Blum REVEGO pocket system – A versatile solution for space utilization

Blum storage cabinets - Pocket systems, hidden cabinets and kitchen furniture design


Blum’s REVEGO, the revolutionary pocket system, redefines spatial storage solutions for large cabinet fronts, concealed kitchen units, and complete living areas tailored to your preferences. This innovative design not only provides versatile options but also facilitates easy planning and assembly, enhancing overall usability.


Blum REVEGO – Adapting to modern living trends


Blum Revego Pocket systems for hidden cabinets and kitchen furniture design
Pocket systems by Blum to conceal standard kitchen cabinets


Urbanization drives compact living, prompting more individuals to merge kitchen, dining, living, and working spaces into contemporary open-plan designs. Blum’s pocket systems pave the way for new possibilities, allowing users to effortlessly open and close entire living areas as needed, fostering a welcoming ambience. Moreover, this introduces innovative design possibilities for spaces of varying sizes, making the new pocket systems from Blum an ideal storage solution for multifunctional spaces.

The new pocket systems from Blum stand out for their user-friendly design, featuring TIP-ON motion technology. This technology enables users to delicately open cabinet doors with a light touch, seamlessly sliding them into the pocket. Whether accessing the kitchen workspace, home office, or laundry room, these spaces are easily reachable. Furthermore, to close off the area, a simple press releases the door from the pocket, allowing users to elegantly conceal the entire space, including furniture units and pockets.


Innovation in action: One-touch door system


Blum Revego Pocket systems storage solution for hidden cabinets of your living room or hall
Blum REVEGO Pocket systems – Storage solution for hidden cabinets in your living room or hall


Innovation shines in the one-touch door system, seamlessly integrating technology for single and double-door applications in kitchen layouts and furniture units. The fixed-width cabinet solution is easily incorporated into plans with standard cabinets, offering flexibility in design. Single doors range from 450 to 900 mm wide, while double doors can be 450 to 750 mm wide, with a height variation of 1800 to 2500 mm.

Blum’s commitment to simplicity is evident in the ease of assembly of the pocket systems. The manufacturer can produce and pre-assemble them for delivery, streamlining the final on-site assembly process. From putting up, aligning, and mounting the pockets to installing doors and tracks, the assembly process is straightforward.



Red Dot Award-winning design

Blum’s REVEGO pocket system has garnered acclaim, receiving the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding design in 2022. The jury recognized the system for its seamlessly integrated technology and exceptional design quality. This award underscores Blum’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that blend advanced technology with superior design aesthetics.


About Blum

Julius Blum GmbH is a family-owned company that operates worldwide, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of furniture fittings. Its main product groups are lift, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture, predominantly in kitchens and wardrobes. The company has seven plants in Vorarlberg, Austria, production sites in Poland, Brazil and the USA and 33 subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. The company delivers to furniture manufacturers and authorized dealers in more than 120 countries.

Blum products are available at all premium hardware stores across India.


For more details, contact below:

  • Customer Service E-mail ID: support-in@blum.com
  • Customer Toll-Free No.: 1800 209 9710
  • Showroom Contact No.: +9169330000


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