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TOTO Toilets - Neorest XH II one piece is a product with innovative technologies

TOTO has always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Through almost a century rich with innovation, TOTO has changed the perception of what a bathroom can be — and how it can be used. TOTO has been successfully doing so with its line of innovative products incorporating outstanding technologies. TOTO Neorest XH II one piece toilet is one of such products.

About the Product

TOTO Neorest XH II one piece toilet is one of the innovative products with smart technologies offered by the company.  With its key features like Auto-flush, Deodorizer, and Instant heated seat, it is definite to make a special place in the market.

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Product Description

TOTO toilets – Neorest XH II one piece

These TOTO toilets have smart technologies – such as automatic flushing toilets – and many such appealing features and specifications.

TOTO toilets - Neorest XH II one piece automatic flushing toilet, white-coloured rimless water closet with appealing looks
TOTO Neorest XH II one-piece toilet – automatic flushing toilet


Features of TOTO Neorest XH II one-piece toilets

– The integrated appearance of luxury, stylish, elegance.
– Hybrid Ecology System water-saving dual flush 3.8 / 3L minimum required water pressure only at 0.2SMpa (Dynamic). As a result, it saves a considerable quantity of water.
–  Additionally, it comes with TORNADO FLUSH technology for a powerful flushing effect with less amount of water.
–  Moreover, integrated WASHLET features front and rear warm water washing.
–  Further, it consists of revolutionary ACTILIGHT technology to keep the toilet clean on its own. This rids it both of visible and invisible waste.
– Equally important, automatic operation. This means that the lid opens, closes and the unit flushes when the sensor is activated.
– Besides, auto soft light function for night-time usage.


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