SHERA designer vent ceiling | Outdoor false ceiling

shera vent ceiling
SHERA designer vent ceilings

SHERA is a Thai enterprise with an energy-conserving product line of ceiling slat. The ceiling solutions by SHERA come with heat protection properties.

About the product

The SHERA vent ceiling is a new and innovative ceiling solution for outdoor ceilings.

 MRP: Rs 158 per unit.

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Product Description

SHERA Designer vent ceiling is the perfect outdoor ceiling solution. A vented ceiling is a smart way of keeping your house and office cool and well ventilated. SHERA is a one stop for all your ceiling needs, it has wide range of false vent ceilings. Choose the best suited designs from teak, classic or modern all are crafted with minimalist style. Keep your home cool and stylish with SHERA ceilings!

The specifications of this product are:

  • This ceiling solution is made of a fibre-cement board
  • SHERA ceilings are strong and durable
  • The board has dimensional stability
  • Boards can be bent for false ceilings
  • Comes in three distinct designs for selection: Teak, Classic, and Modern.
  • The process of installation is easy
  • The ceiling is fire-resistant
  • Immune to water damage
  • Non-Brittle
  • Termite and insect resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Standardizations:
    1. Moisture Content ASTM C 1185 Standard, ≤15%
    2. Water Absorption ASTM C 1185 Standard, ≤35%
    3. Density ASTM C 1185 Standard, 1350±50 kg./m3


shera vent ceiling
Vent ceiling board 3″


SHERA designer vent ceiling- Application areas:

The designer vent ceiling is for external use. It is most suitable for the exterior soffit of any residential building. It helps in facilitating the wind flow and ventilation under the roof.



Contact Details

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Brand Info


The Thai Olympic Fiber-Cement Co. Ltd. was founded in 1974 with the aim of producing fiber-cement roofing under the brand “Ha Huang” (meaning ‘five circles’ in Thai). The organization was solely focused on providing quality building material to Thai people.

Nowadays, the company, under the SHERA brand, has expanded to a number of plants serving Thailand and the Asian region and it has taken part in ensuring the growing quality of life not only for Thai society but also for the region.

The company has grown significantly under the brand “SHERA”, which is not limited only to roofing but has extended its range to Fibre-Cement materials for ceiling, walling, flooring, and decoration.


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