Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Built-In Appliances for Modular Kitchens

Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Built-In Appliances for Modular Kitchens
Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Built-In Appliances for Modular Kitchens

As the Indian modular kitchen market matures, so does its integral part – the built-in appliances. A recent feature on the modular kitchens market in India highlighted a clear trend towards ‘premiumness’. The premium built-in appliances for modular kitchens are also on the upswing in India. The brands in this space are not only adding to the long list of features they offer but are also climbing up the aesthetics ladder. This is in sync with the changing consumer preferences towards premium home improvement solutions in general. The players in the Indian premium built-in appliances market are actively responding to these evolving needs by introducing innovative solutions, redefining the boundaries of design, and enhancing functionality to meet the expectations of discerning Indian consumers.

In the latest edition of Industry Talks with B&I, industry experts offer valuable insights into emerging trends, innovative designs, and the market dynamics shaping this rapidly evolving sector.


Premium Built-in Kitchen Appliances Market in India – Brand Perspective


Frank Schlöder, Managing Director, Hafele South Asia

Frank Schlöder“As the modernization of kitchen spaces picks up, we observe that a wider customer base is favouring modular kitchens. The demand for built-in appliances has been gaining thrust, thanks to the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge design technology and high functionality that these kitchens offer. The integration of built-in appliances provides a consistent and cohesive design to the kitchen as these appliances are effectively concealed from view by being tucked inside cupboards while still being functional. We at Hafele hence feel that there is a tremendous upside for Built-in appliances in the Indian market.

Hafele offers a complete range of built-in appliances, including hobs (gas and induction), cooker hoods, deep fryers and grills, ovens and microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and coffee machines. We at Hafele are constantly working towards offering the latest innovations and technologies available in this segment to the Indian consumers.”



Deepak Anand, Managing Director, KAFF

Deepak Anand, Managing Director, KAFF“India’s built-in kitchen appliances market is undergoing a major transformation due to urbanization and changing lifestyles. This has created a high demand for streamlined, space-efficient solutions. From built-in ovens and hobs to concealed refrigerators, the industry is witnessing a paradigm shift, driven by a fusion of modern aesthetics and functional efficiency. With India’s growing middle class, urbanization, and a shift towards contemporary living, the built-in kitchen appliances market is set for consistent growth.

KAFF, a leader in this evolution, offers cutting-edge technology and smart features for the Indian market. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and premium designs, KAFF appliances not only elevate kitchen experiences but also promote sustainable living. From built-in ovens to small appliances, we are a trusted partner, dedicated to enhancing lifestyles with impeccable performance and perfectly-engineered designs. Join us in elevating your cooking experience and lifestyle as we continue to win the hearts and trust of millions of customers over the last two decades.”



Sukrit Ghosh, National Sales Manager, General Trade, Electrolux

Sukrit Ghosh, National Sales Manager, General Trade, Electrolux - leading premium built-in appliances brand in india“Built-in appliances market in India is estimated around INR 3000 Cr & is poised to grow @ 8-10% CAGR for next 5 years. The growing disposable income and surge in the purchasing power of consumers enable them to invest in quality kitchen appliances. The rise in the working women population and the busy lifestyle of consumers is driving the demand for easy-to-operate & user-friendly appliances.

At Electrolux, built-in is close to our heart, where we hold a leadership position in markets like Australia, North America, and other developed markets. With our state-of-the-art design & functionality, we have the best-in-class Built-in range of Hobs, Hoods, Ovens, Microwaves, Coffee Machines, Warming Drawers & Dishwashers, where we have substantial differentiating features manufactured across our facilities in Italy, Poland, and other parts of the globe.”



Deepali Malhotra, Product Manager, IFB Appliances

IFB appliances - brand logo“IFB offers a comprehensive range of luxury appliances that provide design freedom for homes, complementing your lifestyle. Our appliances effortlessly transform ingredients into exquisite cuisines, turn chores into beautiful experiences, and elevate routines into cherished rituals. Designed to seamlessly work together, our luxury kitchen appliances ensure the ultimate cooking experience.

Crafted to create the most flavorful meals with ease, our lineup includes a diverse range of cooker hoods, built-in hobs, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

IFB kitchen appliances enhance the quality of everyday life by combining cutting-edge technology with stylish design. We continuously invest in developing, testing, and bringing to market even better technology while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. IFB’s kitchen appliances are not just excellent cooking gadgets; they are exclusive designs that consistently deliver peak performance.”




The changing consumer preferences towards premium built-in appliances in the Indian modular kitchens market seems to be a clear trend. As consumers increasingly seek integrated, high-quality solutions, this industry is poised for considerable growth. And given the confidence levels that the market is showing in the ever-increasing purchasing power of Indian consumers, the future of premium built-in kitchen appliances in India looks promising. Watch out this space for more action.

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