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beige tiles of AGL in a bathroom with sinks in a showroom at affordable price with catalogue Vs Kajaria tiles


Tiles have a wide range of applications including floors, walls, ceilings and fireplaces, etc. These not only enhance the aesthetics but also act as a protective surface for different areas of your house. As a result, tiles are widely used in architecture and interior design. You will find an endless range of tiles in limitless colours and patterns making it difficult to understand how and where to find suitable tiles for your space. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to AGL tiles, their price list, catalogue and “showrooms near me”. Additionally, we will compare AGL tiles Vs Kajaria tiles to give you an idea of these two brands.



About the company

Asian Granito India Ltd. (AGL) tiles was established in the year 2000. Since then, the company has become one of the largest ceramic companies in India. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach to more than 100 countries across the globe. It has a sales turnover of Rs. 1349.10 crores.

Head Office: 202, Dev Arc, Opp. Iskcon Temple,S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 380015,Gujarat, India.


Types of AGL tiles




hall with tiled floors and brown desk and plants
Aesthetic GRESTEK tiles in a hotel entrance

Image Source: aglasiangranito.com


This collection of tiles is a premium range which is compatible with both floors and walls. The stunning range offered by AGL tiles comes in irresistible designs and styles as is evident from their catalogue. The following are the types of tiles falling under this range –

  • Grestek Marvel
  • Grestek HardStone
  • Tuffguard Grestek
  • Digital Glazed Vitrified
  • Grestek Marblex
  • Grestek Slimgres


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Floor tiles


white floor in a living room AGL Vs Kajaria tiles
White glossy floor tiles in a spacious living room

Image Source: aglasiangranito.com


AGL provides a diverse range of floor tiles catering to stylish modern homes and commercial spaces. The collection covers all style preferences from neutral and sophisticated to colourful and bold.  These tiles have an approximate thickness of 12mm. Have a look at the types of floor tiles offered by AGL below –

  • Double Charge
  • Polished Vitrified
  • Porcellanto Tuff Guard
  • Fasttrack Series
  • Anti-Bacterial Tile
  • Ceramic Floor
  • Glister Polished Porcelain Tiles
  • Natural Wooden Planks


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Wall tiles


bathroom with a bathroom and white floors from AGL Vs Kajaria tiles
Wall tiles in a modern bathroom

Image Source: aglasiangranito.com


AGL wall tiles have the most distinct and alluring patterns. These are broadly of two types – digital and ceramic. The range comes in a glossy, rustic, airdrop, stone punch, punch, matt and silky finish. So, you will be able to find a suitable match regardless of your style. AGL offers the following types of wall tiles –


Outdoor/Parking tiles


green grass and tiled floor
Outdoor tiles in a garden pathway

Image Source: aglasiangranito.com



This collection consists of the sturdiest tiles that have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, these can endure the weight of heavy vehicles without sustaining damage. Since our outdoors are constantly exposed to the forces of nature, durability becomes an important factor to consider. The following are the types of outdoor tiles offered by AGL –

  • Grandura Plus
  • Grandura
  • Eco Blanco


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maroon backsplash in a kitchen with chair and table
Attractive maroon FRESCO tiles backsplash

Image Source: aglasiangranito.com


These tiles are known for their distinct shapes, patterns and colour variations. You can have a look at the catalogue of AGL tiles to explore the FRESCO tile range. This tile range broadly consists of the following sub-types –

  • Mosaic
  • Pool Collection
  • Subway
  • Art Collection


View full catalogue

Click on the image to view



AGL tiles Vs Kajaria tiles

Kajaria Tiles manufactures Glazed vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and polished vitrified tiles. While AGL tiles also produce Grestek and Fresco tiles in addition to vitrified and ceramic tiles. However, both brands are renowned names in the Indian market producing top-quality products.


Price list of AGL tiles

The product range of AGL tiles is marked by supreme quality tiles at an affordable price making them accessible to everyone. To get a better idea of the prices, have a look at the table below –


Name Size Price

Zenith Arena Tiles

600×600 mm Rs.75 Per Sq. Feet
Zurich Brown Tiles 600×600 mm Rs.65 Per Sq. Feet
Galaxy Beige Tiles 800×800 mm Rs. 50 Per Sq.Feet
Woodland Tile 600×600 mm Rs.225 Per Sq. Feet
Zion Crema Tiles 248×375 mm Rs.170 Per Sq. Feet
Zirve Grey Square Decor Tiles 300×450 mm Rs. 150 Per Sq.Feet
Woody Dark Tiles 300×450 mm Rs.260 Per Sq. Feet
Techno Beige Tiles 300×600 mm Rs. 52 Per Sq. Feet
WL 5002 L P-219 tiles 300×450 mm Rs. 290 Per Sq.Feet


AGL tiles “showroom near me”

The company has refined its name over the last two decades, earning a spot in the list of the best tile companies in India. It has over 2 decades of experience in the field. During this time, the company has solidified an extensive network of dealers. You can find a “showroom near me” by visiting the link below.


Click here to find AGL tiles showroom near me: https://www.aglasiangranito.com/storelocator



AGL offers a wide variety of high-quality tiles at an affordable price point. It is one of the leading companies in the tile segment in India. The company has established its name in the Indian as well as the global market with the help of its innovative and sustainable solutions. Now that you have explored AGL tiles in detail and have familiarised yourself with its catalogue, price list and product range, feel free to use the dealers listed above to find a “showroom near me”.


*The image used in this article is from aglasiangranito.com



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