Industry Talks with B&I – Furniture Fittings & Hardware in India

Industry Talks with B&I - Furniture Fittings Market in India
Industry Talks with B&I - Furniture Fittings Market in India

Furniture fittings are small yet crucial components that bring functionality, aesthetics, and durability to our living spaces. From hinges, knobs, and drawer slides to connectors and brackets, these fittings serve as the backbone of our furniture. These ensure that every piece not only looks stunning but also works seamlessly. The furniture fittings industry in India is a booming sector and is playing a crucial role in catering to the growing demand for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing furniture. This industry is characterized by a diverse range of products, including hinges, handles, locks, and connectors that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of furniture. To maintain their competitive edge in this dynamic market, major players are continuously investing in research and development. This focus on innovation has led to the development of cutting-edge hardware solutions that incorporate advanced technologies, enhanced usability, and improved aesthetics.

In this edition of Industry Talks with B&I, some key stakeholders in the business value chain provide invaluable insights into the trends, technologies, and best practices that are influencing the world of furniture fittings in the Indian context. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer in the field, the expert opinions presented here can serve as a compass guiding you through the ever-evolving landscape of furniture fittings.


Furniture Fittings Market in India – Brand Perspective


Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems

Shyam Motwani, Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems - leading furniture fittings brand in India“India is experiencing a remarkable surge in demand for quality furniture fittings. There are many vital factors contributing to this demand boom:

  1. Rising urbanisation: The rapid urbanisation in India has led to a rise in the number of households and commercial spaces. As more people move into urban areas, there is a heightened demand for innovative and space-saving furniture fittings like modular cabinets, sliding door systems, etc.
  2. Changing lifestyles: Changing lifestyle preferences among the younger demographic, have contributed to the demand for aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture. Millennials and Gen Z, who value both style and functionality, are willing to invest in furniture fittings that offer convenience, durability, and a modern look.
  3. Increased disposable income: The increase in disposable income among the middle-class is driving the demand for quality furniture fittings. People are upgrading their living spaces with premium-quality furniture and fittings that provide long-term utility and style.
  4. Heightened aesthetic awareness: People are increasingly conscious of interior design and of creating visually appealing and well-coordinated living and working spaces. With the accessibility of information through the internet and exposure to international design standards, consumers are more discerning and seek fittings that meet global quality benchmarks.
  5. A boost for innovation: The burgeoning demand for quality furniture fittings has spurred growth and innovation within the furniture industry in India. Manufacturers and suppliers are investing in research and development to create fittings that combine functionality, durability, and style.

India’s growing demand for quality furniture fittings has significantly impacted the furniture industry, fostering innovation, and driving the market towards higher quality and design standards. India is well and truly in an age of greater quality living and working spaces and higher quality lifestyles.”



Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, Blum India

Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, Blum India- leading furniture fittings brand in india“The furniture fittings industry in India is witnessing an evident shift with the end users being more involved independently or in collaboration with architects and interior designers to install superior quality furniture hardware. This is steered by growing global exposure and an increase in disposal income has fostered brand awareness amongst end consumers, which has emphasized the importance of opting for high-quality furniture fittings for a better living. Indian consumers have always demanded high-quality furniture fittings, yet the question remains at what price? The presence of intermediaries in the market hindered accessing these high-quality furniture fittings at an affordable price point. Presently, high-quality reputed furniture fittings manufacturing brands like Blum are directly establishing their presence in India, making top-tier furniture hardware more viable to a broad consumer base at a significantly lower cost.”



Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU South Asia

Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU South Asia, modular kitchen industry expert“India’s burgeoning demand for quality furniture fittings signifies a remarkable shift in consumer preferences and lifestyle aspirations. As the country experiences rapid urbanization and a rise in disposable incomes, individuals are increasingly investing in well-crafted and durable furniture pieces. The versatile consumer base now values not only aesthetics but also the functionality and longevity of fittings.

Moreover, the growing trend of modular and interior-designed homes has fueled the demand for quality fittings that seamlessly integrate into contemporary living spaces. Consumers are now more conscious of the durability, design versatility as well as ergonomic aspects of furniture fittings, contributing to a surge in the demand for high-quality products.

In my opinion, this surge in demand presents a significant business opportunity for the furniture industry to cater to the evolving needs of the Indian market. Companies that prioritize innovation, quality, and sustainability in their furniture fittings are likely to thrive in this dynamic landscape.”



Manish Anand, Managing Director – Middle East & South Asia, Kesseböhmer

Manish Anand, Managing Director - Middle East & South Asia, Kesseböhmer“It reflects India’s prosperous middle-class population and their willingness to invest in high-quality furniture that enhances their homes and lifestyles. At Kesseböhmer, we could feel post covid, the definite shift towards willingness to invest in quality and clever storage systems. Earlier, people used to think of wardrobe, kitchen, and furniture as an expenditure towards lifestyle. However, now this concept of “expenditure” has transformed into the feeling of “investment”. Kesseböhmer, being the earliest proponent of the clever storage concept, has noticed the need for it in previous decades, which was felt more than ever during the time of COVID-19, when people stayed at home, locked for months and kitchen storage and staples were lying all around under the table, beds, etc.

Kesseböhmer offers smart storage solutions like MiO tall, addressing storage challenges effectively. We emphasize creating ergonomic kitchens for enjoyable, effortless tasks, introducing Cooking Agent to store essentials, such as sauces, oils, tools, etc. conveniently. The rise of multi-story housing and limitations on working hours for carpenters and contractors have driven a shift towards a modular system for furniture construction. This has led to the emergence of many prestigious online companies specializing in modular furniture and Kesseböhmer is a proud supplier to these companies because of its inherent feature of Click Fix Installation on site. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability enhances functionality and aesthetics. Through our academy, we train and empower the next generation of furniture makers, contributing to industry advancement.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Quality Control Order (QOC) for the furniture industry is a positive step towards eliminating low-quality imitations of Kesseböhmer products. We appreciate the Government of India’s initiative to uphold quality standards. As a German manufacturer, Kesseböhmer adheres to European standards and is confident that its products will meet Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) requirements.

The increased demand for excellent furniture fittings in India is a good response to rising middle-class disposable incomes and urbanisation. This demand is likely to rise further in the future years, owing to reasons such as the growing popularity of modular furniture and increased awareness of the necessity of excellent furniture fittings. The modular furniture industry in India is at the cusp of multiple years of growth in the future.”



Furniture Fittings Market in India – Architect Perspective


Ar. Sheetal, Managing Partner at AEON Design & Development, Noida

Ar. Sheetal, Managing Partner at AEON Design & Development, Noida “The furniture fittings industry in India has thrived alongside the broader furniture sector, amplified by initiatives like ‘Make in India.’ Amidst rising demand, both multinational corporations and local manufacturers swiftly shifted focus to domestic production, particularly during the COVID-19 period, to meet burgeoning needs and counter disrupted supply chains. Concurrently, companies such as IKEA and numerous e-commerce platforms seized opportunities within the rising middle-class market, contributing to this sector’s expansion. Despite strides, challenges persist, including high production costs from import duties and logistics, hindering competitive edge. Embracing sustainability, the industry delves into eco-friendly materials and innovative designs. To propel growth, tailored policies and collaborative efforts between government and industry stakeholders are essential, positioning the sector to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiative and significantly impact the national GDP.”


Furniture Fittings Market in India – Retailer Perspective


Rishi Gupta, Director, Kolf International (P) Ltd.

Rishi Gupta, Director, Kolf International (P) Ltd.“Furniture hardware is one of the most evolving parts of the construction industry. We have new trends, concepts, solutions, finishes, etc. every fortnight nowadays. Also, the most important part for these changes to be made acceptable is the fast upgrading furniture manufacturers primarily doing the kitchens and wardrobes. The market is seeing an upward trend every month as we see so many new smart cities along with the renovation business. I feel renovation business is something that can’t be ignored as these small parts keep the small dealers active.

Nowadays, many customers prefer their kitchens and wardrobes to be made from these OEM units rather than getting them made from carpenters at home. This is the biggest change we get to see. New colours and finishes in the market are pastels like blue, emerald green, etc. These are trends changing from the contemporary colours we have seen till now.

Sometimes, the strength becomes a challenge itself, like here the fast-changing trend has become a challenge to cope with. For people like us, stock management is the biggest challenge along with the display space. Even after having more than 2000 SKUs in the display, we feel a shortage of space.”




Furniture fittings play a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics as well as functionality of living and working spaces. The Indian furniture fittings industry is poised for continued growth and expansion in the coming years. Manufacturers are well-positioned to capitalize on these trends by offering innovative, high-quality, and visually pleasing hardware solutions that meet the evolving demands of the Indian market and expand their market footprints. The above interactions with the furniture fittings industry experts reveal not just the nuances of the sector but also the rich tapestry of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation that characterizes it.

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