Grace Modular Kitchen

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Grace offers customized kitchens equipped with the best accessories from Hafele and Hettich on the inside and a variety of exclusive shutters in Wooden, Sun mica and high gloss paint finishes on the outside so that your kitchens look attractive to your guests and it works well for your cook.


Grace Kitchens has come up with a unique synthetic fiber sheet, that looks and feels exactly like wood, but is non wood based. We make our kitchen cabinets using this material, and as a result, moisture and termite have no effect on them. The kitchen feels as good as new for years and years. And we have customers that bought the kitchen from us over 5 years ago, and they are still referring their friends and relatives to us to get their kitchens made.



Product Description


Details of Grace Modular Kitchen:

  • Fire Resistant & Fire Inert Kitchen
  • Termite Proof
  • Borer Proof
  • Warping Proof
  • Water Resistant & Water Proof
  • Long lasting
  • Standard size modules

Grace Modular Kitchen 1


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