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Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Ajanta Marketing Services LLP, Link Locks distributor


In the ever-evolving landscape of interior design and home decor, the role of hardware solutions cannot be understated. From stylish door hardware to innovative security systems, these functional elements play a vital role in creating safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces. In this latest edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we got an opportunity to delve deeper into this realm. We spoke with Vineet Nayyar, a leading Link Locks hardware distributor in Patna. He is also the driving force behind Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP, Patna, Bihar.

Drawing on his profound industry expertise and strong affiliation with Link Locks, Vineet Nayyar provides valuable insights into the future of hardware products. Additionally, he elucidates how his strategic collaboration with Link Locks has propelled his business to the forefront. By forging a partnership with Link Locks, Vineet Nayyar has not only expanded his business horizons but also nurtured a platform for substantial growth and success.


Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP, Link Locks distributor
Vineet Nayyar of Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP, a leading distributor of Link Locks in Patna


Business history and dynamic partnership with Link Locks

The exponential growth we have experienced can be attributed to our strong partnership with Link Locks. From the very beginning, when my father, GP Nayyar, initiated this collaboration, we knew it was a game-changer. Over the course of nearly four decades, we have navigated through a landscape marked by constant transformations, fierce competition, and formidable challenges. Amidst this dynamic landscape, one unwavering force has been the driving factor behind our success: the deep relationship we have with Link.

Link Locks is much more than just a business partner to us; they have become an integral part of our extended family. We have nurtured a profound bond with them over the years, built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, and shared goals. This cherished association fuels our relentless determination, enabling us to overcome obstacles and embrace growth with unwavering conviction. Furthermore, our collective purpose revolves around delivering hardware solutions that genuinely improve the lives of our esteemed customers.

Anchored by loyalty and a commitment to the brand, we consistently go above and beyond to provide unparalleled service. We take pride in our partnership with a brand that values integrity, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. It is this shared sense of purpose that gives us the motivation to exceed expectations and thrive in a highly competitive market.

Our partnership with Link Locks has been instrumental in propelling our growth, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, creating lasting impact and fostering innovation in the industry.


Our offerings as leading hardware distributors in Patna


Mr Vineet Nayyar with his team at Ajanta Merchantry - leading hardware distributors in Patna
Vineet Nayyar with his exceptional team


We find great pleasure in showcasing our products in a prime location at the heart of the city. Our store serves as a hub for enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing a unique opportunity to explore our exceptional range of locks. However, it is important to note that while we offer a captivating in-store experience, we do not directly engage in selling our products on-site. As hardware distributors in Patna, our primary role revolves around supplying our esteemed retail partners who possess the necessary infrastructure and expertise to fulfil your purchase requirements.


Evolution of Link Locks – Product and technological innovations

Over the years, the Link Locks product line has undergone remarkable transformation and innovation. This has served as a catalyst for the company’s remarkable growth and success. The success of our association with Link Locks can be attributed to the unwavering commitment and collaboration between Zafar Alam and my father, GP Nayyar. From the very inception of our partnership with Link Locks, we set out to establish a solid foundation and establish a prominent position in the market. Link Locks understood the evolving needs of our discerning customers and swiftly adapted to dynamic market trends.

As sales gradually increased, they seized the opportunity to expand their product range, introducing a plethora of innovative locking solutions. These new offerings catered to a wide range of applications and industries. This ensured that the customers had access to the right solutions for their specific requirements.

In line with the vision to stay ahead of the curve, Link Locks invested significantly in research and development. This has enabled the brand to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

Therefore, the evolution of Link Locks’ product line has been a driving force behind our unprecedented growth and continuous achievement.



What sets Link Locks apart from its competitors?


Link product display at Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP
Link Locks product display at Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP


Link Locks stands out in the door hardware industry due to several key factors. Firstly, their products are of exceptional quality, manufactured using advanced technology and strict quality control measures. Secondly, Link Locks invests significantly in research and development to continuously innovate and update their products, ensuring they meet evolving security needs.

The brand’s commitment to enhanced security features, is exemplified by its advanced locking mechanisms and intelligent access control systems. Additionally, Link Locks adopts a customer-centric approach, valuing feedback and providing excellent support. Their efforts have been recognized within the industry, earning them accolades and certifications. Overall, Link Locks’ focus on quality, innovation, security, and customer satisfaction positions them as a leading choice in the hardware solutions market.


Link Locks as a comprehensive hardware solutions provider – The new endeavour

I am thrilled and enthusiastic about Link Locks’ Link Locks’ latest venture as a comprehensive hardware solutions provider. Their expansion into offering comprehensive hardware solutions presents a promising opportunity in the market. This is due to their longstanding reputation as a trusted manufacturer of quality locks in India.

Link Locks’ decision to broaden its product range reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of customers. This expansion allows Link Locks to cater to a wider range of customer requirements and provide a one-stop solution for all their hardware needs. Furthermore, this new endeavour empowers distributors like myself to deliver a more comprehensive and satisfying experience to our customers. We can now confidently meet all their hardware needs through the trusted and reliable brand of Link Locks, enhancing our ability to serve them effectively.

The customers have been particularly appreciative of the convenience of having a comprehensive solution provider. They find it highly beneficial to have a single source for all their hardware needs, including locks, handles, accessories, etc. This integrated approach has simplified their purchasing process and saved them valuable time and effort.


Collaboration with Link Locks as hardware distributors in Patna – A journey that exemplifies growth opportunities


Mr. Vineet Nayyar with Link Locks product, hardware distributors in Patna
Vineet Nayyar, Ajanta Merchantry Services LLP, with Link Locks product


According to me, the collaboration with Link Locks strengthens retailers’ businesses and enhances customer satisfaction. Link Locks demonstrates strong support and collaboration with its channel partners. They employ a one-to-one marketing strategy, providing personalised attention and communication. Regular channels of communication keep us informed and updated on product launches and industry information.

Link Locks offers comprehensive product training to enhance product knowledge. In addition, they provide marketing collateral and support, such as brochures and joint marketing campaigns. They offer competitive pricing and incentives to maintain healthy profit margins.


Meeting customer demands and maintaining competitive edge in the Patna market as leading hardware distributors

Link Locks adopts a proactive and strategic approach to support its hardware dealers and distributors in Patna. This helps us stay competitive in the industry. Regular meetings and collaboration sessions are held to discuss customer demands and address any shortcomings. Feedback from both distributors and customers is actively sought and incorporated into product development plans.

Link Locks also analyses the competitive landscape to identify opportunities for differentiation. Our partnership with Link Locks fosters open communication and a continuous improvement mindset. This approach ensures that we can effectively adapt to market changes and deliver products and services that meet customer expectations.


Vineet Nayyar’s vision for becoming future-ready with Link Locks

Link Locks, as a forward-thinking brand, is committed to shaping the future of hardware products through innovation and strategic marketing. The association with Link Locks as hardware distributors in Patna ensures readiness for the future, with a focus on developing new products and implementing effective marketing strategies. The partnership, built on trust and shared values, enables us to stay ahead of the competition. Being grounded and future-ready, Link Locks is dedicated to meeting the evolving demands of customers and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.


For more information on Link Locks products, contact below:

  • Toll Free Number: 1800-547-4559
  • Email: support@linklocks.com


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