Purple colour combination for bedroom walls: 25 adaptable ideas

beautiful violet room, wallpaper, lights, lighting, chandelier, designer bed
beautiful violet room, wallpaper, lights, lighting, chandelier, designer bed

Bored of the usual red and blue bedroom and looking for something fun and unique to pep up your room?  Why not go for Purple? Purple is more than just a gorgeous colour. It has been associated with royalty and luxury for centuries. So, no wonder why it’s such a popular colour choice among homeowners these days. It’s used in everything from art and fashion to decor and design. The best thing about purple is that there are so many different shades to choose from. Purple is often considered a relaxing colour, making it a great choice for your bedroom walls. Moreover, it looks absolutely stunning when paired with almost any other colour. Two colour combinations for walls, such as purple and green, purple and pink, etc. are the perfect choice for those who want to create a calm retreat in their bedrooms.  

In this article, we have listed some of the most stunning and vibrant purple two colour combinations and fantastic interior design hacks to spruce up your bedroom walls. Furthermore, we have provided an exquisite image gallery for the ultimate design inspiration. Continue reading to know more! 



Some creative ways to use purple two colour combinations for bedroom walls


Create a theme


bold black violet room, with a theme, stunning decor, led lights, wallpaper
Create a bold theme for the bedroom with a stunning purple-black combination

Image Source: Musurmankulov Bayaman on Behance


Purple can be used to complement every colour on the colour wheel, from darker tones to lighter shades. Consider its shade when combining it with other colours to create the ideal purple two colour combo for your bedroom walls. A bright, vibrant purple is going to be more eye-catching than a softer pastel shade. If you want to create a beautiful theme for your bedroom, opt for a pink and purple two colour combination for the walls. 


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Play with patterns or textures 


bedroom with texture on walls, purple two colour combination, minimal decor
Add visual interest to your bedroom walls with texture

Image Source: Evolve India


Patterns and textures can be used in a bedroom to add some visual interest without overwhelming the space. They look more stunning when used for purple bedrooms. You can opt for a combination of textures, such as gritty paint on one wall and a smooth finish on other walls of the room. Also, you can add a big piece of artwork with bold patterns or textures that will make it stand out from the rest of the room’s decor. 


Experiment with contrasting ceilings 


contrast ceilings for violet sleeping room, unique design, fancy lights, flooring
Amplify your modern purple bedroom with contrasting ceilings

Image Source: Design DC on Behance


Contrasting ceilings give the space a more modern look. In some cases, these can even make the room feel larger. For example, if you have a white ceiling in your bedroom, consider painting the bedroom walls with a darker shade of purple and adding some contrasting wood-panelled accents around the room. 


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Opt for a wallpaper


purple white, two colour combination, wallpaper on walls, pink purple
Add wallpaper as a backdrop to embrace the bedroom walls

Image Source: Aarcreide O’pedia 


Install the wallpaper of your choice in a purple bedroom and use it as a backdrop for your bed. The colour of your bedding will have a big impact on how the room comes together, so be sure to choose something that works well with both colours. For example, if you choose purple wallpaper with an abstract design, try pairing it with white sheets and a white duvet cover. 


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Paint your bedroom floors


lilac sleeping room, with white flooring, faux fur white rug, classic decor
Minimalist room decor with a combination of purple hues and white flooring

Image Source: Home decor bliss on Pinterest


Choose a flooring colour that will create the most unique purple two colour combination for bedroom walls. White flooring is the choice of many people since it increases your exposure to natural light and provides the most appealing picture. This is why many designers select white flooring for their clients’ bedrooms. However, you can also choose another colour that will work well with the purple shade. Try using black or grey floors to create a more dramatic look in your bedroom. 


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Top 10 purple two colour combinations to redefine your bedroom walls


Two colour combination #1 – Purple & White


lavish bedroom, with purple and white colour, two-colour combination, chandelier, rug
Elegant white and purple to enhance beautiful bedroom interiors

Image Source: Mai Mosaad on Behance


White is the colour of purity and simplicity and when it’s combined with a subtle shade of purple, it transforms your bedroom into both simple and luxurious. If you want to add a hint of elegance and sophistication to your bedroom, opt for this white and purple two colour combination for the walls. To create an inviting space, choose white furniture for the rest of the room. 


Two colour combination #2 – Purple & Pink 


stunning bedroom, with pink and purple colour combination for walls, beautiful decor, bedside table with a lamp on it, wall decor
Create a stunning bedroom decor with a pink and purple two colour combination for the walls

Image Source: Anglerfish washpost


Pink is a colour associated with friendliness, happiness, and fun. Therefore, this pink and purple two colour combination is the ideal pick for the walls of a kid’s bedroom. Pair the shade with a soft purple hue, such as lavender or iris, use a neutral tone for the floor, and you have nailed the aesthetic. You can keep your decor minimal by adding a little artwork on the walls. If you want to spend calm nights with undisturbed sleep, the pink and purple two colour combination for bedroom walls is ideal. 


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Two colour combination #3 – Purple & Grey 


bold bedroom decor, with violet and grey colours, lights, rug, wall
Embrace a bold bedroom theme with a purple and grey two-colour combination for the walls

Image Source: Ayah Muhammed on Behance


With subtle grey and lavish purple colour for your space, you can create an attractive and sophisticated combination. To create a cosy room with this two colour combination, add wooden furniture and freshen up the space with some modern accessories. If you have limited space, hang a mirror on the wall to give your space a larger impression. 


Two colour combination #4 – Purple & Blue 


classic purple blue colour scheme, chandelier, elegant room decor
Beautiful classic room decor with cosy blue-purple shades

Image Source: Hanan Amer on Behance


Blue is a cool colour that represents serenity and tranquillity; it induces sleep. On the other hand, purple inspires you to think creatively. This two colour combination for bedroom walls gives a magnificent look and brings out cool tones when paired with a neutral shade. 


Two colour combination #5 – Purple & Black 


Bold black and violet shades for your room, led light on the wall, tufted bed
Transform your bedroom by painting the walls purple and black

Image Source: Sarah Barnard Design


We all know that black and purple are regal colours hence when combined, they create a modern uptown look. You can use a black and purple two colour combination for bedroom walls to bring luxury into your space. To provide colour harmony to the space, use a lighter tone for the decor and furniture, such as beige or off-white. 


Two colour combination #6 – Purple & Beige 


classic room decor with violet and beige shades for your space, chandelier, rug, wallpaper
Add beauty to your space with beige & purple shades

Image Source: Reham Hamouda on Behance


A purple and beige two colour combination is a perfect pick for your bedroom walls if you are looking for a stylish and majestic appearance. You can create a focal point in your bedroom by painting the panelled wall with a muted shade of purple and the rest with beige. Simple and elegant, beige will let the purple stand out and give it the prominence it deserves. 


Two colour combination #7 – Purple & Gold 


beautiful design intricate on bed, purple walls, hanging lights, with gold, two-colour combination
Add a rich look to your interiors with a gold & purple colour scheme

Image Source: Regan Wood Photography


Gold is often associated with royalty and has a bright yet sophisticated tone that makes it ideal for decorating any room in your home. Purple is often considered an exclusive colour, which makes it a great choice for bedrooms. This two colour combination for bedroom walls creates a glamorous space that’s perfect for those who want to feel like royalty. If you think that gold is overpowering your walls, you can use it for texturing your gorgeous purple walls; it works well aesthetically.  


Two colour combination #8 – Purple & Orange


orange wall design on violet walls, modern decor, modern furniture
Decode the modern charm of your decor with an orange-purple colour scheme for your bedroom

Image Source: Behruz Studio 


Purple and orange are becoming increasingly popular. This two colour combination for bedroom walls creates an eye-catching view. Using purple on two of the bedroom’s walls and orange as the focal point is a popular choice. You can also try a design for the room’s walls by selecting more muted versions of both colours. 


Two colour combination #9 – Purple & Green 


green and violet colour scheme, two colour combination, bedroom walls, hanging lights
Amplify the bedroom decor with a hint of a green-purple colour scheme

Image Source: Sophie Robinson Interiors on Pinterest


Although this two colour combination sounds unusual, it’s a brilliant combination. It creates a dramatic and opulent contrast in your bedroom. With some green accents and a lovely eggplant purple as your background, you can experiment with this two colour combination for your bedroom walls. Moreover, you can add a natural and refined touch to this bedroom colour design using plants. 


Two colour combination #10 – Purple & Red


modern room decor, two colour combination, red-violet, bedroom
Redefine your contemporary style bedroom with a two colour combination for walls

Image Source: Decorpad on Pinterest


Purple and red look amazing together. This purple two colour combination for bedroom walls offers an inviting and casual vibe. Moreover, violet and red are analogous hues which means that any variant of these colours works in perfect harmony. For a stunning yet relaxing look, you can pair red with a soft pastel shade of purple. 


Creative purple colour combinations: An inspirational lookbook for you! 



Purple is an exclusive colour. It also denotes royalty, tranquillity, creativity, and ambition, making it the ideal colour for our homes. This colour is a popular choice for many people regardless of its shade. Whether all purple or a two colour combination, it never fails to add an essence of beauty to the bedroom walls. As purple has a lot of shades ranging from darker to lighter ones, you will get to choose from an array of options. Each shade, when combined with another colour, will give a distinct look to your space. For example, a pink and purple two colour combination for bedroom walls often takes you to a fairyland whereas a white and purple combination calms your mind. 

So, if you love purple, here’s your chance to incorporate it into your home with some fantastic interior design hacks. Don’t miss our exquisite “Purple-Ish” image gallery for some inspiration. What are you waiting for? Get on board to paint it all purple! 


*The featured image used in this article is from Avtograf Design Studio on Behance


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