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Homeowners in India who shop for kitchen accessories like drawer organizer, wicker baskets, cutlery trays, etc. online prioritize utility, smart storage solutions, modern aesthetics, and the modular kitchen accessories price list.

Consumables and non-chilled food items are stored in the kitchen’s dry storage zone. Smart storage solutions including streamlined units, premium tall units, corner carousels, flat baskets, perforated baskets, and dedicated baskets for plates and cups & saucers are accessories for this zone.

While preparing food, the cooking zone is the region where all commonly used items must be within easy reach. This does not, however, have to result in a messy countertop. Spice racks, pullout drawers, and grain baskets come in handy in this situation.

The cleaning zone encompasses the sink as well as the area beneath it. Detergent pullout racks, bin holders, and fitted bins are essential kitchen sink accessories.


large wooden cutlery tray
Large cutlery tray

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Modular kitchen accessories are modern fixtures that are installed inside cabinets to make them more convenient to use.

The cost is determined by a number of things. For example, if you choose laminate finishes over acrylic, accessories may account for a larger portion of your kitchen cost simply because laminate is a less expensive finish. However, we can claim that some accessories are more expensive than others.


List of kitchen accessories

Cooking accessories are further split into those that aid in the storage of food, those that aid in the storage of food products, and those that aid in the storage of utensils and other kitchen necessities.

Examine the most popular accessories on the market and select the ones that are most appropriate for your space.

1. Cutlery tray

2. Kitchen drawer organizer

3. Wire basket

4. Corner carousel

5. Pantry pull-outs

6. Wicker baskets

7. Bin holder

8. Plate holders

9. Spice holders

10. Knife holders

11. Wine glass holders

12. Dish racks

13. Wall pull-outs

14. Tall units with an internal pull-out system

15. Under sink units

16. Rolling shutter

17. Midway systems

18. Countertop supports


Shop for these modular kitchen accessories online to create a well-organized and clutter-free kitchen space.


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