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REHAU RAUKANTEX edgebanding solutionREHAU RAUKANTEX edgebanding solution

REHAU manufactures the most innovative and environment-friendly products in the building materials industry with a brilliant performance. One such radical product is REHAU RAUKANTEX plus Edgeband.

About the Product

REHAU RAUKANTEX plus Edgeband features pigmented, precoated adhesive band in numerous colours, helping to achieve an invisible joint.

Product Description

REHAU RAUKANTEX edge bands are pigmented, adhesive edgbandings. The features of REHAU RAUKANEX plus Edgeband tapes are as follows

1. The edgebanding comes with an adhesive functional layer.

2. The edgeband offers a strong heat and moisture-resistant bond.

3. These edgebands offer water resistance, heat resistance, and performance over time.

4. ABS and PMMA are the most commonly used materials for making these REHAU Edgebanding tapes.

5. No hotmelt or down-line cleaning of excess adhesive from finished furniture panels with these tapes.

6. The edge bands are highly durable and environment-friendly.

7. Also, as the material purity of the resulting waste remains intact, the REHAU Edgebands enable us to ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

8. These edgebanding tapes come in 1000+ colours and various sizes.

9. The REHAU edge bands use three technologies to achieve invisible joints

a. Laser technology

b. Near infra-red technology

c. Hot air technology

10 .REHAU Raukantex plus edgebanding tapes come with anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant properties.

11. They are fire-resistant. Thus, they protect the furniture in case of fire.

12. The waterproof quality of these furniture edgebands makes them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and all water-prone areas as well.

13. These furniture bands offer great protection and aesthetics to the furniture.


REHAU RAUKANTEX edge bands are the best edge bandings for kitchen
REHAU RAUKANTEX Edgebands for a classy kitchen


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Brand Info


REHAU India has always aimed to develop novel formulations that broaden the scope of polymer materials’ applications. It devotes time and resources in important future topics including energy efficiency, renewable energy, water management, transport, and future living.


kitchen interior solutions by REHAU


REHAU’s product range includes:-


REHAU Interior Solutions

  1. uPVC Edgebands: Edge banding solutions available in 9 variants. These include RAUKANTEX Color & Décor, Mirror Gloss, Magic-3D, V-Groove, Wood Veneer, Retail collection, V-Twin, and Super High Gloss.
  2. Surface Solutions: RAUVISIO materials for kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, or shop available in premium laminates, pre-laminated boards as well as customized panels/shutters.
  3. Solid Surface: Environment-friendly, acid and dye-resistant, thermoformable, non-porous acrylic artificial stone by REHAU polymer, India.
  4. Storage Solutions: The RAUVOLET tambour door system, track systems, profiles and accessories.
  5. Plinth Systems: RAUVARIO systems including cover, connectors, end caps, flap, cover panel bracket, height adjuster, as well as handle profiles.
  6. Flooring Solutions: RAUFLOOR crescendo plank and neostein – luxurious flooring solutions for residential, light commercial as well as office applications.
  7. Weaving Materials: RAUCORD – premium UV resistant, weatherproof and temperature resistant, and scratch-free weaving material for outdoor and indoor furniture as well as garden and home accessories.
  8. Wood Working Accessories: Innovative solutions including the Portable edgebander + box, Power Edgeband Router, Manual End Trimmer, Guillotine, Manual Edge Trimmer, Vacuum Table, Foliex, Flush cutters, Internal and external planes, Cutter-Set, Finisher, Flap wheel, Glue applicator, as well as REHAU Masking Tape.
  9. RAUBOND Adhesives: Water-based as well as hotmelt adhesives for edge banding, wood, plywood, acrylic, veneer, PVC, ABS, finger jointing, resinated paper edges, melamine resin edges, etc.


Plumbing & Drainage Solutions

  1. Water Supply – RAUTITAN: Water services system of high-density polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipes used with MX (DZR Brass) and PX (polymer PPSU) fittings.
  2. Wastewater Drainage – RAUPIANO PLUS: Polypropylene-based wastewater system for private homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, office blocks or commercial kitchens.


REHAU Heating & Cooling

  1. Radiant Cooling: An innovative approach to high efficiency cooling.
  2. Radiant Heating: Flexible heating solutions for residential homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, assisted living centers, auditoriums, barns, and warehouses.



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