Modern design for kitchen: 49+ ideas offering endless versatility

Modern design for kitchen in black colour with pendant lights and bar stools


The is likely the area in your that gets used the most, and if it isn’t, we’re going to change that with these amazing remodelling and modern ideas! When done renovating, your will be a place you’ll love spending time in. Along with modern, luxury appliances, it’s crucial to have a kitchen you’ll use for years to come. Therefore, we’re here with 10 solid modern kitchen ideas that can help you optimise your beautifully. Whether you’re renovating or simply looking for some inspiration to make yours more effective, we have literally everything you could possibly need (from backsplash tile ideas to cabinet colour schemes) for a modern kitchen.

So, browse through the exquisite ideas below and feel free to save them for future projects!



Modern for idea #1


Colour contrasting with cabinets



Every modern kitchen includes streamlined, spotless cabinetry to match the rest of the room’s decor. However, if too much uniformity feels boring and goes against your personal style, think about bringing a splash of colour to the centre of your by colour-blocking your cabinets and drawers. A major trend for 2022 is the pairing of strong, contrasting colours, which is the go-to approach to make any space brighter and livelier. These days, two-toned cabinets are a hot trend in design. Horizontal cabinets in two different shades help to visually expand the room.


Modern for idea #2


Wallpapering walls for extra warmth



wallpapers feature various modern designs and make your kitchens feel just as furnished as your living rooms. is challenging. Thus, it’s crucial to make sure the wallpaper you select is moisture-resistant. Most of the time, we are so obsessed with the of our backsplash that we miss the chance to bring a change to the walls. Above are a few examples showcasing the use of fun wallpapers in kitchens to add personality and warmth.


Modern for idea #3


cum dining area



If you have the room, adding a dining or an island with stools to your luxury will create a modern that the whole family will love. Especially if your family enjoys cooking and eating together. This type of modern Indian works well for parents who work from and must manage work, household work, and supervise their children’s schoolwork. It also works well for preparing Sunday brunches for friends and family. This may be the ideal shared space arrangement for the entire family to gather and eat breakfast together each morning before leaving for work and school.


Modern for idea #4


Monochrome cabinetry for a timeless charm



While we would love to constantly update our spaces with new elements and innovations every season, price and time restrictions don’t always allow it. All of us desire additional durability with our contemporary kitchen because no one wants the inconvenience of dealing with construction dust and mess again and again. To keep your luxury modern kitchen timeless and classic over the years, stick to the basic neutrals and monochrome styles of cabinetry. Above are some fantastic inspirational ideas for monochrome kitchens that you can use as an example for your own design.


Modern for idea #5


Sleek handleless cabinetry for ultra-modern touch



Modern designs are all about minimalism and clean lines. Straight fixtures without any drastic character define the modern style. Similarly, handleless cabinetry makes a great storage partner for a modern kitchen. These not only look sleek and contemporary but are also really easy to use while cooking. Handleless cabinetry can be installed with touch operation that increases your efficiency while performing your daily chores. We have put together some of the sleekest kitchens with handleless cabinets to give you a better idea.


Modern for idea #6


Make your personality shine on the display shelves



Traditionally, the was not the site for elements, but now is the time to bring back your French glass almirahs for cutlery and glassware display. Yes, adding elements like display racks and shelves with plants or your ceramic art can make your a happy place. If you have an open-plan kitchen, do not miss this idea! The open layout makes the accessible to your family members and guests. Thus, adding a corner that reflects your taste and personality can be a great conversation starter and a sight to behold.


Modern for idea #7


Jazz it up with lights



in any is one of the most essential features. If you have a that has a source of natural light, consider yourself lucky. More often than not, kitchens lack natural light. So, a lot of attention is required while installing in your kitchen. Ditch your regular tube lights for more presentable pendant lights, wall scones, or task lights. These decorative can transform the look of your and make it feel more professional. Additionally, adding mood to your space can add character to an otherwise simple design.


Modern for idea #8


Spacious floors in white



For modern kitchens that are on the smaller side, using white flooring is a terrific way to make the room feel bigger and brighter. White flooring can produce a very quiet, relaxing ambience that is ideal for a busy, high-traffic space like a kitchen. For that, you can pick white painted floorboards, white stone, or white vinyl. Additionally, it highlights the colour of the cabinets by bringing balance to the and striking a lovely contrast.


Modern for idea #9


Fun and easy-to-clean backsplash



We always consider including the most cutting-edge technologies and sleekest cabinetry in our luxury modern kitchen design. However, we must also consider the inevitable mess, scuffs, and cleanups that will surely occur in this area. This makes it vital to note that certain colours, materials, and finishes can accumulate stains over time (think haldi and tadka), giving the appearance of a dirty place. Keep in mind that or paints with glossy finishes on the backsplash make washdowns considerably simpler and less of a nuisance. So, take inspiration from the above images and pick cool and fun backsplash tile designs with a gloss finish for your modern kitchen.


Modern for idea #10


Optimise space with built-in appliances



If you are planning to revamp a small kitchen, opt for built-in appliances. Though it will require a larger budget, it will provide you with the space to create a beautiful compact kitchen. It is hard to imagine a modern without built-in appliances. Built-in appliances in your will not only look great but will also increase your work efficiency by giving you more to move around. You will never have to worry about how to position your refrigerator in a small or skip appliances due to a lack of space. Above are some of the greatest ideas with built-in appliances to inspire your remodelling journey!



Traditionally, the has been the space in our that is associated with specific tasks. Luxury for modern kitchens has successfully bent all these outdated notions. Now, modern kitchens are as -oriented as your living room. If you are planning a modern kitchen makeover on a budget, you can play around with a number of elements to refine the look of your space. Using feature in the is a great way to brighten up and beautify the space. Also, you can update your by using backsplash in various designs to give your space a modern look.

To make your walls stand out, wallpapering is a great option. You can opt for colourful patterned wallpapers or simple neutral ones depending upon the theme. Furthermore, display shelves are also in trend these days and work as a way to optimise storage as well as decor. You can also paint your cabinets in monochromatic or contrasting colours or go for a chic handleless look. However, if you want a more elaborate switch, you can add a island. Since adding an island is more resource and time-consuming, you should go for it only when you are opting for a full-fledged renovation project.

If you are drawn to any of these ideas, you can use them as inspiration for your next renovation. Moreover, you can combine two or more ideas from the gallery displayed above to come up with a unique look. Whatever idea you pick, make sure to execute it well. It is imperative to add new elements in continuity to your present theme for your to maintain uniformity in interiors.


*The featured image used in this article is from Elmar Isayev on Behance




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