37 En vogue designs of wall tiles to set your space apart (Buy now!)

Wall tiles designs for living room


From cave paintings on the walls to luxurious engraved art, has changed with time. The homes are being transformed into lovely residences that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of those living. All thanks to modern art, technology, and designers’ creative ideas. That’s the cause of the dramatic improvement in tile designs recently. You must plan carefully and keep up with current trends regarding tiling at your or place of business because even a little mismatch can detract from the appearance of a great design. This article will show you some stunning tile designs and ideas that you may use in your perfect kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom along with a short selection guide & top trends followed by our recommendations from top brands in India. 



How to choose the best designs of for your home?

You have envisioned the layout of tiling in your mind, but can’t decide where to begin?  Here are some guidelines for selecting the top tile designs:

  • First, determine the sort of to be placed in each room. The best solutions on the market that successfully blend the aesthetics and function of homes are vitrified or ceramic tiles.
  • The area where the are to be installed comes next. The for exteriors are distinct from the used inside. To resist all weather conditions, outside walls should typically be covered with hard, concrete tiles. for bathrooms, for example, should be purchased from top brands in India to assure the best and quality of the material.
  • The budget is another crucial element that should not be overlooked. Tiling work typically starts right before the project is finished (construction of the house). The budget can grow a little tight in the finishing stages. Thus, make intelligent tile selections to keep your costs within your planned budget.


Inspirations & photo gallery for designer for your


Designs of kitchen

You can experiment with and their numerous options in the kitchen. The kitchen backsplash is the first and most important area to think about when upgrading tiles. We prepare our meals and do our cooking in the kitchen. Therefore, this location needs to be tidy and clean. So, choose a for kitchen that is easy to clean and pairs well with your countertop surface. The colour that gives a luxurious appearance is white or cream. Alternately, by adding kitchenware, fruits, or vegetable patterned tiles, you can achieve a cool aesthetic for your kitchen.



Designs of bathroom

Today, bathrooms have also evolved into one of the most important spaces in our homes, requiring a lot of care and attention to create the ideal ambience. A small touch of personality can be added to this area by selecting ceramic in a darker shade of grey or dove grey. It can elegantly contrast the bright white fixtures. Ceramic come in a wide variety of colours, designs, patterns, and sizes, giving you many options for your from top brands in India. Thus, choose neutral subway or bright-coloured glazed tiles. Make sure to pick that are not only gorgeous to look at but also moisture-resistant and anti-skid. So, check out our recommendation to shop for the latest bathroom tile designs from top brands in India.



Designs of living room

The living is the focal point of our home. It is the place usually used for hosting guests or spending quality time with family. Thus, this deserves the best. Investing in a feature for the living is a great idea. Pick up beautiful geometric or use the half and half aesthetic to add jazz to your living room. For living room tiling, your focus can solely be aesthetic, so choose eye-catching with a unique texture. 



Designs of in bedroom

A bedroom should be a relaxing, peaceful space where you can get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, when planning a home, the bedroom’s is really important. Go for minimal designs in the bedroom to create a calming ambience. You can even experiment with natural stone cladding to give the an earthy feel.



Top trends for tile designs




Living room feature wall designs with 3D tiles
Create a statement in the living to catch everyone’s attention

Image Source: Residential product online


With feature wall designs, you can experiment with patterns and colours while breathing life into your room. A daring can create a big impact on your space, but even a delicate pattern can add interest without taking over the room. Select a that you want to serve as the room’s focal point, such as the one behind the headboard of your bed, the behind your fireplace, or the on which your TV is mounted. Just make sure that your still blends in with the rest of your if you choose a bold design.


Adding texture


Textured wall tiles
Textured living room

Image Source: Depositphotos


Textured are a terrific way to give your walls some personality. Whether you want to add a subtle surface texture or a dramatic, embossed tile, providing a tactile element is an effective way to add individuality and character anywhere in your house. Add a matte texture to the to make it visually striking. These straightforward made just for the living will give your living space some personality.


Half and half aesthetic


Half wall tile design for living room, bathroom, kitchen
Beautiful grey backsplash

Image Source: LoveProperty


Some of the designs that strike out are the half-and-half tile aesthetics, which can be used in a variety of spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. These designs can also be combined with of different colours to highlight a space. You can use this pattern to include elements without committing to a colour palette. For instance, checkerboard flooring made of the same tile colour as the will make the pattern stand out more than the colour. While new mosaic patterns have grown in popularity, traditional patterns like chevron, honeycomb, and basketweave will never go out of style.




3D brick wall tiles designs
Modern living area interiors designed with 3D brick

Image Source: Freepik


A distinctive touch is added to any space where 3D are installed because they are available in so many different designs and finishes. In addition to the appearance, it is far less expensive than other textures. They can be utilised in the living room, bedroom, or even the because of how adaptable they are. The 3D illusion gives your depth and a unique appearance.


Stone cladding


Modern bedroom with natural stone quartz wall
Contemporary minimalist with bold quartz

Image Source: Curriculamacional


Stone cladding for interiors and the exterior of the house are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners for their sturdiness, adaptability, and timeless charm. Stone are commonly utilised for outdoor functions such as paving, curbing, and cladding because of their high heat and damage resistance. Now, statement walls with natural stone cladding like quartz, granite, limestone, and marble are translating into a popular trend. So, add class to your walls with natural stone now!




Morrocan design wall tiles for kitchen backsplash in blue mosiac
Experiment with Moroccan-style for interesting aesthetics

Image Source: Create your world


One of the most prevalent trends in recent years has been the of Moroccan and geometrical patterned style front tiles, which was inspired by the encaustic tile popularised in the Middle Ages. Moroccan are a natural choice for traditional exteriors as well as interiors, though they go well with any style of house.




Chequered wall tiles for bedroom in yellow
Timeless chequered for bedroom

Image Source: Image Box Studios


With these magnificent yet simple monochromatic ceramic tiles, each with a slightly varying tint of the same colour, you may make a dreamy feature in your living space. These can be used with ornamental drapes and rugs for added elegance. Monochromatic chequered are timeless designs for tiles. 


Our recommendations: 10 handpicked tile designs (with enquiry links)


Kajaria Digital Tiles 

Wall digital tile design for kitchen backsplash and bathroom

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Nitco Floral Bathroom

Wall digital tile design for kitchen backsplash and bathroom

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Somany Wilmer Wood Brown

Somany wall tiles designs for living room

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Orient Bell EHM Hewn Stone Grey

Orient bell tiles

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


RAK Portovenere Black Marble

RAK Black Marble Designs

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Cera Bathroom

Cera wall tiles designs for bathroom in blue

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Simpolo Living Room

White marble living room

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


Varmora Granito Arlo White Bathroom

bathroom tiles designs in India

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


H&R Johnson Sarah Grey

living room and bathroom pink wall tiles for one of the top brands in India

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 


AGL Armoni Aqua Bathroom

Bathtub in a luxury bathroom

E N Q U I R E  H E R E 



Not all tile patterns hold up over time. Don’t simply consider the style and colour of the while preparing for tile installation. Instead, think about the texture and longevity of the tiles, the size and shape of the surface, and nearby surfaces. Also, assess the predominant weather patterns in the area around your house. Install delicate and dainty in areas that are not in contact with wet areas like living areas. However pay a lot of attention to the material of for wet rooms like bathrooms and kitchens as painted might react to the smoke and water over time, resulting in fading of colour.  So, it is only wise to use of the best brands of India in your and for longer service.

Moreover, pay attention to the function and ambience before selecting the tile design. Dramatic effects like a feature and a half-and-half tile would look great in the living and bedroom. While chequered monochromatic tile and patterns would look amazing as a backsplash for the or as bathroom tiles.

Pick your favourite tile and buy from our handpicked options for bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, all selected from top tile brands in India. The selected are all stunning in look and also sturdy in material composition. With these rounder tile designs you don’t have to think twice. So, buy them now and make your the definition of perfection.


*The featured image used in this article is from Ceramica Rondine




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