LED lighting : A comprehensive guide for professionals! (shop online)

LED lighting
LED lighting

LED lighting has revolutionized the game of the home and commercial illumination. LED lights such as strip, ceiling panel, bulb, tracks, etc. and their exceptional features and benefits over other lighting options have made them the most preferred lightings for all purposes.

The LED provides more than 85% more efficiency than its alternatives like incandescent bulbs. Moreover, LEDs last longer than other options.

All the lighting manufacturers offer a large variety of LED for homes, offices, and other establishments.



What is LED lighting?


dimmable LED lighting

Image Source: lobsterplus


The LED stands for ‘light-emitting diode’. It is the technology behind these lightings. This technology doesn’t rely on heat for the production of light. Therefore, it has greater energy efficiency and longer life.

For instance, an incandescent bulb would consume 60 watts of electricity to light up the same room for which an LED bulb would only take 10 watts.


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Advantages of LED lights


Longer lifespan

The components of LED are such that they have low heat levels and longer durability. Unlike normal bulbs, LED bulbs do not have filaments that weaken over time and burn out the bulb.


Higher intensity

LEDs offer a high level of brightness with less electricity consumption. Therefore, watt does not remain the most suitable measurement of brightness.

The LED bulbs work on lumen output. As a result, the lumen becomes the better unit of measurement for the bulb’s performance.

For instance, there was a time when you needed a 100-watt bulb for heavy brightness as a 12-watt bulb couldn’t light up the room with high intensity. However, the LED bulbs with less wattage have high lumen intensity. As a result, we must go for the Lumen measurement of the light bulbs.


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LED consumes very low power. In a normal environment, the LED saves up to 90% power. It takes only a 6-watt LED bulb to produce the same amount of light as produced by a 40-watt incandescent bulb. Therefore, LED saves a lot of energy and cost.


Enhanced safety

The LED bulbs do not heat up as the incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they do not cause accidental burns and fires.

The Windsor Castle burned for 9 hours in 1992. This happened after a painter left a halogen bulb of 1000-watt on and the curtains caught fire due to the heat. WISH THE CASTLE HAD LED!


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Small size and LED lighting design flexibility

The LED designs come in a very small size. They can be as small as 1/10th of mm2. This is why you can install LED profiles on an infinite number of devices. Furthermore, the LED board comes in a small size too. As a result, its use becomes feasible in all residential and commercial settings.

The small LED design size also offers amazing flexibility. These flexible LEDs can be used as traditional LED lighting strips or in isolation with the same ease.



LED does not cause any environmental damage like fluorescent lighting. LEDs do not contain mercury. Therefore, they do not pose any danger of damage.

Moreover, these lightings do not emit UV rays and almost negligible infrared rays. Therefore, they do not break down or degrade UV-sensitive items over time.


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Glossary of important lighting terms 

To understand the lighting properties in a simpler way, let’s take a look at this glossary that explains the important terms used in the lighting industry:


Sr. No. Term Meaning
1. Colour rendering index The ability of the light source to reveal colours. The higher the CRI, the better the ability.
2. Colour temperature The lower the colour temperature, the warmer the white light from the source appears.
3. Illuminance (Lux level) The brightness of a light falling on any surface that a lamp illuminates is Lux Level. LEDs offer intense illumination on a tiny area.
4. Luminous Flux (Lumens) Unit of the total amount of visible light by a source per unit of time.
5. Luminous efficacy The measure of how well a light source produces visible light.
6. Watt Unit of power.
7. Wavelength Every radiation covers a specific range of wavelengths that is measured in nanometres. Wavelength visible to humans: 400-700nm


LED bulbs




Sr. No. Features LED lighting bulb CFL bulb Incandescent bulb Halogen Fluorescent bulb
1.         Average lifetime hours 35000-50000 hours 8000-20000 hours 750-2000 hours 2000-4000 hours 24000-36000 hours
2.         Luminous efficacy at the source 37-120 Lumens/Watt 50-70 Lumens/Watt 10 Lumens/Watt 24 Lumens/Watt 50-100 Lumens/Watt
3.         Luminous efficacy as a system >50 Lumens/Watt >15 Lumens/Watt >10 Lumens/Watt >24 Lumens/Watt Highly variable
4.         Colour temperature 2700K-6000K 2700K-3000K 2700K 3000K 4200K
5.         Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 65-95 80-100 95+ 90+ 62-80




Types of LED lights

LEDs not only add an aesthetic value to the place but also add to its reliability, eco-friendliness, and durability.

Moreover, it has come out as the broadest range of lighting options to rack up the needs of every customer. You can get different LED types for multiple purposes.

Let’s go through the common LED types:


Strip LED ceiling lights


strip lights
Brighten up your room with LED strip lighting.

Image Source: magik LED 


The LED lighting strips have high-powered tiny LEDs mounted on a thin circuit board. These budget-friendly LED lighting strips can be used anywhere from a car to the kitchen as an accent light. Moreover, LED lighting strips also look beautiful in the garden.


LED tubes


LED lighting tubes
Sleek LED light tubes

Image Source: PNGlib 


LED tubes are slimmer, smaller, and look more sophisticated than ordinary tube lighting They do not produce too much heat and come with easy installation. Moreover, the LED tubes have a longer lifespan than fluorescent tubes.

You can install them as office LED, in conferences, and even at home.


Panel LED ceiling lights


LED light panels
Panel LED ceiling lights for bright lighting.

Image Source: Keystone Technologies 


These high-grade indoor lighting lamps make use of aluminum alloy. The LED lighting panels have a sleek and simple design. However, they come in many interesting LED colours and offer unique illumination effects.

These LED lighting panels are ideal for home and office illumination. Their installation is quite easy.


LED lighting track


track lights
Beautiful LED track ceiling lights

Image Source: LED watcher


If you want to flood a huge area with lighting but do not want too many fixtures and wiring, an LED track is your go-to lighting fixture. It comes in beautiful LED colour options. Moreover, you can find a wide range of sizes, shapes, and pattern choices for LED tracks.

In addition to that, you can also get the LED track customized as per your requirement.


Industrial LED (High-bay LED)


industrial High-bay lights
High-bay industrial lights

Image Source: lighting manufacturer 


The High-bay lights are industrial LEDs that offer long-lasting illumination to the facility. They are extremely durable and reduce the electricity cost exponentially.

Furthermore, these industrial LEDs come in various shapes and sizes.


LED lighting bars

To understand it in a simpler way, LED bars are more solid and rigid LED lighting strips. The LED bars are ideal for places with heavy traffic and rough handling.

For instance, you would like to use LED bars as LED for cabinets or shelves.


Application areas of LED lighting

Due to their long lifespan, reliability, durability, instant illumination, and design flexibility LED are used in various application areas. They work efficiently in residential, commercial, and other architectural infrastructural settings.


LED lighting for Home-office


LED lights for home-office
Brightly lit-up LED for home-office

Image Source: casadevalentina


COVID-19 pandemic has brought all offices to homes. Therefore, it has become extremely important for homes to become optimal productive spaces.

So, we need to pay proper attention to the LED lighting for the home. A cool-white LED lighting for home mimics daylight. Hence, your serotonin production increases, and you remain more focused, energized, and alert.

In addition to LED for the ceiling, you may want to consider LED lamps for tables as well.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED lighting for home-office: 3000- 6000 Lumens

b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 3000-5000K


LED lighting for living room


living room decor
Colour LED design for living room

Image Source: blog chinavasion


The LED design for a room in which you entertain guests and spend leisure time must be refreshing and pleasant. It must have a mix of different kinds of LED lighting for the home such as LED for false ceiling, LED track, recessed lighting, LED lamps, etc. You can even use a neon LED design for decoration.

Additionally, you can use home decorative LED design over decorative elements such as family photos, artwork, etc. to add a dramatic effect.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED for living room: 1500- 3000 Lumens


b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 2200-3000K


LED lighting for bedroom


LED lightings for bedroom
A relaxing atmosphere with LED design for bedroom

Image Source: byemilyscott


All of us want our bedrooms to be a peaceful retreat from the chaos of the usual life. Therefore, we must choose LED design for bedroom that offers a relaxing and soothing vibe. Too vibrant LED design for bedroom can make you restless. However, using neutral and soft tones for LED design for bedroom helps the occupant release melatonin that enables a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, you can always install a LED lamp if you like to read or work at night.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED bedroom: 1500- 4000 Lumens

b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 2700-3000K


LED lighting for dining room


pendant for dinning room
Pendant lights for dining room

Image Source: carousell


Who wouldn’t like nice comfortable LED lighting for the home over the dining table?

The LED design for the dining room should not be over bright and certainly not too dim. Dining rooms usually have LED design for the ceiling. Therefore, you can install a beautiful chandelier or any other LED decorative lighting above the dining table.

Moreover, the best thing to do would be to install a home decorative LED with a dimmer. This way you can regulate the tone of the dining room light and create a comfortable environment.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED for dining room: 3000- 6000 Lumens

b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 2200-3000K


LED lighting for kitchen


kitchen false ceiling lighting
False ceiling lighting for kitchen

Image Source: Hykolity


A kitchen is the heart of the house. Therefore, it must have ample lighting. The LED design for the kitchen must be bright enough to make the ambiance work-friendly. It must have a balance. So, you can also use LED with a dimmer. Install LED ceiling lighting panels over the countertop. Also, the LED lighting strips on the shelves make it easier to manage the kitchen items. You can add a decorative factor to your kitchen by installing neon LED lighting strips over the kitchen counter.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED for the kitchen: 4000- 8000 Lumens

b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 2700-5000K


LED lighting for bathroom


bathroom lighting
Bathrooms look bigger and neater with white LED design

Image Source: Teucer LED


The bathroom is an inseparable part of a house. You go to the bathroom and get ready in front of the mirror. There are many other basic functions that you perform in the bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom LED must be bright enough for you to observe the details.

Moreover, you can also install an LED mirror for a clearer view. An LED mirror makes jobs like shaving or applying make much smoother and feasible.

a. Recommended Brightness Level of LED for the kitchen: 4000- 8000 Lumens

b. Recommended Colour Temperature: 3000-5000K


LED lighting for outdoor


The LED for outdoor serves many purposes. Furthermore, LED lighting for outdoor has multiple application areas as well. They can be used as LED for gardens, LED for streets, LED for parking lots, and LED for street. Most LED lighting for outdoor remain retrofit. As a result, you can install them in the already existing lighting fixtures.


outdoor lighting
Garden LED lights

Image Source: Wessel LED lighting Systems


An LED illuminated for the garden looks extremely stylish and beautiful. You can install LED walls, floodlights, deck lights, string lighting, and many other LED decorative lighting. To make your garden more efficient, you can use solar LED lighting. These lightings are easy to install and come in a wide range of lighting fixtures.


LED lighting for parking
Parking LED lighting

Image Source: freepik


The parking area illumination is usually LED with a motion sensor. They make the space safer and more convenient.

Street lights are LED for poles. They can be made more energy-efficient by using LED with dimmer.



LED for office



Image Source: LEDsMaster


We recommend LEDs for offices as they not only last 1-20 times longer than traditional ceiling lights but also consume less electricity, thereby enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the building. Also, they come with faster switching and warm-up times. You can choose from different colours and styles.

Recessed LED, downlights, panel LED ceiling lights, and other decorative lights make the office functional and beautiful.


LEDs for industries and factories


LED lights for industry
Commercial LED for industries

Image Source: LED stadium & sports


There are many types of LED for industrial use such as Low-bay and High-bay, recessed, LED strips, floodlights, etc.

These lights have their own unique built and design. They are ideal industrial lights as they offer high-intensity brightness and excellent efficiency.


LED for malls and shops


When it comes to mall ceilings and wall lights, commercial LEDs make the ideal choice as they are durable and energy-efficient. These lights properly illuminate the mall and make it feel pleasant and welcoming. It becomes imperative to have a good atmosphere at the malls. Therefore, the lights should be such that make people feel more drawn towards the place.


Commercial illumination design for malls
LED for malls

Image Source: osram


Furthermore, the shopping malls have to generate business. So, the LEDs must focus on the products and make them look attractive.


shop illumination with tracks
track LED for stores

Image Source: Sera Technologies


LEDs for malls and shops must include all task lights, general lights, accent lights, and decorative lights.

Track LEDs, spotlights, and chandeliers make a good combination for a shop.


LED bulb & LED lighting manufacturers in India


Due to the extensive demand for LED, several LED companies have emerged in India. These companies offer a broad range of LEDs -from affordable to luxury range.


Sr. No. LED bulb manufacturers in India LED lighting & LED bulbs price range
1. Syska LED bulbs Rs. 250-1899/-
2. Havells LED lighting panel (octane range) Rs. 485-2122/-
3. Philips LED bulbs Rs. 139-3499/-
4 Bajaj LED bulbs Rs. 128-1100/-
5 Osram LED lighting panels Rs. 105-1000/-
6 Jaquar LED lighting panels Rs. 630-2700/-
7 Wipro LED bulbs Rs. 130-720/-
8 Surya LED Rs. 395-1024/-
9 Crompton LED Rs. 120-1745/-




LED is the most efficient and safest illumination option. They come in a wide range of choices such as LED panels, downlights, tubelights, High-bay LED, etc.

Moreover, LED bulbs have several advantages over regular bulbs. They do not heat up or burn out like ordinary bubs. The LED bulbs also make use of smart technology and come with motion sensors and dimmable brightness options.

Considering the plethora of benefits of LED lighting, they are used in various application areas like bedroom ceiling & wall, living rooms, kitchens, offices, gardens, parking areas, and so on.

LED designs are safer, sturdier, more operational, durable, and controllable illumination solutions. You can get intelligent lighting for both indoor and outdoor uses. In addition to that, you can comfortably use LEDs in a low voltage supply. These ergonomically designed lighting options make beautiful decorative elements.

However, LED design fixtures for each area must be chosen wisely to avoid under or over-illumination of the place.

The information offered in this article definitely helps choose the best LED illumination for your place.


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