20 Designer bathroom ideas for fancy & functional decor inspiration

brown with white toilet, mirrors, hanging lights, with cabinets, shelves, and ceiling lights, and washbasin in a small designer bathroom idea
brown with white toilet, mirrors, hanging lights, with cabinets, shelves, and ceiling lights, and washbasin in a small designer bathroom idea

You don’t have to be a bubble bath enthusiast to enjoy and appreciate a beautifully designed bathing space. A bathroom has become a place where you spend a lot of time grooming and getting ready. The latest trends have transformed this space into a safe haven where you can unwind after a long day. From long hot baths to steam showers, the internet is beaming with ideas for remodeling the bathroom. After the kitchen, the bathroom has the biggest impact on the resale value of the house. Therefore, we have enough incentive to take care of the durability and aesthetics of this space. We have laid out some major decor inspirations, ideas, and tips to enable you to create a designer bathroom feel within your budget. The article includes nuggets of wisdom on how to style your bathroom walls, floors, and ceilings with designer tiles, fixtures, and much more.

Read on to find your decor inspiration and manifest your dream bathroom into a reality!



Top tips for planning your designer bathroom

  • Formulate a budget – Decide on where to save and where to spend beforehand. Look for design ideas that give you a designer bathroom feel irrespective of whether you have a small or large space.
  • Evaluate your bathroom needs – Plan the bathroom according to the needs of the user. The design will differ if you’re designing for an elderly, a child, or a family.
  • Get expert advice – Visit showrooms or consult designers to get some much-needed expert advice. This will ensure that your space is functional and in line with your style.
  • Consider storage solutions – In order to maintain a clutter-free space, it is vital to ensure proper storage in the bathroom.
  • Be mindful of colours – Ensure that the colours you pick for your bathroom space complement each other and uplift the overall vibe of the space.
  • Refine your lighting plan – Make sure to add both task and mood lighting fixtures to adequately illuminate the space. While task lighting makes the space functional, mood lighting elevates the bathing experience.


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Designer bathroom idea #1


Beautify your floors


white bathroom with tiled floors, bathtub, washbasin, cabinets and a mirror, designer bathroom wall tiles ideas
Aesthetic tiled path leading to the bathtub

Image Source: Simagres.com


Bathroom floors need to be extra durable and moisture resistant to ensure they keep serving you for a long time. The wrong material will quickly fall apart from constant exposure to water. Apart from durability, you also have to consider the cost, ease of installation, and the appearance of the floor. For a designer look, go for chic tiles or a plush marble look. To create some interest, you can make a path leading up to the wall and place a bathtub at the end. Add some pretty mosaic tiles around the borders of the floor if you want to avoid a basic look.


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Designer bathroom idea #2


Elevate with lighting fixtures


stunning bathroom with black bathtub, white floors, doors and a chandelier
Gorgeous chandelier in an upscale bathroom

Image Source: Maisonvalentina.net


Proper lighting is crucial to make any space functional. With fancy lighting fixtures, you can turn this functional element into a style statement. Our age is characterized by aesthetic product designs tailored to augment the beauty of any space. Lighting fixtures are no exception to this trend; you will find absolutely gorgeous chandeliers, pendant lights, or bathroom mirror lights that take your decor to the next level. If you are aiming for a particular design style, ensure that even the lighting fixtures match the theme to create a harmonious space.


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Designer bathroom idea #3


Create a spa-like experience


black spa-like bath space with blue lights and hot shower, bathtub, washbasin and mirror, designer bathroom wall tiles ideas
Stunning bathroom with mood-setting blue lights

Image Source: Lovethatdesign.com


Contrary to popular belief, creating a spa-like bath experience doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. A spa is a place filled with relaxation and rejuvenation. It is rooted in a serene environment cautiously curated to help you unwind and relax. You can replicate that environment by reducing clutter, installing a new showerhead, or upgrading to aesthetic toiletries. Adding a calming scent during long hot baths or showers can also help create a relaxing experience.


Designer bathroom idea #4


Experiment with colour


colourful bath design with pink, maroon and green colours with white bathtub, mirrors, brown cabinets and a table, designer bathroom wall tiles ideas
An eccentric blend of vibrant colours

Image Source: Viteri-lapena.es


In interior design, colour is used as a means of creating the desired mood or environment. Therefore, colours are mindfully chosen to invoke a specific emotional response. The perfect shade of red for you has the ability to stimulate and invigorate you. Yellow is linked to cheerfulness and happiness. Blue is considered to promote serenity and is indicative of nature. The right shade of all these colours will help you create a specific atmosphere of your liking. You can deliberately use hues in your decor to give your bathroom a designer look or make a small bathroom look more spacious.


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Designer bathroom idea #5


Enhance the space with mirrors


grey rugged bathroom with mirrors, washbasin and lighting fixtures
Rugged bathroom design with distinctive mirrors

Image Source: Hansgrohe.in


Large attractive mirrors have become a signature staple of every aesthetic Pinterest post. Strategically placed mirrors can work wonders in any space. You can give the appearance of a larger space with them and turn any room into a fashionable haven. LED strip lights around the mirror are a trendy way to elevate your bathroom experience. The trend these days is to go for multiple mirrors in eccentric shapes.


Designer bathroom idea #6


Curate a plant display


grey bathroom with a bathtub, green plants, brown cabinets, mirrors and washbasin
Lively plant display in a modern bathroom

Image Source: Giri Dwi Cahya


It might sound a tad unconventional to place indoor plants in your bathing area. However, it yields stunning results. Keeping plants in your bathroom can have tremendous benefits like relieving stress and purifying the air. A vertical plant display on a wall behind the bathtub will give you an Instagram-worthy look. You can go for a big bold display or place tiny succulents in the washbasin area. Additionally, you can place plants on a floating shelf. The only thing to keep in mind is incorporating plants that can survive your bathroom environment.


Designer bathroom idea #7


Add interest to your walls


white bathtub, table, shelf, pretty floral wallpaper, rug and a painting
Delicate floral wallpaper in an elegant bathroom

Image Source: Etsy.com


Walls are an important decor element in interior design. You can instantly upgrade the look of any space by sprucing up its walls. To give your bathroom a designer look, one of the best ideas is to create an accent wall with tiles, add full-size mirrors, or paint it in light colours to give a small bathroom the illusion of a larger space.


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Designer bathroom idea #8


Go for a raw look


grey walls in a washroom with a tub, washbasin, mirror and reddish brown exposed brick wall
A beautiful blend of textures

Image Source: Hansgrophe.in



One of the most appealing interior decor ideas for a designer look is to go for an exposed stone or brick wall in the bathroom. This adds a lot of beautiful and interesting textures to the decor scheme. You can achieve gorgeous results by playing around with texture, hues, and finishes. The contrasting styles, when put together, give a chic and modern look.


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Designer bathroom idea #9


Decorate with tiles


pink washroom with tiled floors and walls, white chair, shower and white cabinet with washbasin
Pretty pink bathroom with gorgeous tiles

Image Source: Eric Piasecki


Tiles are popularly used in bathrooms and kitchens to protect the walls from moisture. While wall tiles in bathrooms are quite common, you can experiment with different shapes and colours to get a designer feel. Placing tiles in alternate directions gives an interesting look while sticking to the same pastel colour tiles throughout will give you an elegant result. Regardless of your style, you can easily find tiles that fit your needs.


Designer bathroom idea #10


Accentuate your ceilings


white washroom with white cabinets, mirror, washbasin, chandelier, and shower
Delicate and elegant chandelier in a luxury bathroom

Image Source: Covethouse.eu


One of the best tricks to creating a designer bathroom is to decorate the ceilings with tiles, wallpapers, or lights. To create a cohesive space, you have to consider every element in your bathroom. There are many brilliant false ceiling designs that can complement your space. Furthermore, you can use your ceilings as a way of balancing out the bathroom decor. If you are a maximalist and have chosen to beautify your space with bold colours, patterns, or fixtures, you can balance out the look with minimalistic ceiling designs.


Gorgeous inspiration for a designer bathroom (Image gallery)




With the hustle culture gaining traction, we are finding ourselves with busy schedules and a chaotic lifestyle. Therefore, it becomes a “self-care” necessity to ensure you enjoy your free time. One of the best ways to add more relaxation and charm to your life is to elevate the experience of mundane everyday activities. Focusing on the bathroom, you can make a few small tweaks like adding eccentric designer tiles or a vertical plant accent wall to give your bathroom a modern feel.

Creating a thoughtful space where you can relax and recuperate transforms your mood on a difficult day. Just take into consideration your bathroom needs or the needs of the user before planning a remodel or makeover and don’t feel shy to ask for expert advice. Also, make sure you account for proper storage, adequate lighting, and a pleasant colour scheme. Engage your sense of sight and invite a feeling of relaxation in your life by using the designer bathroom tips and ideas displayed above.


*The featured image used in this article is from Ahmed Yehia on Behance


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