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The first modern air conditioner was invented by William Carrier in 1902. Back then, it was used to get rid of the humidity. Though the job has changed the technicalities of it remains more or less the same. Today AC is used to cool our spaces and remove heat from inside and release it outdoors through ventilation. A perfect AC can make your life so much better and comfortable. Thus, purchase an air conditioner, whichever type – centralised or individual units that promise quality, functionality and durability from top brands available in the market at wide price ranges.


air conditioner of all types- central and split units, from best brands in India at wholesale price
This electrical appliance just makes you so cool, literally.

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Types of air conditioners

The purchase of an air conditioner is an investment, thus it is necessary to think about what type of AC is best suited for your needs.

Window units

These are the most popular and cheaper option of AC available in the market. As the name suggests it is placed in the window, it’s back releasing hear outdoors and the face cooling indoors.

Air source heat pumps

Most energy-efficient air conditioner types but have heavy installation ductwork and cost. Best suited for mild climate areas

Centralised air conditioner

Most luxurious option of all as they can cool each room of your home and office simultaneously. They have two units- condensing unit placed outside and an evaporation unit that expels the cool air into the home.

Ductless air conditioner

Also commonly called the split AC which is the perfect option for apartment dwellers and homes without a duct system. They are made up of two portable units. One in the interior is responsible for cooling and the other is fixed outside to ventilate the hot air.


The next main enquiry one might face is which is the best air conditioner brand in India? And what brands are most reliable for buying an AC? We have prepared a list of all top brands of Air conditioner that you can buy from a pocket-friendly price range.

  1. LG
  2. Panasonic
  3. Samsung
  4. Hitachi
  5. Daikin
  6. Voltas
  7. Lloyd 
  8. Onida
  9. Godrej
  10. Bosch

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