Table lamps: How to make a bold & bright decor statement? (Buy now!)

black table lamp in a living room with table and shelves
black table lamp in a living room with table and shelves

Choosing the right interior decor elements for your space is a challenging task. The main challenge is selecting the right pieces that work well together. Since there are endless decor elements one can work with, we have decided to focus on table lamps. Table lamps are generally small in size and are designed to be placed on a table. They are a great option for layered lighting to illuminate any space. However, they are not just functional; they are aesthetic elements that can play an important role in room decor as well. Table lamps can enhance your decor and can be placed on your study table, bedroom nightstand, living room centre table, or work desk. Therefore, they have diverse applications and can be used to create a striking aesthetic. Furthermore, you can find all sorts of table lamps online, from LED to novelty.

In this article, we have given comprehensive information on different types of table lamps along with a complete buying guide and online buying options. So, if you want to use table lamps to enhance and illuminate your space, read the article below.



Types of lamps


Based on material




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Metal lamps tend to be sturdier and more durable in comparison. However, the type of metal used to make the lamp is going to affect its style. For example, to make a tiffany lamp, usually, bronze or brass is used as a base. The good thing about metal lamps is that they come in a wide variety of styles, aesthetics, and shapes. Therefore, they are good additions to any home.


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Image Source: Living room lamps table on Pinterest


Wood is a versatile material which can be stained and finished in numerous ways. Therefore, wooden table lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so you will have abundant options online and in-store to choose from.


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Marble table lamps in green and white
Marble table lamp

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Marble is a strong and gorgeous rock that can be moulded into any desired shape. As a result, it is popularly used to make counters, flooring, furniture, and other decorative items. Furthermore, it gives off a very luxurious, plush finish that makes it ideal for achieving an expensive look on a budget.


Based on placement


Study table lamps


brown study station with books
LED study table lamp

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One of the basic requirements of a study room is that it has to be well lit. To ensure that you don’t strain your eyes and maintain productivity, it is important to study in a properly lit room. Therefore, study table lamps are highly effective solutions that can be used on their own or to provide layered lighting to any room.


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Bedside lamps


bedroom with bird shaped light
Bedside table lamps

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house; it is a place where you unwind after a long day. Therefore, this room needs to have a charming and relaxing feel. To create that, table lamps in the bedroom are a great option. The right design can illuminate your space while beautifying it.


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Work desk lamps


brown table with potted plant, light and animal shaped accessory
LED desk table lamps

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When it comes to your workstation, it is a space that needs proper lighting to be functional. Therefore, table lamps make sense and are a functional addition to the space. So, finding an aesthetic table lamp design to fit your workstation can be the subtle change your room needs.


Based on style




brown table with chairs, tea cups and light
LED accent table lamps

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Accent table lamps can be your eccentric room decor element that stands out or grabs the attention of the viewer. You can experiment with different shapes, styles, and colours to achieve the aesthetic you want.




industrial light with black frame
Industrial table lamp

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Industrial style has become popular in the recent past because of its rustic appearance that adds a distinct character and interest to the space. One of the most common features of industrial style is its distinctive lighting elements.




country style light on a table with potted flowers
Country style table lamp

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A country-style design gives off a very casual and relaxed vibe, giving the feeling of simple country life. Furthermore, a country-themed table lamp can have vintage design elements. Also, the colour scheme generally incorporates soft muted shades that show a rustic style.




black and white light
Scandinavian table lamps

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A Scandinavian design is generally minimalistic that incorporates textures and subtle hues to bring together a sleek and modern look. Additionally, it has a cosy and inviting vibe. These types of table lamps are ideal for modern and minimalistic room settings.


How to select the right lamp for your space?



The purpose for which you are buying a lamp becomes relevant because the look and design of the lamp might change according to the purpose they serve. For example, if you need a lamp for your study table, you would want it to be functional as well as aesthetic like an energy-efficient LED bulb. Conversely, if you want an accent piece in your decor and decide to go for an unconventional design lamp, it doesn’t need to have proper lighting features.


Room decor

The lamp must be coherent with the overall decor of your room. As a rule, any additional style element you pick must be able to blend in with the decor scheme. To ensure that, you must see that the lamp has the right style, design, and colour. For example, placing an offbeat lamp with bright neon colours in an office would look like a misfit as it is not coherent with the decor.


Size of the desk

The size of the lamp you pick must be proportionate to the size of the desk where you intend to place it. If you don’t have enough desk space, placing a large lamp is going to overwhelm the decor. Similarly, if you place a small lamp on a big table, the lamp is going to get lost in the decor. Therefore, it is a practical choice to buy according to the size of the table.


Additional features

Before buying a lamp consider some additional features that are offered by the following designs:

  • Night light – In the night light feature, the lamp has two lighting options, regular and ambient, to be used in the nighttime.
  • USB port – These lamps come with a USB port at their base that allows for charging of electronic devices. So, it can function as a charger as well as a lamp.


Tips for table lamp placement

Proper placement of a lamp is important to ensure that the light doesn’t disturb your eyes. To prevent that from happening, the following rules must be followed:


Table lamps by the chair or sofa

Table lamps placement
Table lamp placement by chair or sofa

Image Source:


Whenever you place a lamp in the living room or by a chair, follow the eye level rule. According to the rule, to prevent the light from shining straight into your eyes, the bottom of the shade should be at your eye level. Refer to the illustration above for a better understanding.


Table lamps in the bedroom


Table lamps placement
Table lamps placement in bedroom

Image Source:


When placing table lamps in the bedroom, follow the chin level rule. So, the lamp shade should align with the bottom of your chin when sitting in bed. This will ensure that the light coming off of the lamp would not shine in your eyes and cause discomfort. Refer to the illustration above for a better understanding.


Buy gorgeous table lamps online!


White Teak Sugar Rush Table Lamp

table lamp indoors with a sofa, table and window

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West Elm Delilah Table Lamp – Large

white lamp on a table with plant and paintings

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Ajio Luxe Flos

glass lamp on brown table

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La Muse Unfathomable Blooms Luxe Table Lamp

blue bedroom table lamp online

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Exclusive Lane Wooden Table Lamp

white LED table lamp online

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Jaypore White and Black Teak Wood Handcrafted Gond Art Lamp

 light on a brown table

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Truly Earthy Abstract Modern LED Table Lamps

white spiral light with flowers

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Design Nest Heng Balance Mini Silver Aluminium LED Table Lamps

bedroom table lamps LED golden online

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Artment Modern Art Rabbit Table Lamp

white lamp with animal figure online

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Fleck Skog Acacia Wood Table Lamps For Study

brown table lamp on a table with books online

B U Y  H E R E 


Fabindia Hresa Wood Bedside Table Lamp

brown and golden light with books and a cup

B U Y  H E R E 


Ikea Simrishamn Table Lamp

white bedroom with a table lamp online

B U Y  H E R E 


Pandora Gourd Base Ceramic & Stainless Steel Lamp

white bedroom LED table lamp with potted flowers online

B U Y  H E R E 


Ellementry Tall Boy Mango Wood Table Lamp

white bedroom LED table lamp with a potted plant online

B U Y  H E R E 


Ikea Dejsa Table Lamp

white table with books, plant and a lamp

B U Y  H E R E 



The need to beautify our homes is ever increasing especially since the pandemic when people were stuck at home. To enhance your space, you can opt for a beautiful table lamp. There are many types of table lamps available in the market and online based on material, style, and placement. You have metal, LED, and industrial table lamps suitable for desks or study tables. The options are endless! But before buying one, you need to be mindful of several things. First, if you are buying table lamps for study or workstations, ensure that it is functional. Second, the style of the lamp should be consistent with your room decor and proportionate to the desk’s size. Finally, consider additional features offered by lamps before buying, like the night light function and USB charging.

After buying a lamp, place it properly to avoid discomfort to your eyes. So, if you are placing the lamp by a chair or sofa, the bottom of the shade must align with your eye level. However, when you place table lamps in your bedroom, ensure that the bottom of the shade aligns with your chin level. This will ensure that the light doesn’t shine in your eyes. So, now that you know the different types of table lamps and how to select and place them, feel free to use the online buying options displayed above to beautify your space today!


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