High-Rise Structures In India Are Giving Rise To The Need For Reliable Plumbing Solutions: Mr.Gautam Ghosal

Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 1
Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 1



Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 2



Mr.Gautam Ghosal is seen as one of the prominent faces in the Indian plumbing industry. An engineer by training and having spent most of his professional life in the plumbing industry, Mr.Ghosal is well-positioned for an objective take on the problems, opportunities and the road ahead in the Indian market. A buildingandinteriors.com exclusive.



B&I: What are the typical challenges you see in plumbing area in our country?

GG: The plumbing requirements in the Indian market has changed dramatically over the years. The movement towards higher pressures consequent to the high rise structures and the use of bath fixtures requiring a minimum water pressure for optimal performance has been primarily the cause for the changes. Consequently, the requirement is of determining the fixtures which are appropriate and reliable in today’s scenario. Plumbing design is therefore required to be much more thorough in all aspects.



Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 3
Henrich Schulte Bathroom Faucet



B&I: How do we tackle these challenges from the manufacturer/supplier perspectives?

GG: It is only a matter of time that the application of the appropriate fixtures will take firmer ground consequent to the knowledge of availability of the same. Cost is a significant factor. However, the silver lining is that the realisation of the impending problems and the avoidance of the same is fast gaining ground.


B&I: How do you propose to address these set of challenges through your range of plumbing solutions?

GG: At Pansophical, we represent Watts in India. We have been impressing upon the consultants and builder fraternity the use of appropriate and reliable fittings and fixtures in their projects. Watts, as you may be aware, is a world renowned brand in this field and has a huge gamut of products and solutions ranging from plumbing to fire safety and water treatment.

Further, Pansophical also represents Heinrich Schulte and Schlosser from Germany in the area of bath tapware and shower fixtures and plumbing fittings. The focus of Pansophical is always appropriate fittings, quality and reliability.



Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 4
Watts Lead Free Pressure Reducing Valves



B&I: What can we learn from other developed countries with reference to efficient plumbing?

GG: It is important to note that all advanced countries are sincere to adherence of plumbing standards as well as the quality standards of products. If all stake holders become responsible towards this aspect, this itself will be huge step towards establishment of good plumbing practices.


B&I: What is your strategy to establish new brands in the market that already has established players?

GG: Pansophical believes in putting it straight to the customers and stake holders. Besides, Pansophical also does a careful study of the products it presents and tries to put forth a solution rather than just a sales proposition.

In lesser complex situations like that of bathroom fixtures, Pansophical presents the uniqueness of the products besides emphasising the product quality standards and aspects and its own services. This strategy has so far given us the necessary thrust forward.



Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 5
Henrich Schulte Tech Box Diverter



B&I: How is your range of products different from the current brands available in the Indian market?

GG: Watts is a very large brand and with the acquisitions that they have done across the world, therefore has a huge range of products. Pansophical essentially understands the requirement intensely, discusses with Watts Offices, if necessary, and then offers the solutions to the Architect, Builder or Developer. This definitely distinguishes us from the other solution providers in the market.

Further, with Heinrich Schulte and Schlosser from Germany in our portfolio and Arca Concept from Italy for health faucets, Pansophical is easily distinguishable as offering value for money with respect to the quality standards of their products. It will be important to say that even the hose of the health faucets is made as per relevant EN standards (European Standards), probably a pioneer offering in India.



Plumbing Challenges In High Rise Buildings 6
Watts Anti Scale System



B&I: A significant factor in success of a new brand in plumbing industry is it’s expertise in product installation. How do you plan to ensure this, given the sub optimal levels of workmanship in our country?

GG: Most of the larger infrastructure projects have their set of experienced fitters and plumbers. The issues are largely in the installation of bathroom fixtures which are done by the less experienced plumbers. Pansophical maintains its own set of plumbers and has a policy of on site training and inspection of the fixtures while the work is in progress. Besides, there is a mandatory request to all customers to call our technicians before the water is charged into the system before commissioning.



Mr.Gautam Ghosal is the Managing Director, Pansophical Technological Solutions Pvt.Ltd. He can be reached on gg@pansophicalsolutions.com/ +91 9811323234



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