Canadian Wood species make it possible for us to create sustainable homes: Sanjay Sharma, Wood Barn India

Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Wood Barn India
Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Wood Barn India

In a world that is changing rapidly and where getting what you want right away is the norm, it is not astonishing that housing is also seen with comparable timelines. The building industry is developing a variety of solutions to meet the demands of this growing market, with wood emerging as a more and more popular option, particularly in light of its eco-friendly reputation. In a nation that is increasingly considering modern wooden constructions from an eco-conscious standpoint, Wood Barn India engages with the environment and its resources in the most sustainable way to provide world-class eco homes and living solutions. So, we spoke to Sanjay Sharma to get more insights.

In this interaction with BuildingandInteriors, Sanjay Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Wood Barn India, talks about construction opportunities in India, the advantages of using wood as a sustainable building material for Indian homes, and the brand’s affiliation and preference for Canadian wood species.


Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Wood Barn India
Sanjay Sharma, Chairman & MD, Wood Barn India


Sanjay Sharma is the founder of Wood Barn India. An entrepreneur at heart, he conceived the concept of wooden housing in India in 2006 and continues his endeavour to make wooden homes and structures in India. Today, his consistent effort has made Wood Barn an impeccable leader in the industry.


Wood Barn – Bringing the concept of smart and sustainable wooden homes to India

Our team is capable of building energy-efficient tree houses, outhouses, farmhouses, terrace houses, temporary homes, and eco-resorts. The best-quality spruce pine timber from Scandinavia and British Columbia is used to construct the structures. For this, we have partnered with businesses in Canada and Finland. Our goal is to give our clients houses that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and incredibly simple to build, maintain, and live in. We strive to offer world-class structures to the market via continual innovation in architectural design and technological implementation.

We, at Wood Barn India, offer a variety of solutions for prefabricated wooden buildings and homes. As a brand, Wood Barn is changing people’s perspectives on conventional buildings and transforming houses into eco-friendly structures. We work with some of the top wood-related businesses in the world to obtain wood in an environmentally friendly manner. These include premium SPF (Spruce Pine Fir) lumber obtained from Canadian forests that are sustainably managed and protected.


Services offered

Wood Barn India offers a wide range of services. We produce wooden homes, wooden resort cottages, kid’s wooden playhouses, wooden pet houses, wooden pergolas, and wooden gazebos. Moreover, our business is the only one in India to have produced multi-story wooden buildings. In addition, we have a committed architectural staff with extensive knowledge in the hospitality industry for opulent resorts, hotels, outhouses, etc.


wooden eco house built by Wood Barn India, sustainable housing and architecture
The Tamara, Coorg


Initial challenges in building sustainable homes and the road ahead

As a business seeking to market something unique and distinctive in India, where consumers are price-conscious and have a variety of mental blocks, one of which is that “wooden houses are easy to catch fire”, we had to overcome multiple obstacles. However, the major challenge was to educate consumers and break the existing mindset that wooden houses were non-durable. Additional challenges were related to procurement since the required raw material was not available in the domestic market. Thus, obtaining the same increased the final price of the product.

“We are looking forward to establishing a dealer network throughout India and making exports to the Middle Eastern countries and Indian Sub-Continents”, says Sanjay Sharma.



Sourcing sustainable wood for housing in India

Wood Barn uses wood made from spruce-pine-fir species. Due to its inexpensive price and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, SPF is perfect for both residential and commercial construction. Western Canada produces trees that yield strong, straight lumber that, when dried properly, is stable and perfect for construction. In North America, SPF has been widely employed for structural applications in wood-frame building, the preferred construction technique for practically all single-family homes. Additionally, now SPF is considered a workable solution to replace outdated or damaged houses. This seasoned wood is produced in fabrication facilities. To maintain a robust supply chain, Wood Barn works with major fabrication firms, such as Canadian Wood.


Use of wood to reduce carbon footprint

According to research, making wooden homes uses the least amount of energy. These sustainable homes have the least negative effects on the quality of the air and water and have the lowest carbon footprint. In addition to being sound-insulated, the buildings constructed by Wood Barn, with technical assistance from Canadian Wood, are also built to be fire, earthquake, and termite resistant. According to the latest studies, wood, as a building material, sends out positive vibes and has a good impact on the mental health of the building residents.


Association with Canadian Wood

The best thing about working with Canadian Wood has been its “all-sustainable” approach. Since the lumber always comes in tagged and marked with a barcode, we do not have to worry about the authenticity of the product. Another added advantage of using Canadian Wood species comes from their unique technique of cling drying. It makes the wood suitable for construction, ensuring that the moisture rate is between 12-14%. Regarding the marketing efforts, their team is doing an excellent job. Our work has become significantly simpler as a result of their ability to raise awareness about working with wood and deploying new species. Additionally, their team has always provided us with the right solutions whenever we have faced any difficulties.

We use multiple Canadian Wood species for our projects, such as SPF for walls, Yellow Western Cedar for doors and windows, Red Cedar for decks and outdoor applications due to their high resistance to termites, Douglas Fir for panelling, and Western Hemlock for roofing.


Future of wood as a sustainable building material for homes

The current objective is to develop structures that are resource and environmentally conscious throughout every stage of their life cycle. Wood, as a building material for eco houses, blends with the surroundings. It is essential to safeguard the world from the earth’s deteriorating environmental conditions. Wood products develop organically and rely heavily on bioenergy for production, unlike other products that destroy the earth’s resources. A great strategy to lessen the environmental impact of a housing project is to use wood products to create eco houses.

In the real estate industry, wood is becoming an alternative construction method. A paradigm change is just getting started, but wood has a long way to go. Wood has enormous potential that is just waiting to be realized. These buildings and eco houses are simple to disassemble and move, and they may be raised without changing the topography. Both installing and maintaining them are simple processes.


bedroom interior design of a wooden eco house in netravali, goa
Wooden cottage in Netravali


Prominent projects by Wood Barn India

We have completed more than 5 resorts and holiday destinations and one dormitory for the government in Uttaranchal. A few of the landmark projects done by Wood Barn are:

  • The wooden cottages at Ashtamudi Backwaters in Kerala for Club Mahindra
  • The Tamara, Coorg for Infosys
  • The Micasa, Goa
  • The Blue Bay Resort, Mahabalipuram
  • Eco-resort in Vaishali, Bihar
  • GMVN Ski Resort in Auli for Uttaranchal Tourism
  • Mohan Meakins Guest House in New Delhi
  • Radisson Blu, Himachal Pradesh
  • ITC Pavilion, Dharamshala


Why Wood Barn India?

We stand out from the competition thanks to our more than 20 years of expertise and technological partnership with the oldest and best Finnish firm in the world. WBI has constructed more than 600 structures, whereas our closest competitor hasn’t even reached 60. We also have a top-notch staff, with each employee specializing in a certain area and striving to deliver the highest-quality work possible.


To get in touch with Sanjay Sharma and his team at Wood Barn India, contact below:

  • Phone: +91 9811169438
  • Email:


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