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Sleek Bling modular kitchens L shape design & cabinet materials at wholesale price

Sleek is a subsidiary brand of Asian Paints that specialises in and fittings. They are one of India’s leading modular kitchens label. Sleek from Asian Paints is known for its innovative and efficient designs, high-end quality and elegant craftsmanship.

About the Product

Among various beautiful and effective modular designs and ranges is Bling modular kitchens. Bling modular kitchens are a contemporary style open design, the L shape of the counter makes it efficient and also give a sleek look.


Product Description

If you are looking for a modular that is an exact fit for your needs and ticks off all your requirement charts, then Sleek Bling is what you are looking for. The Bling countertop is in an L shape design, which gives out an open element and allows more flow in the kitchen area. It has a welcoming appeal that would not just change your appearance. It also makes your daily tasks much easier. The material used for designing the Bling modular is premium and high end but worry not, the prices are budget-friendly!

If contemporary is your style, Sleek Bling is sure to bowl you over. The highlight of the is the open L shape element, with shelves made of slender 12 mm MDF, matt PU painted and chamfered edges to make a striking statement. The handles have a matching colour with the open element to create a harmony. Bling boasts of European baskets and accessories, high-end soft-closing drawer systems and high-end appliances.


Sleek Bling modular kitchens L shape design & cabinet materials at project price
Beautify with smart modular kitchens!


Features of Sleek Bling modular kitchens

Contemporary look- Open elements for a smart and contemporary look

Harmony- Base handles painted to match open-element

Sophistication- Handle-less shutters


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