Siemens rebranding by BSH Home Appliances is reshaping the landscape of India’s premium home appliance industry

BSH announces the rebranding of Siemens - a renowned name in the home appliances sector in India with spectacular built-in kitchen solutions.


BSH has announced a strategic rebranding initiative for Siemens Home Appliances, marking a significant leap into a new era of innovation and advancement within the premium home appliances sector. Unveiled in Bengaluru, India, the refreshed Siemens brand identity signifies a pivotal milestone in reshaping the landscape of high-end home appliances in the Indian market. Renowned for its futuristic products, Siemens has garnered widespread consumer favour globally, particularly for its impressive built-in kitchen solutions product range. The brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability perfectly aligns with the discerning preferences of Indian consumers, who are increasingly seeking technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing home appliances.

BSH acknowledges the dynamic shifts in the home appliances sector, emphasizing energy efficiency, intuitive features, AI integration, smart connectivity, and superior performance. As affluence grows in India, consumer preferences have naturally gravitated towards premium appliances, reflecting higher disposable incomes and exposure to global products. BSH strategically positions the Siemens brand as a frontrunner in meaningful innovation, capitalizing on its renowned dedication to cutting-edge technology, quality, and sustainability. Siemens, a trailblazer in shaping the global home appliances landscape, is poised to elevate its visibility in built-in kitchen solutions, drawing on its global leadership, iconic design, and legacy of setting benchmarks for performance and reliability.

BSH has meticulously crafted Siemens rebranding to keep it in line with its commitment to consumer-centricity. Addressing highly relevant societal topics through a new lens of ‘Progress,’ Siemens Appliances positions itself as the brand that empowers Progress Seekers. Setting itself apart, Siemens expresses intelligence and progressiveness through its products and services, focusing on making technology approachable and joyful. This revolutionary approach aims to transform homes with distinctive, modern, and sophisticated designs that captivate consumers.


Mr. Saif Khan, Managing Director & CEO, BSH Home Appliances India, commented on Siemens rebranding-

“With the new brand identity, Siemens Home Appliances aims to create holistic premium experiences for our customers powered by meaningful innovations and smart technologies that go beyond appliances and transform homes.  Siemens is poised to shape the future of living for Indian consumers, drawing on a legacy of excellence since its inception. Siemens Appliances is not just introducing products; we are paving the way for a visionary and technologically advanced era in the homes of tomorrow.”



Revamped brand design for a more dynamic and contemporary aesthetic


BSH Home Appliances Global leadership at the Siemens Progress event
BSH Home Appliances Global leadership at the Siemens rebranding event


The newly introduced visual identity system embraces a dynamic and modern brand appearance, embodying progress and aligning seamlessly with the expectations of discerning Siemens consumers. This updated design adopts a sleek and vibrant colour palette, featuring deep blue, pure white, and the iconic Siemens petrol, amplifying the brand’s commitment to a future-oriented approach. Through the strategic use of typography and imagery, the design now mirrors the brand’s dedication to progress and forward-thinking, creating a transformed visual world that is urban, sleek, active, and authentic, showcasing unique and remarkable personalities.

Consumers can immerse themselves in the revitalized design after Siemens rebranding at various retail touchpoints and experience centers in India. With a brand purpose centered around “empowering ambitions,” Siemens Home Appliances seeks to redefine the landscape of home appliances. The brand is resolute in providing intelligent solutions that not only fulfill consumer needs but also delight and inspire. Siemens’ refreshed brand is ready to make a lasting impact on the premium home appliance market in India.

BSH Home Appliances recently introduced the groundbreaking iQ700 range of built-in ovens under the Siemens brand in India, setting a new standard for the future of cooking. A notable feature is the integrated camera, a first in the industry, allowing users to select the browning level according to taste and preference. The Home Connect feature simplifies users’ lives with a range of innovative features integrated into the oven. Tailored for smart Indian households, consumers can effortlessly control oven programs through voice commands, smartphones, tablets, or the touch display via the Home Connect App. The oven’s menu boasts a high-resolution TFT-Touch display, an industry first with the largest oven display, offering easy-to-use navigation on the high-contrast colour screen.


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