Hafele sliding doors systems (Aluflex 80B) – For maximum functionality & minimal effort

hafele aluflex sliding glass doors for wardrobes
hafele aluflex sliding glass doors for wardrobes

Sliding Systems by Häfele are known for their high functionality and ease of use. Constant innovation over the years has enabled the brand to introduce new and improved fittings that feature excellent quality, long-lasting build as well as skilled craftsmanship. So, it’s no surprise that the new sliding door system Aluflex 80 B from Hafele Slido Range scores well in terms of utility, versatility, design, and application.

Hafele India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Häfele global network and has been operating in India since 2003. The ability of the company to understand the diverse Indian market has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware, furniture & kitchen fittings, and accessories. The company also has a strong presence in synergized product categories such as Home Appliances, Furniture Lighting, Sanitary, and Surfaces. Therefore, Hafele caters to the focused demand from these industries.


Hafele sliding door system – Aluflex 80 B 


hafele Aluflex 80 B sliding door systems, floor to ceiling solutions, sliding wardrobe doors for walk-in wardrobes
Make all your design visions come true with Aluflex


The Aluflex 80 B aluminium profiled system provides a mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling sliding solution with numerous panel design and material application possibilities, from providing elegant access to your walk-in wardrobe setup to functioning as an intriguing partition system between living areas or in commercial spaces. For a fully personalized aesthetic, choose wooden panels for privacy, glass panels for complete openness and transparency, or a combination of patterned glass and wood.

The patented system operates on the bottom roller and track mechanism. It places the maximum load of the door on the base and allows door weights of up to 80 kg. Aluflex 80 B has an integrated double-sided soft closing mechanism. Therefore, it allows for smooth and silent operation when opening and closing doors on both sides.

Aluflex 80 B offers a simple installation and assembly process. Moreover, post-installation changes may be made easier with the use of an Allen key through minor drillings in the profiles. The profiles and tracks’ beautiful Anodized Black finish oozes style and sophistication. Also, it adds character and dimension to your interior decor.


To know more about the Hafele Aluflex 80 B sliding systems, contact on the following details:

  • Website: hafeleindia.com
  • Customer Care Toll Free: 1800 266 6667
  • Customer Care WhatsApp: +91 97691 11122
  • Email ID: customercare@hafeleindia.com


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