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SCHELL Angle-valve Quad, best quality brass angle valve for taps & other plumbing materials & items
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German brand SCHELL offers plumbing and sanitation solutions spread over the automatic and faucets, water management solutions for commercial areas, concealed cisterns, angle valves, flush valves, and more. SCHELL products are acknowledged the world over for quality and technology.

About the Product

Schell has launched a angle valve range for a stylish look in fittings. The intricately designed products promise maximum utility through quality performance features, while not compromising on the contemporary chic of the bathroom. The Quad angle valve by SCHELL enhances the overall features of a with a solid brass rosette with a slide ring.


Product Description

SCHELL QUAD pressure regulating angle valves are particularly designed to coordinate the angle fittings with all the other intricate fittings, like the taps/faucet of the bathroom. Thus, designed to suit the modular appearance of the contemporary bathroom, it adds character to the overall appearance. Moreover, this premium plumbing material is made with polished brass with a self-sealing connection feature that makes it exceptional and superior in terms of its durability. Additionally, this modular plumbing fixture is great for washbasin units, as it gives a clean and neater finish to your -mounted basins. Also, the best thing about this brass angle valve is its affordable price range!

SCHELL is considered to be the inventor of the angle valve. For many generations, fitters have trusted the know-how of Europe’s market leader for angle valve technology. So, the range of products is accordingly large, as are the solutions. The materials used are exclusively suitable to use with drinking water. Moreover, series valves emphasize functionality but with a minimalist appearance. Also, the valve appearance is designed to blend in with your accessories. So, do not shy away from adding this impressive fitting to your home plumbing.


SCHELL Angle-valve Quad, best quality brass angle valve for taps & other plumbing materials & items
DESIGN- Premium plumbing solution range from SCHELL


Features of SCHELL pressure regulating angle valves

  • Solid handle
  • Pull-resistant SCHELL brass cone connection with length compensation hidden under the chrome cover
  • Polished brass body with the push rod
  • Solid brass rosette with slide ring
  • Sanitary grease chamber head part



  • Field Of Application: Flow volume class A
  • Material: Brass conform to German drinking water regulation
  • Test Mark: P-IX 757/IA, WELS
  • Noise Class: I
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Weight of angle valve:  0.58 kg/pc.
  • Dimensions: DN 15 G 1/2 ext. thread x DN 10 G 3/8 ext. thread


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Brand Info


For more than 80 years, the SCHELL fittings brand has been the first option in the industry. Whether it’s for hand washbasins, showers, WCs, or urinals, we’ve got you covered. Whether or not angle valves are regulated. SCHELL fittings belong in all situations where sturdy, hygienic, and resource-efficient solutions remain required, whether it’s for connecting heating, gas, or equipment like a washing machine. Particularly in sanitary rooms that remain used by a large number of people, such as public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary rooms.

SCHELL, one of the initial points of contact for high-quality fittings for building technology, is also based here. The uncompromising quality, innovative goods, and, in particular, the strive for excellent and sustainable solutions is what our Olpe family firm is known for among fitters, dealers, planners, architects, and builders.

When you choose SCHELL, you are choosing high-quality “Made in Germany” items. And they all come from the same place. Starting with an idea and ending with a finished result. Technically inventive, creatively demanding, and produced by 450 highly motivated employees in two state-of-the-art facilities in Olpe.


Schell Products


System solutions

Are you looking for a sanitary drinking water system? We have the system you need, whether you have one or 300 fittings.



SCHELL’s wide product range leaves no wishes, regardless of which criteria remain imposed on washbasin fittings or -mounted draw-off fittings in public sanitary rooms.



Showers remain frequently used in public, semi-public, and commercial sanitary facilities. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a new or renovated building.


Water closet

WC flushing systems are becoming more common in public, semi-public, and business restrooms.


Schell urinal

Both concealed and exposed mounting options are available. Whether it’s contactless or manually operated.


Mounting modules

As a complete system provider, we naturally supply mounting for all applications.


Appliance connection fittings

Appliance connection connections from SCHELL remain no longer required for safe water handling in the bathroom, kitchen, cellar, garage, or garden.


Schell angle regulating valves

The brand Schell invented the angle valve. Also, fitters have relied on the expertise of Europe’s market leader in angle valve for many decades.


Heating fittings

SCHELL brand offers a wide range of heating fittings, including appliance isolating valves, filling and drain connections, and radiator fittings.

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