Wrap Seal Sealant from Pidilite


Wrap seal from Pidilite is used for repairing leaks, reinforcement, and extending service life of metal or plastic pipes carrying liquid, gas, hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis. It is suitable for water pipes carrying drinking water. It has high pressure resistance.


Product Description



  • Repairs metal or plastic pipes leakage in 30 minutes
  • Pressure resistance up to 400 PSI ( 28 kg/cm2)
  • Safe for drinking water & resistant to most chemicals
  • Temperature resistance up to 200°C
  • Best suitable for repairing pipes and active leaks
  • Used in repairing metal and plastic pipes carrying water, acids alkalis, hydrocarbons, fuels, gases, slurries and other chemicals.
  • Used as sealant for joints and hazardous material spill control
  • Used in reinforcement of thinning walls and protection from corrosion
  • Suitable for repairing under water pipe
  • Suitable for repairing electrical conduits and cables

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