What are the different types of hardware finishes?

Take hardware finish into serious consideration when working on a new kitchen cabinet or updating an old installation; it could make or break the space! Here is a list of the 5 most common hardware finishes.

  1. Polished Brass: Polished Brass is a timeless style with a retro appeal that is currently having a comeback in bathroom decor.
  2. Antique Brass: Rich brown tones and a golden glow combine to make antique brass the perfect choice for traditional-styled rooms.
  3. Satin Nickel: With warm undertones and gloss, satin nickel has a luxurious feel. It complements stainless steel appliances well, making it a fantastic option for kitchens.
  4. Chrome: This finish provides a sleek, contemporary appearance. Its bright, tidy appearance makes it a favourite in bathrooms.
  5. Matte Black: Matte Black strikes a balance between traditional and modern design that is both consistently striking and adaptable.


door hinge finishes
Door hinge finishes


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