
5. Surya street light Rs. 7400/ piece
6. Havells street light Rs. 13800/ piece
7. Crompton LED garden light Rs. 42000/ piece
8. Bajaj street light Rs. 20000/ piece
9. Philips- signify street light Rs. 13500/ piece


Solar lighting recommendations (Buy Here)


Wipro Landscape luminaires Wall Light

wall scones

Philips UrbanSpark Gen 3 Solar Light for Garden


solar floor lighting for outdoor garden of home with information in text


Hardoll Solar Lights for Home

designer solar floor light for home garden and outdoor with information in text


Hykon India Gardenia Garden Solar Lights


hykon india Gardenia outdoor solar lighting for home gardens

B U Y  H E R E


Solar European Pathway Light


Solar European Pathway Light

B U Y  H E R E



This lighting has several benefits over traditional lightings. It is more cost-efficient, durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. However, it has its own set of limitations too. It becomes tricky to manage with solar solutions alone in bad weather.

It is important to have the correct battery as well as the solar panels and batteries to determine the productivity of the solar solutions.

So, it is important to understand the important information carefully.

The indoor and outdoor lightings come in a wide range of options such as floor lights, fence lights, LED lights, lamps, lanterns, and much more.

Although the working of the solar light systems is quite simple, it needs proper installation for maximum efficiency. Installing solar panels in dark areas won’t offer the best results.

In addition to that, the weather conditions pose a challenge too. However, these challenges can be overcome with a few measures such as using the lights periodically in bad weather, cleaning the panels after rainfall, etc.

With this detailed information on solar lighting, you will be well placed to make a correct decision regarding choosing the best for your use.


If you want to buy top-quality solar lights from the best brands, submit your inquiries below:


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