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siemens inductionAir venting cooktop with ceramic surface finish; induction hob, built-in appliances
Induction hob with integrated ventilation system, iQ700 induction hob b y Siemenssiemens venting cooktop, induction hob with integrated ventilation systemsiemens venting cooktop, induction hob with integrated ventilation system

Siemens Home Appliances is well-known for manufacturing products that shape trends in homes throughout the globe. It produces a variety of smart and user-friendly appliances by integrating cutting-edge technologies with stunning designs. The brand’s innovative technology makes life easier yet extraordinary. One such timelessly elegant innovation is the Siemens inductionAir.

About the Product

The inductionAir cooktop with integrated ventilation is a high-performance two-in-one appliance that includes an extractor and an induction cooktop. It exhibits all the advantages of induction cooking, including boost settings, pan recognition, and much more. The inductionAir hob’s clever design combines induction technology with potent extraction to deliver a worry-free cooking experience.

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Product Description

The finest cooking standards are combined with integrated ventilation in the Siemens inductionAir System. FlexInduction hob and the ground-breaking integrated ventilation are two fantastic appliances that are combined in the inductionAir cooktop. The inductionAir cooktop, also known as the venting cooktop, is a fantastic idea for folks who don’t want their kitchen to look cluttered by having a chimney on top. It provides designers the liberty to build sleek and modern kitchen designs. It features built-in ventilation that draws the smoke in quietly and efficiently.

The venting cooktop’s clean, simple design has been carefully thought through down to the smallest detail. The flush-integrated extractor doesn’t lose any space; you have room for extra-large cookware and can freely move pots and pans across the entire surface. Sensor-controlled features and Siemens induction technology, validated countless times, ensure a completely fuss-free cooking experience.

Integrating an extractor hood in an 80cm induction hob gives architects and kitchen designers more creative freedom.


EX875LX67E – 80cm induction hob with integrated ventilation system (venting cooktop) by Siemens


Induction hob with integrated ventilation system, iQ700 induction hob b y Siemens
iQ700 80cm induction hob with integrated ventilation system


Key highlights


Impressive design

The induction hob and ventilation combine into one elegant and attractive appliance in this venting cooktop, which demonstrates a thorough awareness of the ideals of current kitchen design. Above all, the ventilation maintains consistency with the cooktop’s design and user interface, which remain complicated in concept yet straightforward in execution.


Space saving

Installing ordinary drawers becomes possible with the inductionAir system since its simple to install and doesn’t take up a lot of space inside the worktop’s lower cabinet. By doing this, you will maintain the essential storage space for your cookware and other kitchen tools.

Therefore, the Siemens venting cooktop gives its users the flexibility to use the kitchen in numerous ways.


fryingSensor Plus

Cooktop sensors gauge the temperature of the pan. The temperature is then automatically maintained for as long as you desire. You get a notification when the appliance attains the heat level you want. Then, the pan stays at that very level thereafter.

The ideal frying temperature will be indicated by a signal tone, and since the pan’s temperature is continuously checked throughout the frying process, you are spared the effort of making manual adjustments. Thus, this innovative feature enables the users to perfectly cook meals and helps them achieve the finest results.


iQdrive motor

The powerful iQdrive motor is always capable of eliminating unpleasant kitchen odours. The motor’s brushless design and mechanics make it exceptionally durable, effective, and quiet offering enhanced extraction performance. Due to the soft sound system built into the sensor, the noise level is relatively low.

Thus, this feature makes the user’s daily cooking experience more convenient and hassle-free.



flexInduction hobs are capable of recognising the size and form of your cookware automatically. If you’d like, you can easily link two cooking zones to make a much larger cooking surface. Heat is only produced where it is required, be it in a rectangular roaster or several tiny pans with sauces and side dishes. With the help of this feature, the induction hob may expand flexibly to accommodate pots and pans up to 30 cm in diameter.

In this manner, the flexInduction hobs by Siemens conform to the user’s preferences and provide a bespoke experience.


ClimateControl Sensor

The extraction duct’s integrated climateControl sensor continuously monitors the vapour and odour load. Also, it regulates the ventilation level. It only exerts effort when it is absolutely essential. After cooking, you transition to pleasure mode with your guests, and the sensor changes the trigger to follow-up mode to keep the dining room pleasant.

This function of the venting cooktop improves users’ control over their health, safety, and comfort while also assisting in maintaining the quality of indoor air.


CookingSensor Plus

The pan’s Sensor Plus technology monitors the temperature and automatically modifies it as needed. The clever feature eliminates overboiling pasta water and the necessity to constantly watch the pan, allowing you to relax and take care of the table setting or your guests.


PowerMove Plus

Divide your stove into three heat zones using the PowerMove Plus feature. Simply lift your cookware to the proper location to turn on the appropriate heating zone, whether you’re frying at the front of your hob, simmering in the middle, or warming at the back. To keep the food warm, the rear zone automatically detects and begins at the lowest level 1.

This feature allows the user to quickly and easily create complicated menus with multiple courses and provides a completely unique experience.



flexMotion retains all of your chosen temperature settings. A pan’s initial temperature is automatically taken over by the new cooking zone when it is moved to another cooking zone. This location only has to be confirmed by the user. Moreover, being a venting cooktop, the original cooking area of the roof is automatically switched by the hob at the same time.


Dual lightSlider touch control

The 30-centimeter-wide discreet and intuitive display comes in handy for maximum ease of use. With only one finger, the sensitive Dual lightSlider provides you complete control over all cooking zones and extraction. Offering an uninterrupted user experience, it automatically displays only the features you currently require so that nothing diverts your attention.

Equipped with this feature, the Siemens venting cooktop responds to the lightest of touches, giving you full oversight at a glance. When the hob is switched off, the controls are completely invisible for a sleek finish to your kitchen.


PowerBoost function

The PowerBoost function essentially “borrows” power from the partner cooking zone to increase the power output of the selected zone by around 50%.



When you turn on the hob, the quickStart function instantly recognises and chooses the cooking surface on which you have put the pot. All you have to do to get going is change the temperature setting.



The reStart function allows you to easily return to your chosen settings, in the event that the hob automatically switches off for some reason. This is done by simply pushing the power button within four seconds of the hob turning off.


Additional features

  • Timer with switch-off function
  • Child safety lock energy consumption display
  • 17 power levels
  • 2 flex zones
  • Keep warm function for all cooking zones
  • Digital 2-step residual heat indicator
  • Stainless steel grease filters
  • Induction venting cooktop with fully integrated high-performance downdraft extractor
  • Appliance Dimensions (HxWxD): 22.3cm x 81.2cm x 52cm
  • Cut Out Dimensions (HxWxD): 22.3cm x 75cm x 49cm


Homeowners prefer their kitchens to seamlessly blend with the style of their homes, functioning as both a utilitarian and aesthetic space. Siemens 80 cm venting cooktop – EX875LX67E would be a beautiful and practical addition to any upscale home for this reason.

Considering that the perfect kitchen design combines usefulness and aesthetics, architects seek appliances that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. With remarkable features such as fryingSensor Plus, PoverMove Plus, PowerBoost, flexMotion, etc., the venting cooktop allows the architects the freedom to plan and design a custom space for their clients.

Customers worry that since the ventilation system is positioned below, the hob, which is crucial in the kitchen, would take up the bottom storage space. The venting cooktop, however, doesn’t require much room, and storage space can be created beneath the hob.

This space-saving idea gives interior designers and architects more choices to design a kitchen according to the client’s unique preferences. It is a revolutionary cooking surface that gives the average home cook culinary superpowers.

So, click here to view the detailed technical specifications of the 80cm induction hob with integrated ventilation system!


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Brand Info


Siemens has been a renowned German industrial and technological brand that serves the entire spectrum of the electrical engineering sector for more than 174 years. With a number of innovations that have genuinely transformed human life, Siemens has become one of the leading built-in appliance companies in India and the entire world. Consumers get complete access to a seamless world of innovative possibilities thanks to Siemens’ collection of smart products. The product line comprises freestanding models for cooking, laundry, refrigeration, freezing, and dishwashing, as well as coffee machines and vacuum cleaners, in addition to high-tech integrated home appliances.

With the introduction of coordinated and intelligently designed appliances, the brand is setting new standards for innovation, technology, and design worldwide.

Siemens StudioLine range of built-in appliances offers functionality and technology without compromising on design and sophistication. The StudioLine appliances are more than simply very efficient equipments; they represent an aspirational way of life and a symbol of individuality. In addition, the HomeConnect technology connects your appliances with the services of different partners – turning your house into a connected home. Therefore, Siemens products are designed for those who wish to make every day extraordinary.


modern premium kitchen with built-in appliances by Siemens


The intelligent innovations and renowned German Engineering of Siemens Home Appliances are well known. The brand’s technologies are also top-of-the-line and meet the high standards of customers. Siemens contributes to the metropolitan way of life with its contemporary yet timeless design making the company’s products and services dependable and well-thought-out.

In addition, the brand’s appliances range includes the following:


Cooking & Baking

  1. Ovens
  2. Steam cooking
  3. Hobs and cooktops
  4. Kitchen hoods
  5. Microwaves


Laundry Care

  1. Washing machines
  2. Clothes dryers
  3. Washer dryer machines


Siemens Dishwashers

  1. Built-in dishwashers
  2. Freestanding dishwashers



  1. Built-in fridges and freezers
  2. Freestanding fridges and freezers
  3. Wine fridges


Siemens Coffee machines

  1. Built-in fully automatic coffee machines



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