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Manish Gupta Spectrum Windows & Beyond for upvc doors fabricator


The UPVC window & door industry has seen monumental growth and popularity over the last decade. There is no denying that UPVC doors and windows are the future of the fenestration, globally. Today’s fenestration market is dominated by innovative and sustainable products. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we interacted with Mr. Manish Gupta, Director, Spectrum Windows and Beyond, and a popular UPVC windows fabricator. He gave us insight into the latest marketing trends and shifts in the fenestration industry. Mr. Manish Gupta also discussed the tremendous support received from their UPVC Profile Partner – Deceuninck that helped him scale his business to newer heights.


Manish Gupta Spectrum Windows & Beyond for upvc doors fabricator
Mr. Manish Gupta, Director, Spectrum Windows and Beyond


About Spectrum Windows and Beyond


founder and partners of spectrum windows and beyond
Partners, Spectrum Windows and Beyond


We have been in the fenestration industry for the last 30 years. Our association with Deceuninck spans over a decade starting in 2012, however, we started working with UPVC in 2008. We cater to the retail industry, mainly homes, hotels, hospitals, colleges, and other institutions. Moreover, we have worked as the windows fabricator for many renowned projects.


Shift in the Indian fenestration market

The Indian fenestration market has experienced a drastic shift. Earlier people were not focused on doors and windows and wood was heavily present in the market. However, today, people are more conscious about their products. They factor in the challenges laid by climatic conditions and other elements. So, now they prefer UPVC windows and doors as these systems offer thermal and noise insulation. Also, international travel has made people aware of the use of UPVC systems in Europe and other western countries. UPVC gained momentum in India in 2008 and is extremely competitive with newer products and brands emerging every day. Deceuninck stands ahead in this race with its exceptional products and services.

Speaking about the aesthetic trends in the market, end-users focus mostly on design and productivity. Earlier, mainly white profiles were preferred, however, today, the market is shifting to coloured profiles, laminated and wooden finishes, and durable hardware.

That said, the quality of the hardware is also extremely important. Even the finish should have quality. For instance, no one wants good-looking hardware that fades away after a year or two. End users need long-term products. This is why engineered and factory-made products are in vogue as they offer long-term durability.


Distinctive features of UPVC 


a girl performing yoga outside her upvc doors and windows
Better life with better windows


UPVC is more popular in a building that is made as per European standards. There are many speculations about using UPVC in high-rise buildings. However, UPVC is actually made for high-rise buildings. With proper specifications, hardware, and reinforcement, UPVC can be easily used on the 25th or the 30th floor of a building. The struggle, however, is the selection of a good window fabricator. A windows fabricator who would be a total solution provider with rich experience knows how to fabricate the UPVC profiles and the glass together with the accessories properly can help offer best-in-class products to their customer.


Our association with Deceuninck 


a girl standing in front of her glass and upvc fenestration drawing the curtains away
Noise proof and energy- efficient doors and windows


In a way, we started our career with Deceuninck. Previously, we were only into sales. Therefore, our forte was marketing & sales and not production. However, after partnering with Deceuninck we started fabricating windows too and became a leading UPVC windows fabricator. Deceuninck helped us understand how important production is. The brand helps us choose the right machinery, trains the team, and encourages regular innovations in products.

When it comes to innovation, no other brand can surpass it. The brand is a pioneer in innovations and regularly launches new products such as Slim Slide, Legend Art, Curtain Walls, and more.

Marketing is a recurring process. We have to be heavily present both online and on the ground to have a recall value. Deceuninck offers marketing support and regularly educates architects, builders, developers, windows fabricators, and consumers on the significance of UPVC doors and windows.

Moreover, we have never faced any challenges with Deceuninck when it comes to their support services. The brand patiently addresses and resolves all of our queries. This is majorly why we, at Spectrum Windows and Beyond have been loyal to the brand and have been using only Deceuninck profiles in the last 10 years.


To know more about Deceuninck, contact on the details mentioned below:
Mr. Dev Chandwani, Business Development Director, Deceuninck
Mr. Dev Chandwani
Business Development Director
Deceuninck Profiles India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Number: +918754864440




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