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Goeka Bath Essential are one of the leading supplier and exporter of bathroom fittings and accessories. Goeka offers a wide variety of Rain showers, Bathroom essentials, Kitchen sinks and other allied items, all made with innovative ideas and premium material. And it provides a range of allied items.

About the Product

Goeka provides various range of allied items that are useful for different purposes for the bathroom. They are available in different sizes and designs.

Price: Starts from Rs.65

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Product Description

Goeka provides the best bathroom fittings like flange, spout, soap dispenser, CP plug brass, flush cock, flush valve urinal, jet spray, sensor taps etc- all at the budget price, also buy them from shops near you. Because they provide high quality, excellent designs and stunning finishes. These fittings are used for washbasin, urinals etc for your bathroom.


Goeka best bathroom fittings like flange, flush valve urinal etc all at the best price
Bathroom fitting- Mixer Leg Chrome


List of Bath fixtures

  • Flange- It is an extended ridge, lip or rim, either inside or outside. So, used to increase the strength. There are different types and flange standards available.
  • Flush valve urinal- It is self-closing and designed to release a large amount of water when activated. This is used for flushing the urinals.
  • Washing machine adapter- The best bathroom fittings. A washing machine needs an inflow of water for washing and rinsing the clothes. Therefore, the water flow must be controlled and supplied according to the requirement. So, this is performed by adapters.
  • Nozzle for cock- It is used to maintain the flow of water with minimal variation.
  • Extension nipple- A metal fitting, that has an internal thread on one side and an external thread on the other section. So, used to connect internal elbow joints to external faucets and taps.
  • Washer- Used in conjunction with screw fasteners like nut and bolt.


Bathroom fittings Price List

Code Allied Items Price
AL-12 Basin hole cover  Rs.320
AL-14 Paper holder  Rs.220
AL-15 Urinal bracket Rs.150
AL-17 Mixer leg  Rs.430
AL-19 Mixer led with V cap Rs.640
AL-23 Brass flange round Rs.65
AL-26 Urinal spreader Rs.160
AL-28 Mixer crutch bathroom fitting Rs.525
AL-30 Nozzle for cock Rs.170
AL-31 Washing machine adopter Rs.130
AL-33A Extension nipples Rs.84-495
AL-34 Tee brass  Rs.225
AL-38 Socket brass  Rs.99
AL-40 Chand set Rs.145
AL-46 Premix washer  Rs.70
AL-52 Adjustable sink basket  Rs.750


So, call us now for the best bathroom fittings price list!


Contact Details

    • M: +91-9967632127
    • Email: support@buildingandinteriors.com

Brand Info


Goeka India is a renowned manufacturer, importer, and exporter of bathroom fittings, accessories, and essentials. In today’s globalized environment, selecting the correct supply chain partners is critical. Goeka Bath Essentials obtains its comprehensive product line from world-class OEM firms in India and Europe that produce goods for renowned bathroom brands. Their team carefully inspects each manufacturer’s factory and product quality before selecting them.

With the passage of time, the definition of a bathroom has evolved significantly. This shift has been recognized by Goeka Bathing Solutions. With only a decade of expertise, the brand has established a global presence and ushered in a new era of transforming bathrooms into luxurious spaces by providing not only the latest but also the greatest bathroom fittings.

The brand includes a group of skilled individuals and a crew dedicated to coming up with new bathroom fittings and accessories. It is, thus, the preferred bathroom fittings manufacturer for interior designers, builders, architects, and consultants.


LED rain showers by Goeka Bath essentials- bathroom fittings manufacturer in India
LED rain showers by Goeka


Goeka bath essentials – Products

  1. Ceiling showers
  2. Rain showers
  3. Body jet systems
  4. Multi flow showers
  5. Single flow showers
  6. Hand showers
  7. Health faucets
  8. Shower arms
  9. Faucets
  10. Wall spouts
  11. Angle valves
  12. Bathroom sets
  13. Glass shelves
  14. Kitchen sinks
  15. Laboratory cocks
  16. Pressmatic
  17. Push cocks
  18. Mouth operated taps
  19. Connection & waste pipes
  20. Magnifying mirrors
  21. Waste couplings
  22. Floor gratings
  23. Floor drainers
  24. Bottle traps
  25. Fixing solutions
  26. Hand dryers and tissue paper holders
  27. Soap dispensers
  28. Shower tubes and hooks
  29. Internal fittings
  30. Allied items
  31. Unbreakable accessories


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