Hafele’s President glass panel movable walls: A flexible solution for every space

hafele president glass panel movable wall
hafele president glass panel movable wall

The President series glass panel movable walls by Hafele make it simple to establish privacy while maintaining the space’s integrity with its transparency and open look and feel. The President’s USPs include a high level of user-friendliness as well as a wide choice of design and finish options. This useful and stable wall will take up a surprisingly minimal amount of space in a parked position thanks to its slim construction.


hafele sliding glass walls President series


Create options for every space with the President glass panel walls

Movable glass walls offer a variety of applications in shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants, and government, banking, and insurance buildings. The President SLIDO Wall gives excellent aesthetics across the space, from the shopping arcade to the reception area.

Whether your interior is dominated by light or dark colours, the aluminium parts of these glass panels are available in almost every colour.

The design of this series’ glass panels is such that there is no requirement for vertical aluminium profiles. As a result, regardless of where your wall is to be installed, you can always maintain design continuity without the use of extra frames.

Because Häfele develops and manufactures the President series entirely in-house, there is virtually no limit to the number of creative ideas that turn into practical solutions. For example, you can choose between straight and curved panels, as well as segmented panels. Allow your creativity to go free. In addition, with the help of Hafele’s advisors, figure out which glass panels will work best in your project!


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