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Vinod Patel, Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, solid surface and REHAU edge band dealers in Mumbai
Vinod Patel, Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, solid surface and REHAU edge band dealers in Mumbai


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Before the advent of innovative surface solutions and edge bands, the furniture industry relied primarily on conventional materials and designs. The options were limited, and customisation was often a luxury reserved for high-end projects. However, with the introduction of advanced technologies and materials, the industry has undergone a significant transformation. REHAU’s solid surfaces and edge bands have revolutionised the way furniture is designed and perceived, empowering designers and homeowners to bring their visions to life. In this edition of Partners in Growth Presented by REHAU and Powered by BuildingandInteriors, we interviewed Vinod Patel of Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, premium furniture solutions and solid surface dealers in Mumbai.

With a rich history spanning over five years, Vinod Patel has catapulted his company to new heights. He has established a formidable reputation in the Mumbai market for interior and exterior solutions. Throughout the interview, we explore Vinod Patel’s insights and experiences, exploring the changing dynamics of the market.


About Daka Infinity Marketing LLP


Vinod Patel, Daka Infinity Marketing LLP,, REHAU edge bands and solid surfaces, dealers in Mumbai
Vinod Patel of Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, leading dealers of edge bands & solid surfaces in Mumbai


Daka Infinity Marketing LLP is a renowned Mumbai-based company specializing in both interior and exterior solutions. With a wide range of offerings, including edge bands, laminates, floorings, and solid surfaces, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider and one of the leading dealers in the market. Our clientele primarily consists of retail customers, as well as key accounts such as architects, interior designers, and contractors. We also collaborate with furniture manufacturers who require our products in bulk quantities. These manufacturers use our edge bands, laminates, etc. extensively in their production processes.

At Daka Infinity Marketing, we take great pride in being authorised dealers of REHAU edge bands and solid surface solutions. REHAU products account for approximately 60% of our product portfolio. While our focus leans towards B2B transactions, we also engage in retail activities. This translates into a ratio of approximately 70:30, with 70% of our business coming from B2B customers and the remaining 30% from retail customers. However, we are continuously seeking to expand our customer base.


Changing buying patterns and customer preferences in Mumbai w.r.t furniture components and surface solutions – Vinod Patel’s perspective

Previously, customers were accustomed to using conventional laminate and wood-based products. However, there has been a noticeable shift towards a more design and finish-oriented mindset. Customers now seek a wider range of finishes, designs, and colours. This change can be attributed to the increased involvement of architects and interior designers in the design process, where customers are actively seeking their expertise and guidance.

With this shift in mindset, customers are no longer solely concerned about budget constraints. Instead, their primary focus lies on the final finished product’s quality and aesthetic appeal. They are willing to invest in premium solutions that offer superior finishes and a sophisticated look. As authorized dealers of REHAU products, including solid surface flooring, PVC edge bands, and roller shutters, we confidently cater to these evolving customer preferences. When pitching and selling REHAU products, we are at ease knowing that the quality we offer is unparalleled in the industry. This instils confidence in our customers that by choosing REHAU products, they are selecting the best in the industry.


Role of the specifier community in furniture fittings’ selection

Nowadays, customer demand extends beyond mere necessity; it encompasses a combination of research, innovation, style, finishes, and design. Customers have become increasingly aware of the plethora of products available on the market, and their preferences have evolved accordingly. This shift has led to a more customer-oriented market where a wide variety of hardware and fittings options cater to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. In this context, interior designers and architects play a pivotal role in influencing the selection of fittings. They closely collaborate with their clients to understand their specific needs and design preferences.

Moreover, they leverage their expertise and knowledge of the available hardware options to recommend suitable fittings for different furniture applications. For instance, there is currently a trend towards handleless shutters, where designers opt for push-to-open or pull-out mechanisms to achieve a sleek and seamless look. Such concepts are derived from the extensive product portfolio offered by the hardware industry.


What sets REHAU flooring and solid surface solutions apart?


Raufloor, REHAU floor solutions, solid surface
REHAU’s flooring and solid surface solutions redefine quality and excellence


REHAU flooring and solid surface solutions stand out from the competition in the market due to their exceptional quality and unique selling properties. One of the key differentiating factors is the incorporation of Swedish technology in their installation process. This technology includes an interlocking system that ensures a seamless and durable flooring installation. Unlike other suppliers who offer normal HPC models, REHAU flooring uses a rigid core system that prevents warping and enhances the overall performance of the vinyl flooring.

When it comes to solid surface solutions, REHAU excels in providing top-quality finishes. Their recently introduced marble series, in particular, offers premium aesthetics and excellent product performance. These distinguishing features make REHAU a preferred choice for customers seeking high-quality and visually appealing surfaces for their interior projects.


Growing awareness and adoption of solid surfaces

The appeal of solid surface kitchen platforms lies in their ability to provide a luxurious and visually appealing look to the interior design. Kitchen makers, regardless of their scale, understand the value and attractiveness that solid surfaces bring to their kitchen projects. Even carpenters who construct kitchens are actively incorporating solid surface platforms into their designs. This trend extends beyond kitchen countertops, as solid surfaces are also used for TV counters, side tables, and study table counters. It is evident that carpenters possess comprehensive knowledge about the benefits and application of solid surfaces in various residential projects, including those with economic budget constraints.


At Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, we recognize the growing awareness and adoption of solid surfaces by small-scale kitchen makers and carpenters alike. So, we provide high-quality REHAU solid surface products that meet their requirements.


Advantages of REHAU solid surfaces over conventional countertops

One of the key factors is the shifting mindset of customers towards prioritizing finishes and a luxurious look. Customers are now willing to allocate a higher budget for their countertops, focusing on the beauty and aesthetic appeal rather than just the cost. This change has led them to move away from traditional stone countertops towards REHAU solid surfaces.

REHAU solid surfaces offer distinct advantages over conventional countertops. They provide a wide range of design possibilities and finishes, allowing customers to achieve a customised and stylish look for their countertops. The versatility and flexibility of solid surfaces make them an excellent choice for creating unique and visually appealing spaces.


Vinod Patel on the journey of Daka Infinity Marketing LLP with REHAU’s timeless edge bands


wooden table, edge bands, REHAU
REHAU’s innovative solutions elevate your projects with premium quality


Five years ago, Daka Infinity Marketing LLP ventured into the world of REHAU edge bands, igniting a remarkable partnership. Over the course of these years, our business has experienced exponential growth.

The REHAU edge bands have proven to be a cornerstone of our success due to their unrivalled range of varieties, colours, and designs. The timeless appeal and unmatched quality of REHAU’s edge bands have propelled our business forward. This allows us to attract and serve a diverse clientele.

REHAU meticulously crafts RAUKANTEX, the premium edge bands, from top-grade UPVC materials. These edge bands have earned widespread recognition for their versatile properties and find extensive usage across various industries. At Daka Infinity Marketing LLP, our commitment to excellence drives us to offer nothing short of the best. By prioritising RAUKANTEX, we ensure that our customers benefit from REHAU’s exceptional quality and unmatched performance.


Vinod Patel on REHAU’s holistic support, installation, and after-sales services

REHAU’s commitment to providing holistic support, installation and exceptional after-sales services sets them apart in the industry. As REHAU solid surface and edge band dealers, we receive excellent support from their dedicated team, who go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. During the installation process, their team visits the site and provides instructions to carpenters or installers. They offer guidance and expertise, ensuring the correct installation of the material. Their support extends to local carpenters as well. This level of support guarantees that our customers receive the highest quality service and a positive experience.


Key projects delivered using REHAU solutions

Over the past four years, we have undertaken and successfully completed several noteworthy projects using REHAU solutions. Our projects have set new benchmarks in the industry, in Mumbai as well as in Gujarat. Notable among them is the prestigious Insignia and INOX project, where REHAU products were employed. We also take pride in our collaboration with the renowned fast-food chain McDonald’s, where REHAU solutions have played a vital role in enhancing the interiors. Furthermore, we are thrilled about an upcoming project in the hospitality industry, as a highly reputable company in India is poised to expand its operations in Gujarat. This project will serve as a testament to the unparalleled quality and capabilities of REHAU products. All these projects exemplify our commitment to delivering excellence through the integration of REHAU solutions.

We are grateful for this partnership, which empowers us to deliver exceptional value and elevate our business to new heights.


REHAU – Empowering the Indian market with innovative solutions


REHAU, edge bands, solid surface solutions, Daka Infinity Marketing LLP
REHAU’s versatile solutions reshape the landscape of the Indian market


REHAU’s comprehensive range of products is making a significant impact in the Indian market across various segments. The availability of these versatile solutions has greatly benefited the Indian market, facilitating the development of high-quality residential furniture, enhancing the functionality of corporate spaces, and supporting the demands of the industrial sector. Furthermore, REHAU’s product range extends its influence on the hospitality and hotel industries, providing reliable solutions for these sectors as well. REHAU’s presence and contributions have positively transformed the Indian market by meeting the diverse needs of customers across a wide range of sectors.


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