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saviesa nobel, cooking stove, built-in hob

Saviesa is focused on your needs and aspirations for your dream kitchens and wardrobes. The kitchen is the heart of the home. That is why they put a lot of thought into planning your kitchen. From the size of your family to the way you cook, every little detail is captured even before their designers begin to think ‘design’.

About the Product:

Times have changed — and so have our eating habits. Today’s kitchen must be versatile enough to prepare and store different kinds of food. The modern-day kitchen is high-tech, with many super-appliances that take the stress out of your cooking and simplify your kitchen tasks. Saviesa offers imported appliances that are top-of-the-line in their respective categories. The Saviesa built-in hob is the solution to all of your cooking needs.

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Product Description

Kitchen built-in hobs and stoves make a terrific addition to any kitchen because they provide a high-quality cooking surface. Gas and electric stovetops are the most prevalent, and some versions have a modular design that can accommodate optional attachments like grills, griddles, and woks. Choose  Saviesa homes Nobel cooking stove or hob for your kitchen at the best price. The built-in hob is stylish, sleek, and will help you in all domestic cooking activities.

Built in hobs are getting more popularity in Indian market now, as these go hand in hand with the modular kitchen compact setup. The installation of built in kitchen stove is a one time process which requires a professional. During the process, a section of the countertop has to be cut to fit the built-in unit, the stove and counter makes a unifies countertop.

Saviesa Nobel built in stove lends a seamless look to your kitchen and amps up the charm and style quotient of your modular kitchen. Unlike a freestanding stove unit, built in stoves have more concealed pipes and wires thus, have a clean and clutter free look to them.  Saviesa stoves are made with toughened glass and brass burner hobs, the glass makes the cleaning easy and gives out a sparkling clean look to the countertop.


 Specifications of the built-in stove include:

  • 80 cm 4 Brass Burner Hob
  • 1-Big TRB, 1-Mini TRB, 1-Big Semi Rapid Burner, 1-Mini Semi Rapid Burner
  • Battery Operated Auto Ignition of the cooking hob
  • Cast Iron Square Pan Support
  • Glass- The built-in stove is made of toughened glass
  • Finish of the cooking stove – Black
  • Product Dimension (mm)- W x D – 780 X 520
  • Cutting Dimension (mm)- W x D – 685 X 475


saviesa nobel, cooking stove, built-in hob
The Saviesa Nobel helps you prepare the best meals for your family!

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