Lily flowers: Ultimate guide to grow & style various types (Buy now!)

pink lily flowers images in a white vase
pink lily flowers images in a white vase

An in-home plant display can add all the charm to a nature lover’s life. A plant display is where your love for nature and your need for interior decor overlap. Decorating your home with beautiful plants can be a delightful yet daunting exercise. This happens because a lot of time is lost in researching the right indoor plant for your plant display. So, we are going to talk about one such plant that can make an excellent addition to your home garden. Lily flowers come in a wide range of colours from elegant white to a beautiful red. Also, beautiful lily flowers conjure up the perfect summer image in a nature lover’s mind. So, adding them to your home is an excellent option.

Apart from its aesthetic value, certain varieties of lilies offer a sweet scent. So, you can beautify your home while filling it with a natural delightful fragrance. There are endless benefits to adding lily to your home to elevate your decor. Therefore, in this article, we have given comprehensive information about lily flowers. From growing, caring and propagating, to buying and styling, this article gives you all you need to know about this stunning indoor plant.



Types of lily flowers


Asiatic lily


White asiatic flora with green foilage
Asiatic lily

Image Source:


This type of lily has beautiful flowers that come in a wide range of colours. It is also the earliest to bloom and has a very long flowering life. Also, it does well in both sun and partial shade. Typically, this variety grows up to 36 inches. Adding to its appeal, Asiatic lilies make great cut flowers for decoration purposes.


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Trumpet lily


trumpet lily-plant with yellow throat
Lily flowers in white and yellow colours

Image source:


One of the most well-known varieties of lily, trumpets are common throughout the world. It has deeply fragrant flowers and an identifiable trumpet shape. A trumpet lily flower is known for its beautiful white flowers with a golden throat as can be seen in the image above.


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Stargazer oriental lily


lilium plant in pink set against a stone wall
Stargazer oriental lily

Image Source:


It is one of the most popular varieties of lily because its flowers are a beautiful blend of white, pink, and crimson with specks of red. Also, these beautiful flowers come with a strong fragrance that fills any home with its delightful aroma. Furthermore, it is a beginner-friendly plant as it is easy to care for.


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Orienpet lily


image of lily flowers in white and red with green foilage
Lily flowers in white and crimson colours

Image Source:


Orienpet lily is a stunning variety with beautiful flowers as can be seen in the image. The vivid colour of the flowers is very effective in brightening any space it adorns. Also, because of their beauty, these make for excellent cut flowers.


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Double oriental lilies


White flora with green foilage
Double oriental lily flowers in white colour

Image Source:


This variety of lily flowers has twice the amount of petals as a normal lily. Also, the ruffled petals of this lily flower come in a wide range of colours like red, white, etc. In addition, these stunning flowers also give off a strong sweet fragrance.


Border lilies


White border lilum plant with green foilage
Border lilies

Image Source:


A border lily flower is especially attractive because of its wide variety of colours like red, orange, etc. which can brighten up any space. They are also smaller in size as compared to the other varieties. So, they are a great way to add colour to your plant display and make it all the more appealing.


How to plant lily flowers?

If cared for properly, it is possible to grow lilies in pots which makes them great for both indoors and home garden. However, it is important to note that some lily flowers grow quite tall. So, before buying one for yourself, select a variety that will fit in your home. Following are the two most important factors to consider:

Size of the pot: The size of the pot should be proportionate to the size of the bulb. So, for a four to five-inch bulb, your pot size should ideally be around eight to nine inches. Also, you can plant around two or three smaller bulbs in a nine to ten-inch pot. Furthermore, ensure that the pot is deep enough to give roots sufficient room to grow. Moreover, get a pot that has holes for proper drainage.

Planting: After you have selected the right pot to facilitate ideal planting, fill the pot with a two-inch layer of small stones to form a base. Then fill the remaining container with potting soil and plant the bulbs in it. Ensure that the bulbs are planted facing downward. Plant the bulbs at a depth equivalent to the diameter of the bulb. However, certain species of lilies such as the trumpet lily need to be planted at a depth equivalent to twice the diameter of the bulb.



How to care for and propagate lily flowers?


Caring tips



After you have planted lily bulbs, you have to water them freely and regularly. This will ensure that the mud and the bulbs remain moist. It is important to maintain a balance when it comes to watering lily flowers. First, they should remain moist but they shouldn’t be overwatered as that will cause the bulb to rot. Second, they should be watered regularly so that they do not dry out.



Lily flowers need proper nourishment, so ensure that you give them plenty of fertilizers for ideal growing. So, feed after every two weeks with a fertilizer which is high in potassium like those that are suitable for tomatoes.



Sunlight is very important for lilies to bloom. So, ensure that your plant gets plenty of direct sunlight. Pick a place that gets plenty of sun or has partial shade. For example, an ideal spot is where sunlight will stream through your windows and fall on your lily.


Propagation methods



This propagation method takes more time than the others. You have to allow the flowers to seed and then collect them. The collection is fairly simple, however, the time-consuming part is allowing the plant to fully form seeds. Then, sow those seeds in fertile soil that is well-draining. After the seeds sprout, care for them in the way mentioned above.



In the natural life of lily bulbs, they will split after growing to a certain size and create a clone of themselves. This division gives two bulbs that are called offsets. Now each offset is going to give a new lily plant. These offsets can be easily separated using hands or a sharp knife. These offsets can be individually planted to grow a new plant.



While this method is the most time-consuming, it also produces the greatest number of new plants from a single lily. Every lily bulb has a number of overlapping scales which can all develop into new plants. To start, remove each scale with caution from the main bulb. It is perfectly harmless to remove around eight to ten bulbs from a mature lily. After you have collected the scales, prep them by washing and separating them. Then, place them in a plastic bag filled with potting soil. After that, place them in a warm area for one to two months. When they begin forming bulblets, you can separate them and plant them in individual pots.


Buy elegant lily flowers to fill your home with delight


Plants live Lilium Hybrid

Orange flora in an orange pot with green foilage

B U Y  H E R E 


Nestreeo Peace Lily

plant with green foilage

B U Y  H E R E 


Willard & May USA Stargazer Oriental Lily

Pink and white lily flowers image in a glass vase

B U Y  H E R E 


Nursery Live Hemerocallis Day Lily

red lily flowers image with grey pots

B U Y  H E R E 


Plants live Amaryllis Lily Double (White Pink)

pink and white lily flowers in a blue pot


Flower Aura The Face Peace Lily

peace lily in a face shaped grey pot

B U Y  H E R E 


Plants live Hemerocallis Fulva Kwanso Day Lily

orange flowers in a pot placed on beige furniture

B U Y  H E R E 


Ferns N Petals 7 White Asiatic Lilies Box Arrangement

white flowers in a black box

B U Y  H E R E 


Ferns N Petals Peace Lily In Square Shaped Planter

peace lily in brown planter

B U Y  H E R E 


Flower Aura Poised Peace Lily Plant

peace lily flowers images with red calendar in a white pot

B U Y  H E R E 


Grace your home with beautiful lily flowers




An indoor garden is a haven for nature lovers. For those yearning for greenery but stuck in a concrete-dominated urban landscape, a home garden can be a saviour. From an indoor plant display to a cute and cosy garden right on your balcony, a lot can be done to fill your life with greenery. Lily flowers are a great way to breathe life into your interiors to create a perfect image of summer. There are various varieties of lilies with numerous subtypes such as oriental lilies or border lilies and their look varies accordingly. So, to select the right fit for your taste and style it is important to be mindful of all the different types of lily flowers available in the market. Furthermore, lily flowers come in all sorts of colours, so, whether you want a graceful white or a vibrant red, there is a lily for you.

Planting a lily is fairly easy, fill a pot with a two-inch layer of stones and then add potting soil. Place the bulbs into the soil and water freely. When the bulbs grow up into plants, water them regularly and feed them with fertilizers twice a week. Also, ensure that you put them in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight or is in partial shade. Furthermore, lilies are perfect for propagation. This means that you will be able to make twins and grow your garden or give a thoughtful present to a fellow plant lover. So, now that you know how to plant, care for, and propagate lily flowers, you can buy and decorate your home with the help of beautiful lily flowers images displayed above and enliven your space today!


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