Harmonica Kitchen (The Elegance Collection) by Saviesa


Harmonica’s lift up shutters on the wall cabinets get softly and smoothly up and out of your way while cooking. So, you can leave them open when preoccupied, with that complex recipe, and you won’t bump your head. Adding an optional Servo-drive, on request, can eliminate the effort in opening and, more importantly, in closing these shutters when done. The shutter thickness jumps to 21 mm for a solid premium fell, if you’re using an aluminum profile with glass, that becomes 20 mm, the front and back of the shutters are of the same color, the same finish, whether matt or gloss. You can optionally choose to enhance your kitchen by changing the synchro-laminate shutters to Polyurethane shutters for an enhanced and sophisticated finish – for the wall cabinets only, or the base cabinets only, or for both.


Product Description


  • Lacquered Shutters exclusively in birch ply
  • Option to have French window style shelter glass design for wall shutters
  • Base shutters with the sunken grip for opening as well as exposed handles
  • Modern lighting fixtures


Product Enquiry

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