Peace lily plant care & styling: Ideal guide to grow indoors (Buy it!)

Peace lily plant along an azure background
Peace lily plant along an azure background

In today’s urban world, indoor air pollution has become a major threat to our health. However, there are plants easily available in the market for your indoor garden that can somewhat solve this problem. Peace lily is an indoor plant that has been placed on the list of approved air purifier plants by NASA. In some faiths, this plant is also known to bring luck. You don’t need to take much care of peace lilies, but they require moisture and humidity to grow well. The flower of the peace lily plant is white in colour and looks extremely elegant.

Peace lily is also known as White Sail and Spathe flower. Their scientific name is Spathiphyllum. These plants are very easy to take care of; thus, they are considered excellent houseplants. These plants are also used for decor purposes in offices and hotel rooms. In this article, we have provided you with details regarding different types of peace lily plants, flower varieties for indoors, instructions on how to grow and take care of them, and the different requirements of these plants. So, read along to learn the secrets of healthy plant parenting. 




About peace lily plant – An overview


Common names Peace lily, Spath lily
Botanical name Spathiphyllum spp.
Family Araceae
Plant type Perennial
Mature size 1–4 ft. tall, 1–4 ft. wide indoors, up to 6 ft. tall outdoors
Sun exposure Partial
Soil type moist and well-drained soil
Soil pH Acidic
Bloom time Spring
Flower colour White \ yellow
Hardiness zones 11–12 (USDA)
Native area Central America and Asia
Toxicity Toxic to pets and people


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Uses of a peace lily plant

These plants are well-known for their ability to purify the air by simply neutralising toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. People prefer to use these plants for gifting purpose as it requires minimum maintenance and adds aesthetic value to the indoors. These plants are also used to prevent mildew formation in wet rooms along with avoiding the growth of mould spores.


How to grow these houseplants at home?

We have listed all the factors which you need to take care of while growing these plants at home. Let’s look at the factors:



These plants are shade loving however they require a bit extra sunlight when grown indoors. The amount of sunlight that these plants can withstand can differ for various varieties of this plant. If you want your plant to thrive place it closer to an east-facing window.



The water requirement of peace lilies is less as compared to most indoor plants. However, they require moist but well-drained soil for proper growth. Only water when the upper soil looks dry as overwatering can damage it.


Humidity and temperature

These plants love warm and moist climates and they can’t withstand extremely low temperatures. The most suited temperature for peace lilies is somewhere between 18 to 26 °C. You can spray water on the leaves of a peace lily plant once a week to moisten them.



It is critical to fertilise peace lilies during the summer because they require frequent feedings to bloom properly. These plants don’t require fertilization during winter.



The drainage of your plant needs special attention. Overwatering frequently causes the roots to become soggy and rot. Check the roots to ensure they are firm and light-coloured rather than soggy if your plant begins to wilt. If they’re soggy, you’re either overwatering or the soil isn’t draining properly.



If your plant starts using the same amount of water in lesser time then you have to repot it so that it can thrive. Choose a bigger planter and ensure the safety of the delicate root system while repotting.


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How should one take care of peace lily plants?

Find tips regarding how to take care of your plant below.

  • Never put them directly in the sunlight as it might dry them. Find a space where your plant receives indirect sunlight.
  • You should periodically sprinkle your plant with water to simulate a humid environment. They will thrive in such a setting.
  • If you have planted your Spathiphyllum outside your home in a pot and the temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius, you must bring it in. A temperature below 12 degrees celsius can harm your plant’s growth.
  • Spathiphyllum doesn’t need frequent pruning sessions, but if any of the leaves on your plant turn brown, you can trim them. 
  • This plant can sometimes be attacked by pests such as mites. Your plant must be under insect attack if you notice a white, sticky discharge on the leaves or around the stem. You can remove these pests with a strong stream of water. To make sure these pests don’t return, use an insecticide.


How to propagate these plants?

The process of propagating peace lilies is done during the repotting sessions. You can either cut off the adjacent crowns after taking them off the pot or directly cut a section of the main root ball and plant them in a medium-sized planter. With a good quality potting mix, water and warmth the roots will re-establish themselves.


Different types of peace lily plants


 Sensation Peace Lily 


A medium sized peace lily plant
Flowers of the Sensation variant last the longest among all peace lilies

Image Source:


If you like big-leaf plants then this variety of peace lily is for you. The flowers of these plants can last for about 2 months, and after one of the flowers dies, the plant will rebloom. Their leaves are massive and emerald green in colour. You don’t need to take much care of these plants.


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 Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily


A mauana loa spathiphyllum plant
Mauna Loa has beautiful elliptical leaves

Image Source: Garden Tags


Mauna Loa is a medium-sized plant which grows up to a height of 2–3 feet. The leaves of this plant are elliptical in shape. The bloom of Mauna Loa lilies looks unusual, as they have the shape of a finger surrounded by a leaf that appears like a petal.


 Jetty Peace Lily


A jetty variant of peace lily plant on a table
Jetty Peace Lilies come with beautiful, deep green foliage

Image Source: Morning Chores


Similar to the Sensation variant, the Jetty also blooms long-lasting flowers. The central part of the flower is yellowish in colour. The height of this plant is approximately 20-25 inches. This plant has elegant green foliage.


 Domino Peace Lily


A domino spathiphyllum plant in a pot with stand
You can easily identify a Domino Spathiphyllum by its spotted leaves

Image Source: The Contented Plant


White blotches on the surface of dark green leaves make the Domino variant look different from other peace lilies. It grows around 30 inches both in height and width. These species bloom flowers starting from summer throughout the year.


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 Power Petite


A medium sized peace lily in a planter.
The Power Petite variety has the smallest flowers

Image Source: Shopify


If you don’t like large plants inside your home but still want to grow these plants indoor, you can use a Power-Petite variety. This plant grows only up to a height of 45 cm. These plants grow small white flowers along with dark green leaves. Power Petite is perfect if you want to give someone a memorable gift.


Mojo Peace Lily


A mature mojo spathiphyllum plant
The Mojo variety has a large number of flowers throughout the summer

Image Source:


Mojo plants reach maturity when they are 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Due to their distinctive blossoming pattern, Mojo is among the most widely grown peace lilies. These plants always have a handful of beautiful flowers on them during the late summer.


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 Golden Delicious 


A small golden delicious peace lily plant
The bright leaves of a golden delicious makes it look different from other Peace lilies

Image Source: Shopify


Golden Delicious is one of the latest varieties of these plants with bright golden-green leaves. The flower of this peace lily is usually pale green while blooming and eventually turning creamy white in colour.




A beautiful star lily plant along the window
Miniature leaves of starlight peace lilies sparkle in the sunlight

Image Source: Ugaoo


The Starlight is another dwarf variety of peace lily that is named after its shiny leaves. Due to its size, it can be easily used as an indoor plant. It can adjust well in a small space.


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Common problems associated with peace lilies


Curling leaves

When this plant starts receiving too much sunlight then its leaves become curled. In this case, one needs to simply move the plant to a place having shade.


Browning tips

There can be multiple reasons for the browning tips in these plants like overwatering, water deficiency, and clogging of the drainage. To take care of your peace lily, make sure that the pot you are currently using is draining properly by flushing it with water continuously until it starts draining.


Common pests 

Fungus gnats, Mealybugs and Spider mites are the common pests that affect these plants. The best way to know if your plant is infested or not is by checking the leaves. One of the ways to treat your plant against these pests is by using horticultural oil or a pest-specific disinfectant.


Additional tips to grow and care for peace lily plants at home

Find some of the important things you need to remember while taking care of peace lily plants.

  • Make sure that the pot is wide and tall enough to hold the plant well while growing it indoors. If not, repot your plant.
  • These houseplants are native to the tropical evergreen forest; thus, they need humus-rich soil to develop. You can use a potting mix with composted bark for this purpose.
  • You can even use fertilizer during the summer once your plant is 1 month old. You can use any home plant fertilizer for this purpose. You don’t need to put fertilizer on these plants in winter.
  • Dry soil accompanied by wilting leaves is a sign of underwatering. Make sure your plant doesn’t suffer from water scarcity.
  • After repotting your plant, you can often find it difficult to balance it because the roots don’t hold the soil in place well. In order to assist your plant while it begins to balance itself, use a stick.


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Buy peace lilies for your home here!

Check the list below for the best buying options for these plants in the Indian market.


Kyari Peace Lily Plant With Self Watering Pot

Experience peace and convenience with the Kyari Peace Lily Plant, accompanied by a self-watering pot. It allows for effortless maintenance while bringing the calming beauty of this popular houseplant into your space.



A self watering pot with a peace lily plant

B U Y  H E R E 


Rolling Nature Peace Lily Plant In Glazed Pot

Enrich your living environment with the Rolling Nature Peace Lily Plant in a Glazed Pot. It showcases the elegance of lush green foliage and delicate white blooms and creates a serene atmosphere.


Peace lily plant in a glazed pot

B U Y  H E R E 


Plantxo Peace Lily Large

This is a majestic and graceful plant that brings a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty to any space. It purifies the air with its lush foliage and charming white flowers.


Plantxo peace lily plant in sky blue background

B U Y  H E R E 


Nursery Live Peace Lily Plant

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this elegant and easy-to-care-for houseplant. It adds a touch of grace and purity to any indoor setting, making it a perfect choice for plant enthusiasts.


Peace lily plant in a white planter on a table

B U Y  H E R E 


Seedplex Peace Lily Plant

Bring a sense of tranquillity and natural elegance to your living space and discover the captivating beauty of the Seedplex Peace Lily Plant. It is a stunning and resilient houseplant with delicate white flowers.


Seedplex peace lily plant in white planter

B U Y  H E R E 


Sapling World Peace Lily

Sapling World Peace Lily is a graceful and resilient houseplant that effortlessly brings a sense of calm and harmony to your home.


Sapling world peace lily plant in light blue planter

B U Y  H E R E 


Plant A Plant Indoor Peace Lily In 4 Inch Pot

Plant A Plant Indoor Peace Lily in a 4-inch pot, an adaptable and small houseplant that adds a touch of class to any indoor space. Moreover, it invites you to embrace the beauty of nature.


Plant a Plant peace lily plant in sky blue pot

B U Y  H E R E 


INNTINN Peace Lily Plant Medium

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this beautiful and soothing houseplant. It creates a peaceful atmosphere to relax and unwind in any space.


green peace lily plant with white pot

B U Y  H E R E 


Earth and Jungle Peace Lily

With its air-purifying qualities, it creates a healthier and more tranquil environment, making it an ideal choice for any plant lover. Its glossy green leaves and delicate white blooms add a touch of freshness to your room.


plant in deep green colour

B U Y  H E R E 


Flower Aura Refreshing Peace Lily

The Flower Aura Peace Lily is a rejuvenating houseplant that not only brings a sense of calm to your surroundings but also removes toxins. Moreover, it’s a perfect choice for a revitalizing indoor oasis.


small plant in white planter

B U Y  H E R E 


Peace lily plant decor ideas (Image gallery)



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How to get the peace lily to bloom?

One of the common problems with peace lilies is that they don’t have flowers easily. Even if your plant is healthy and good looking you can’t be sure about its blooming during the season. The best you can do is provide your plant with conditions similar to its natural habitats.


Is peace lily toxic for dogs?

All parts of these plants, from stems to leaves and even attractive flowers, contain an irritating toxin that can be dangerous to dogs. The toxin can cause severe burning and itchiness in the mouth, tongue, and lips.


How do you take care of a peace lily plant indoors?

Check the following points to know the best tips to take care of your plant indoors.

  • Provide the plant with indirect sunlight.
  • Use a good-quality potting mix.
  • Feed them with an NPK fertilizer having extra nitrogenous compounds.
  • Repot them when outgrowths are visible
  • One of the most important things to take care of your peace lily is to avoid overwatering as it damages the plant.


Is it OK to have a peace lily in your bedroom?

Peace lilies are commonly used as bedroom plants due to their ability to purify the air and also make the room devoid of airborne microbes.


Do peace lilies need sunlight?

Peace lilies require diffused sunlight as prolonged direct sunlight damages the leaves of this plant.


Can peace lilies grow indoors?

Definitely yes! Peace lilies are used mostly as houseplants. The only thing you need to take care of is that they receive proper maintenance and condition similar to their natural habitat.



These plants excel in terms of both utility and home decor. However, one of the biggest issues with these plants is that they are moderately toxic for animals and humans. Keep peace lilies out of the reach of small children if planted indoors. Make sure you wash your hands after pruning your plant. While creating an indoor garden, put flowering plants like Jasmine, Hibiscus, or any other Lily variety along with peace lilies for additional benefits and a wholesome look.

These plants can be used on your work table, in your gallery, or wherever you see fit. Try to repot or divide them in case they outgrow their containers. To divide, you can use a knife to cut the root ball and then plant the divisions in separate pots. However, while repotting make sure that the new pot is 2-4 inches wider.

If you have a passion for landscaping and gardening, you can grow these plants from seeds, but if you don’t have the time or patience, you can visit a nearby nursery or order plants online. The above-mentioned details in this article are enough for you to start your green journey. Now that you know all about growing, caring for, and decorating ideas for different types of peace lilies, you can rapidly improve the air quality and aesthetics in your home.


*The featured image used in this article is from Goodnet.Org

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