Modern door designs: Choosing the right material for best results

modern front door design, black colored steel pivot door


Are you in the process of building a and deciding on the type of door that matches your preference, style, and budget? Be it the modern iron doors, glass doors, wood doors, WPC doors, or steel doors, it is essential to consider looking at the pros and cons of each material and before coming to a decision.

There is nothing like a spectacular and stunning of a door to make an impactful first impression of your home.

An important aspect of door is the choice of appropriate material.  Apart from other factors, the right kind of door material accentuates the of a door.

Presently, it is quite challenging to find the right door material based on your preferences and functional needs. The perfect door provides visual appeal as well as security and functionality.

That said, there is a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to doors.

Since are the first thing to be noticed in any house, why settle with boring and normal?

In this article, we have curated a list of some popular door materials, their advantages and disadvantages, material-based door designs to inspire you, and top door brands in India.


Wood door designs

have a natural wood grain contributing to their luxurious character, depth, and beauty. Often stained and not painted, wooden are particularly durable and have a sturdy feel to them.

Moreover, wooden are not prone to wear and tear they don’t dent. However, any scratches that occur can be repaired as long as you keep them maintained.

Getting all the attention, the wood accent adds warmth to space. Thus, it adds an inviting and welcoming vibe to the environment.



  • Wood door designs offer high durability and strength.
  • Since they are made from a natural product, wood door designs can be easily customized.
  • Wooden are suitable for every theme including rustic and traditional as well as sleek and modern.
  • Along with security, wooden provide sound insulation.



  • For wooden to keep looking the best, they require good care and maintenance.
  • Not being completely resistant to moisture, tend to warp and swell over time.

These are suitable for installation in and office depending upon the wood species and its properties.

So, here are a few wood door designs to suit the home, lifestyle, and budget.


Wood door design #1


carved wood double door, wood door design
A modern door that adds to the grandeur of your

Image Source: Ellison Bronze


Wood door design #2


cobalt blue blue front door; wood door design
Add colors to your for a playful vibe

Image Source: Southern Living


Wood door design #3


wood door with golden accents, wood door design
Classic look and of a wooden door

Image Source: legnoform


Wood door design #4


wood door design
A modern modular door that aligns with the overall

Image Source: Lualdi


Glass door designs

made out of glass are elegant and beautiful. However, it is important to ensure privacy and durability without compromising on aesthetics.

Perhaps these offer the most notable view of the outdoors and allow plenty of natural to enter keeping it lit at most hours. However, along with the that streams in, you might be bringing in cold air and unwanted peeks of outsiders.



  • These allow optimal to pass through minimizing the usage of artificial lights.
  • Glass are not affected by termites.
  • made of glass do not corrode or rust.
  • Apart from being dirt-resistant, these are easy to clean and maintain.



  • The transparency of glass may interfere with your private life.
  • Glass are costly and have the potential to crack or shatter if hit hard enough.

In addition, transparent or opaque, glass are extensively used on the backside of the house to provide an unobstructed view of the garden.


Glass door design #1


A modern door to add an extra oomph

Image Source: Glas Italia


Glass door design #2


Perfectly placed garden-facing

Image Source: Air-Lux


Glass door design #3


custom movable wall with black steel frame
Door to complement any modern, contemporary, and classic style

Image Source: Longhi


Glass door design #4


sliding movable wall with metal frame in black color
Sliding glass door with unique abilities

Image Source: Lualdi


Iron door designs

made out of iron are nothing less than a valuable addition to your home. Having been in use for centuries, iron are heavy-duty, timeless, and multi-functional.

Being as old as the Victorian era, iron are being incorporated into the modern world beautifully. Their salient feature is the amount of security they provide along with the fabulous looks.



  • Iron are considered the strongest in the category and are impossible to penetrate.
  • Moreover, they have very high resistance to high temperatures.
  • Iron have high durability, resilience, and provide bounty of security.
  • Being moisture resistant, iron are also resistant to rot and insects.



  • These are a bit pricier than other available options.
  • Iron are not rust-proof.

Additionally, installing an iron door at the entryway can be very rewarding.


Iron door design #1


iron sliding door design with horizontal bars in black color
This modern door is the perfect solution to an entryway

Image Source: Massimo Luca for ADL


Iron door design #2


Revealing and beautiful black iron door with glass inserts
A designer door that offers an air of uniqueness as well as elegance to a

Image Source: Glenview Haus


Iron door design #3


Beautiful and elegant iron door with glass inserts

Image Source: for Builders


Iron door design #4


black double door iron door design
An oversized door if you want to go big & bold

Image Source: Zen


Steel door designs

If you choose a remember that you are probably picking one of the safest options with respect to intrusions.

Steel are efficient enough to keep cool winds from entering your home. However, if the door gets a dent, it can be very hard to repair and will likely remain the same. This may result in the need to replace the entire door.



  • It would be fitting to say that steel door designs are one of the strongest and most enduring.
  • Being highly secure, steel have an extremely long service life.
  • These have a high tolerance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Steel do not require any polishing or painting offering ease of maintenance.



  • Steel are prone to denting if hit hard enough and rusting if continuously exposed to moisture.
  • This door material falls on the upper end of the price spectrum.

Usually installed between and exterior areas, steel are not suitable for installation in space unless there is a great need to.


Steel door design #1


stainless steel door in statin finish
Modern stainless to boost your curb appeal

Image Source: Forms+Surfaces


Steel door design #2


matte stainless steel door with glossy pattern
Steel security door to create a beautiful entryway

Image Source: Modern Steel


Steel door design #3


Door with the sleek and clean look of steel

Image Source: ALsistem


Steel door design #4


A modern yet simplistic steel door
A modern yet simplistic steel door

Image Source: Lualdi


Sunmica door designs

Sunmica or laminates are a type of surface finishing material. Hence, if you want to make your exceptionally creative and versatile, go with sunmica.



  • Laminate or sunmica offers various surface finishes like high-gloss, matte-finish, or textured.
  • made out of laminates are highly durable and easy to maintain.
  • These are scratch and stain-resistant qualities.
  • Laminates are available in a myriad of colors, designs, and textures.



  • Sunmica are prone to moisture.
  • Moreover, sunmica is considered to be toxic as it releases formaldehyde, a volatile compound.


Sunmica door design #1


sunmica doors with golden accents; Pink Pocket Door Retro lacquered glass finish
A sophisticated door to incorporate modern styling

Image Source: Linvisibile


Sunmica door design #2


pocket door design in white and grey color
Distinctive style door to gain admiration

Image Source: Linvisibile


Sunmica door design #3


black high-gloss laminate doors for home
Exotic door in glass finish that always catch the eye

Image Source: Longhi


Sunmica door design #4


Incorporating a high-gloss surface finish looks outstanding

Image Source: BARAUSSE


Plywood door designs

In simple terms, is the thin layers of wood veneer glued together. It is an engineered product manufactured from natural timber.

Imitating the strength and beauty of real wood, modern door designs offer superior impact protection. These can be of different types like hardwood and softwood doors.

Some of the most common hardwoods are maple, oak, ash, mahogany, and teak. Whereas pine, spruce, cedar, and redwood are some examples of softwood.



  • doors, in particular, exhibit high stability and minimal shrinkage.
  • Offers high durability.
  • hold and screw nails very well.
  • does not absorb moisture.



  • can be a little heavy on the pocket.
  • Due to its high strength, is difficult to cut and mold.

In addition, find their application both indoors and outdoors.


door design #1


Warm accents are a blessing for neutral homes

Image Source: Ferrero Legno


door design #2


yellow door on green wall; wood door design
Different shades bring together the complete look

Image Source: Ermetika


door design #3


contemporary style hinged wooden door
This door is definitely a modern take on the classic

Image Source: GAROFOLI


door design #4


Simple and sleek door for space

Image Source: Ferrero Legno


Veneer door designs

Having the perfect in your is certainly not enough. You must always be on the lookout to find any element that is beautiful as well as highly functional.

If the words rustic, royal, and traditional describe your personal style, then veneer door designs are your perfect fit. They are characterized by sturdiness, durability, and ecological friendliness.



  • Veneer are durable and can tolerate heavy impact
  • The veneer is an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood.
  • made out of veneers offer the look and feel of real wood and do not compromise on quality.
  • Veneer prevent wood wastage.



  • Veneer are susceptible to water damage as the water may seep under and loosen the layers of the veneer.
  • The texture of coating in veneer is not informed.


Veneer door design #1


dark brown single leaf plywood door
Rustic yet modern door to create a strong wooden impression

Image Source: Nishita Kamdar Designs


Veneer door design #2


sliding plywood door
Use a natural wood pattern for that extra zest

Image Source: HenryGlass


Veneer door design #3


wood door design with golden accents
Decorative modern door with an exquisite appearance

Image Source: Behance


Veneer door design #4


Carvings are always a good choice for faux

Image Source: The Architect’s Diary


WPC door designs

Being a natural product, wood is susceptible to damage and warping. The damage caused to by water, moisture, termite attack, etc., cannot be altered.

Therefore, Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) are the best alternative for modern natural wood door designs.

Due to the outstanding properties, WPC gets over the problems of wood.   made out of WPC can be produced in multiple colors and in various textures and surface finishes.



  • WPC are highly durable due to their 100% termite-proof and waterproof property.
  • These are easy to cut and carve making them easy to use as decorative elements.
  • WPC have high resistance to rot and decay. Furthermore, they do not corrode.
  • Being polymer-based, WPC are self-extinguishing and therefore, are fire retardant.



  • The resistance of WPC to extreme temperature is low as compared to wood.
  • Pricier than wooden doors, WPC lack the grain, natural texture, and warmth of wood.


WPC door design #1


brown wpc door design
Simple yet modern door for living rooms

Image Source: Madel Madeiras


WPC door design #2


white wpc door design on a yellow wall
This simple door is a modern take on the classic

Image Source: MadeiraMadeira


WPC door design #3


oak color wpc doors with steel hardware
A classic door on a patterned for an artistic look

Image Source: Leroy Merlin


WPC door design #4


white WPC door design with brown wood frame
Classic and fashionable door

Image Source: Oppein


Top door brands in India


Tata Pravesh

Being a new brand in Tata Steel’s portfolio, Tata Pravesh offers a complete range of stunning steel and strong as a part of solutions. The products are long-lasting as well as ensure security for your home.

The are manufactured from high-grade steel using state-of-the-art to ensure supreme resistance to fire and overcome the flaws of wooden doors.

Tata Pravesh has residential as well as commercial categorized as under:-


Century Doors

Century offer a wide collection of beautiful entrance doors, ranging from flush doors, laminated flush doors, veneer flush doors, and more. Protection is paramount when it comes to their modern door designs.

Century by Century Ply offers various products such as:-



Alstone has come up with a revolutionary product manufactured with wood polymer composite products. Moreover, their WPC door frames are 100% waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, distortion resistant, and have great adaptability to outdoor conditions. Also, WPC is considered a lifetime substitute for timber.

Alstone offers a variety of Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) doors, such as:-



Durian is one of India’s leading manufacturers of as well as exterior surface solutions. With an experience of over 4 decades, Durian offers an extensive range of and door frames that can be customized to suit specific requirements.

In addition, these are fire retardant, soundproof, termite resistant, moisture resistant, tested for endurance, and offer nail-free installation.

Thus, following are the door types produced by Durian:-



Established in 1937 in Belgium, Deceuninck is among the top three UPVC Window and Door profile manufacturers in the world. In addition, the brand specializes in compound technology, design, development, extrusion, finishing, and recycling for the building sector. Deceuninck India has a wide range of UPVC to complement your home’s style and value. These include door systems offering excellent insulation, comfort as well as elegance, such as:

  • Legend system
  • Zendow system
  • Everest Max system



Fenesta is a part of DCM Shriram Group. It has pioneered the design, manufacture, installation, and service of precision-engineered, customized UPVC as well as Aluminium windows and doors.

It manufactures the following products:-


Fenesta offers a vast collection of high-quality UPVC doors, such as:-


Also, Fenesta offers a wide variety of ultra-modern aluminum in a range of styles, including:-



are an essential part of house design. In addition, they create the very first impression of what’s going to be seen further.

An impression will be made with the door even if the of the space may be in stark contrast. Therefore, you need a modern marvelous door to catch everyone’s eye and achieve maximum functionality at the same time.

Some door materials have the potential to promote energy efficiency, while some act as a way to interact with the surrounding theme of the house. Moreover, they provide an architectural structure and integrity along with character and depth to your home.

Choosing the perfect material for and corresponding to match your preference is not an easy task especially when you have numerous varieties to choose from.

Be it a classic wooden door with a rustic and rich feel, a glass door with a sleek structure, an iron door with immeasurable strength, or a door to imitate but overcome the flaws of wood doors, each material has its own unique properties.

Now that you know the pros and cons of various door materials in detail, you can make the right decision to please your client.

So, depending upon the manufacturing material, find bags of inspiration to incorporate in your and get the perfect door that ticks all boxes.


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