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USG Boral Curvatura 3-Dimensional Suspension System

USG Boral is accredited for making innovative and sustainable solutions. The brand levels up the false ceiling industry by introducing amazingly versatile and flexible products. One such product is the USG Boral Curvatura 3-Dimensional Suspension System.

About the Product

USG Boral Curvatura 3-Dimensional Suspension System creates endless designs with its mind-blowing flexibility. The 3d curves of the ceilings help create unique shapes and patterns. The ceiling solutions are durable and stable.

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Product Description

USG Boral Curvatura 3-Dimensional Suspension System is a unique ceiling solution for commercial spaces. The specifications of the lighting fixture are as follows:

  • Curved main tee segments, optional edge trim and flexible infill panels provide you with stunning designs and a 3D ceiling system.
  • The system creates unique 3d curved patterns. Also, the patterns accommodate all shapes and textures.
  • As a result, you get endless design opportunity
  • In addition to that, you can fix all types of lighting fixtures on this ceiling system.
  • The false ceiling lightings come in many shapes, designs, and functionality.
  • Endless combinations are offered by the malleable ceiling panels and curved main tee segments.
  • Contains high recycled content. Therefore, the ceilings offer sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • False ceiling panels suspension system available in two configurations:
  • 2’x6’ infill panels One-Directional Curvature
  • 2’x2’ panels’ Two-Directional Curvature
  • As a result, you get ample design flexibility in the ceiling solution.
  • Need a conventional grid profile of 15/16’’. Therefore, installation becomes simple and quick.
  • False ceiling material: painted steel material for longevity.
  • False ceiling colours:
  1. Silver satin
  2. Light cherry
  3. Dark bamboo
  4. Flat white
  5. Metallic copper
  6. Metallic oyster
  7. Customization of shades possible


USG Boral Curvatura 3-Dimensional Suspension System  Application areas:

This system is used in many areas as mentioned below:

  • Entertainment and gaming areas
  • High-bay areas
  • Offices
  • Retail stores


USG Boral 3d suspension system for lighting fixtures
3D suspended system


The 3D curved designs combine shape, texture and lighting to make the architectural concept stand out. Curved main tee segments, optional edge trim and flexible infill panels allow unlimited options for creating attractive and dramatic designs. Also comes in two different configurations, for customisation.

USG provides 32 different curved main tee segments for a fully customized system. And the ceiling panels must be handled properly to avoid bending.

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