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The fenestration market in India has witnessed drastic growth in recent decades. This is one of the reasons why innovations in windows and doors are on the rise. Moreover, the demand for durable and low-maintenance products has increased exponentially as well. Efficiency has dethroned budget to become the top concern while installing fenestration systems at home. A lot of emphasis has been given to the finish of the doors and windows as it is observed that the material and the finish have a lasting impact on the product’s performance and longevity. Eternia doors and windows, made of Duranium®, a material invented by Hindalco, the largest aluminum downstream company in the world offer a strong, stunning, slim, and sustainable finish to Eternia doors and windows.

This article highlights the problems faced by ordinary doors and windows and explains how Duranium® works as a remedy to all the issues.



What are the common problems faced by windows and doors users?


a leavy aluminium and glass window
A leaky window invites huge problems

Image Source: Window Resource


The following problems are commonly faced in doors and windows:

  • Shattering of windows during storms.
  • Dents in windows due to weather and wind damage.
  • Discoloration of windows due to weathering and usual wear and tear.
  • Lack of sound and heat insulation.

Duranium® is undoubtedly the future of high-strength alloys for fenestration systems. It makes Eternia doors and windows stunning, efficient, and durable. It addresses all the issues mentioned above and goes leaps and bounds to deliver the best windows and doors to customers.


What is Duranium®? 


entrance door made of glasss with red exposed brick wall
Choose Eternia for style and efficiency


Image Source: Eternia


Duranium® is a recyclable aluminum alloy invented by Hindalco, the world’s largest aluminum manufacturer. The highly experienced Hindalco engineers who create parts for aerospace missions have created the Duranium® alloy exclusively for the Eternia range of doors and windows.

It is an ultra-tough and resistant alloy which provides a sleek and stunning finish to your window.


What are the distinguishing features of Duranium®?

This world’s first and one-of-a-kind alloy for doors and windows has remarkable features that make it an ideal material for every home’s fenestration system.


eternia duranium aluminium doors with glass
Premium look possible with Eternia windows

Image Source: Eternia


Superior strength of Eternia doors and windows

Duranium® helps windows withstand cyclonic windows even at the 80-100th floor levels.



Durability of Eternia doors and windows 

The material’s strength and finish make it a long-lasting fenestration solution. Moreover, Eternia offers the best-in-class warranty of 12 years which makes it more trustworthy and dependable.


Vibrationless fitting of Eternia doors and windows

Duranium® sits tightly in the frame, thus, making the window safe from shaking and vibrating. It also makes the windows more secure and the house, safer.


High dent resistance of Eternia doors and windows

Duranium® with its high yield strength offers a  higher maximum allowable stress due to the wind loading on the profile and higher dent resistance. As a result, your doors and windows retain their newness, design, and style even after years of use.


Stunning finish of Eternia doors and windows

Duranium® provides a uniform surface contrast due to lower gloss resulting in superior surface quality and stunning finish. The ultra-strong material of Eternia doors and windows is light and sleek. It allows you to have large picture windows with unobstructed natural lighting and view.


Shatterproof Duranium® windows and doors

Duranium® remains a perfect material for windows installed in high-rise buildings as it takes more stress without being shattered. As a result, you do not have to worry about your windows getting damaged due to weather or other factors.


Sustainability of Duranium® doors and windows 

Duranium® is a recyclable material that requires up to 95% less energy to produce than primary metal and produces only 5% of greenhouse gas emissions.


What are the benefits of Duranium®? 


a trapezium shaped fenestration system made of glass and Duranium® by hindalco
Customization possible with Eternia systems

Image Source: Eternia


Benefits for customers

 Advantages of powder-coated profiles

  • Unique alloy composition – differentiated from others in the market (patent application filed)
  • Higher Yield Strength of Eternia doors and windows – higher wind load resistance, dent resistance, and better fatigue life

Benefits of anodized profiles

  • Unique alloy composition – differentiated from others in the market
  • Higher Yield Strength – higher wind load resistance, dent resistance, and better fatigue life
  • Uniform anodizing due to favorable microstructure
  • Uniform surface contrast due to lower gloss



Duranium® has brought about a revolution in the fenestration industry. The material is instrumental in enhancing the durability, efficiency, and design of windows. Also, Hindalco Eternia windows are WiWA© certified WiWA© stands for Wind Water & Air. This means these windows are tested & certified to provide protection from cyclones, water leakage in the heaviest of rains, stop sound from coming in, and ac air from going out reducing your electricity bills. So, maximize the performance and style of your home by installing Duranium®-made WiWA© certified Eternia doors and windows and stay worry-free as Eternia windows come with a 12-year warranty on profile and 2 years on hardware.

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*The featured image used in this article is from Eternia


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