indoor plants in a living room
Interior Design

Indoor plants designing guide (+41 shopping options)

Indoor plants, also referred to as houseplants, have become an integral element of every house these days. These largely contribute to the home interior design. …

modern home decor idea for a dark themed living room with black accent wall, blue sofa, black centre table, colourful throw cushions
Interior Design

49+ home decor ideas for a trendy & timeless design update

Home decor has gained popularity in the last few decades. With the onset of social media, people have started posting their lives online. Therefore, the …

cacti for planters, placed in living room, home decor, beautiful living room
Interior Design

Cactus guidebook: Types, care tips & 15+ decor ideas (Buy now!)

The Cactus, which belongs to the Cactaceae family, is a very distinctive and popular houseplant. This desert plant thrives in dry air, limited sunlight, and …

blue coloured king size bed with designer headboard
FurnitureInterior Design

Designer beds: 50 spectacular styles for people with exquisite taste

Designer beds are not a mere investment piece providing comfort; they are a reflection of your design aesthetic. Luxury beds of any kind, whether upholstered, …

blue, yellow, and red paint on a white wall
Interior DesignWall Coverings (Paints)

Wall paint: Your guide for the perfect finish (prices incl.)

Wall painting is not supposed to be uncertain, costly, and time-consuming. Generally, paint is used to protect, decorate, preserve, or add functionality to an object …

wooden sideboard with carving in a minimalist living room with an indoor plant and rattan chair
FurnitureInterior Design

25 Notable furniture storage ideas & tips to store in style (Buy it!)

Modern-day homes lose their charm when they are cluttered. The secret to a beautiful home is not just its decor but also how organised it …

beautiful living room with floor lamps, biophilic touch with indoor plants, sofa
Interior DesignLighting

Floor lamps: Choosing the right style for trendy decor (Shop online)

Interior decor elements play an important role in making a house feel like “home”. Nowadays, we have numerous options booming in the market which makes it …

quirkky decor item, indoor planteers, ciolourful
Interior Design

Buy modern indoor planters & pots online in India @ up to 65% off

These days indoor plants are a necessary component of every home. They brighten up the space and act as a major mood booster. Besides that, …

living room with wooden table and potted succulents
Interior Design

How to grow & care for Snake Plant? (+Decor ideas & buying options)

A Snake plant is a common household plant that belongs to the family of Asparagaceae. Its distinctive feature is its sword-like leaves that grow upright …

modern and maximalist living room design with blue sofa, black floral printed curtains, wall paintings, glass table and fireplace
Interior Design

Home decorating ideas: Top 15 trends to portray your personality

People can flaunt their modern taste and unique style in their homes with ease. While it can be overwhelming to consider designing and renovating your …

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