Hunter Douglas Ceiling panels- exterior | Designer false ceiling

Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide Ceiling Panels
Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide Ceiling Panels

Hunter Douglas manufactures modernistic ceiling solutions that offer sustainability, energy-efficiency and least wastage. The metal and wooden ceiling systems by the brand hold the paramount place in the building industry. Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide Ceiling Panels are robust ceiling solutions.

About the Product

Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide Ceiling Panels offer a distinctive look to the space they are installed in. Their unique design and style make them ideal for all commercial and residential settings.

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Product Description

Hunter Douglas Exterior wide ceiling panels are primarily commercial false PVC ceiling boards that are available in an affordable prices.


The specifications of the ceilings

  • The ceiling boards have a robust and unique look.
  • Length of panels: up to 6m. Moreover, you can customize the length according to your requirement.
  • Hunter Douglas exterior wide ceiling panels width: 300 mm
  • The thickness of PVC ceiling panels: 0.7 mm
  • False ceiling material: High-corrosion-resistant, recyclable, lightweight aluminium alloy. Moreover, the panels have passed all wind loads resistant tests. Therefore, the ceilings last longer and more efficiently.
  • 300C panels come with a 5mm bevelled edge.
  • Moreover, the 300L panels deliver a smoother ceiling design with square-edged panels
  • The long length of ceiling panels reduces the number of joints. As a result, the installation cost and time get reduced as well.
  • Ceiling boards have a smoother design. Therefore, you get a more refined look.
  • Self-locking false ceiling boards that do not need additional locking clips.
  • The aluminium false ceilings have acoustical properties.
  • Three-layered painting:
  1. Anorcoat pre-treatment for long-lasting durability.
  2. Primer coating for enhanced longevity.
  3. Scratch and UV resistant top coating to resistant natural damage to the colour, texture, and tone.
  • As a result, the false ceiling board colour remains long-lasting and durable. Moreover, it also acts as a protective shield for the building.
  • Ceiling solutions offer sustainability. Therefore, you get to protect the environment from unwanted harm.
  • Additionally, it also becomes energy-efficient. Hence, your heating and cooling costs get reduced. As a result, you receive a cost-affordable living.
  • Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide ceiling panels follows the ISO 14001 framework. Therefore, its products focus on Keen and Green aims and objectives.
  • Additionally, the ceiling enhances the aesthetics of the space.


Hunter Douglas Ceiling panels- exterior
Hunter Douglas panels for exteriors


Hunter Douglas Exterior Wide Ceiling Panels Application Areas

  1. Offices
  2. Retail sector
  3. Transport stations: bus stands, railway stations, metro stations, airports.
  4. Public areas
  5. Hotels and restaurants
  6. Healthcare sectors
  7. Educational buildings
  8. Residential buildings


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