Top 10 cabinet door hinges brands/manufacturers/companies in India

a brown butt hinge on a white door
a brown butt hinge on a white door

“Design is not just about the looks. Design is how it works.” When we think of designing our spaces, every minute element has its significance with none as integral as the basic door/cabinet hinge. According to the top hinge manufacturers, it’s the behind-the-scenes maestro, the pivot upon which functionality and aesthetics intertwine seamlessly. Let us explore and check out the top 10 door hinge brands and hinges manufacturers in India. As we explore this realm of architectural hardware, we will find the innovations the top hinge companies are bringing forth in designing it and the fact that this seemingly small component holds the key to unlocking seamless design solutions in our everyday spaces.


List of top 10 hinge brands/manufacturers in India

1 Hafele
2 Godrej
3 Blum
4 Hettich
5 Ozone
6 Plaza
8 Indobrass
9 Taiton

Best hinges manufacturers/top 10 door hinges brands in India

Best hinges brand in India #1 – Hafele

hafele soft close hinge on a wooden cabinet
Soft close hinge by Hafele

Image Source:

Hafele India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hafele Global network, has been an active hinge manufacturer in the Indian market since 2003. Hafele hinges assimilate precision engineering and offer durability along with elegance in their hinges. Crafted with innovation, they ensure smooth operation and reliability. From concealed options to self-closing mechanisms, Hafele provides versatile solutions for diverse design needs. 

Best hinges brand in India #2 – Godrej

godrej clip on soft close steel finish
Godrej cabinet hinge

Image Source:

Godrej is one of the best hinge companies representing durability and reliability. Its products are crafted to withstand daily wear and tear while ensuring smooth operation. They perfectly blend into various design schemes with options ranging from door to cabinet hinges. Featuring robust construction and easy installation, these hinges provide improved security and aesthetic appeal, making them the preferred choice for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Best hinges brand in India #3 – Blum

blum concealed clip on installed on a wooden cabinet
Concealed compact hinge by Blum

Image Source:

Blum is one of the top hinge manufacturers in cabinet hardware innovation, delivering hinges that redefine functionality and style. With a constant commitment to customer needs, Blum has continuously expanded its product range, offering solutions made with expert engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Renowned for their BLUMOTION technology, these hinges elevate any space with their incomparable performance and attractive design.

Best hinges brand in India #4 – Hettich

hettich onsys steel finish on a cabinet
Onsys series hinge by Hettich

Image Source:

Hettich has revolutionized doors and kitchen cabinetry as a hinge manufacturer in India. They are the epitome of door functionality, blending innovation, reliability, and longevity seamlessly. With top-class quality and intelligent mounting features, Hettich hinges, such as Sensys and Intermat, offer seamless fitting and adjustment. Its award-winning Sensys hinge has set a new standard in hinge technology, while Intermat provides versatile solutions for diverse uses.

Best hinges brand in India #5 – Ozone

ozone black ball bearing installed on a wooden door
Ozone adjustable concealed hinge

Image Source:

Although Ozone is one of the most dynamic hinges manufacturers in India, it has made its mark as a popular hinge brand as well. It reflects excellence in architectural hardware by granting smooth operation and long-term performance. Whether it’s concealed hinges for a sleek finish or self-closing hinges for added convenience, Ozone offers a wide range of options to meet every architectural requirement.

Best hinges brand in India #6 – Plaza

best hinges manufacturers in India-plaza steel finish hinge
Plaza hydraulic hinge

Image Source:

Plaza has emerged as one of the top 10 door hinges brands in India with its products being synonymous with quality and versatility, offering solutions for various door hardware needs. From concealed to auto hinges, Plaza provides options suitable for diverse architectural designs. If you want your hinges to blend with any aesthetic at an economical price, Plaza is the right choice.

Best hinges brand in India #7 – HYZIK

HYZIK 3D hydraulic hinge
3D hydraulic hinges by HYZIK

Image Source:

HYZIK is one of the best hinge companies in India and contains a diverse selection of hinges, providing ample choices to meet individual preferences and project requirements. As a door/cabinet hinges brand, it has fostered innovation in creating hinges ranging from hydraulic hinges, soft-close hinges, pie corner hinges, butt hinges, and many more which enhance the functionality of any door or cabinet.

Best hinges brand in India #8 – Indobrass

steel finish ball bearing hinge set of 2
Set of 2 ball bearing hinges

Image Source:

Indobrass showcases a premium selection of hinges. The Indobrass butt hinge, which is also its flagship product, displays the perfect semblance of architectural craftsmanship along with aesthetic beauty. The anti-corrosive designs and stainless steel body of its products make it one of the 10 best door hinge brands in India.

Best hinges brand in India #9 – Taiton

Hinges manufacturers in India-taiton double action 3 way T hinge
Taiton Double action 3-way T hinge

Image Source:

Taiton is one of the premier hinge brands for crafting office spaces in India. Its wide array of hinges exudes both quality and innovation as well as cater to every kind of functional usage. Its popular shower hinges come in many sizes and finishes and complement every architectural style.

Best hinges brand in India #10 – STELLER

hinges manufacturer in india STELLER welded premium hinge
Welded premium hinge by STELLER

Image Source:

Engineered with precision, STELLER has stayed a top choice for consumers as a hinge manufacturer in India. Established in 2004, STELLER offers a comprehensive range of door and cabinet hinges. The hinges have an SS matte finish, which adds a touch of elegance to their hinges and makes them ideal for use both in residential and commercial settings.

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Different types of hinges

Butt hinges

hinges manufacturers in India: butt hinge in a wooden door
Steel finish butt hinge on a wooden door

Image Source:

Butt hinges are a more resilient type of traditional door hinges, which are popular for their simple design. These consist of two identical leaves which are attached to a curled knuckle. Almost all top hinge manufacturers have an exhaustive collection of these hinges. 

Spring-loaded hinges

top 10 door hinges brands in India- black color spring loaded hinge on a wooden door
Spring-loaded hinges provide durability

Image Source:

These are popular products for hinge manufacturers and are used in commercial-grade doors. The spring is located in the hinge cylinder have built-in springs that exert pressure on the hinge wings while opening or closing the door. Blum and Hafele are the popular hinges manufacturers in this category

Concealed hinges

concealed hinge : top 10 door hinges brands in India
Concealed hinges provide a more contemporary look to your furniture

Image Source:

As the name suggests, these hinges are hidden/concealed from the front or back side of the doors and provide a seamless look. They offer smooth operation and are popular in modern interior design as they provide no obstruction to diminish the furniture design. Hafele, Ozone, and Hettich are some of the many hinge manufacturers in India with a sizeable collection of concealed hinges.


Ball bearing hinges

 gold finish ball bearing on a white door
These hinges ensure the smooth operation of heavy doors

Image Source:

Ball bearing hinges are composed of a ball bearing to reduce friction. They are the ultimate solution to squeaky doors that ruin the ambience of our spaces. They are heavy-duty hinges and therefore tend to last longer. These are available in all price ranges across top hinge companies in India.

Auto hinges

top 10 door hinge brands in India: self closing hinge Hettich
Soft auto hinges used for cabinet doors reduce the chances of injury

Image Source:

Auto hinges, also known as self-closing hinges, do as the name suggests. These have a spring built into them, pulling the door towards them and closing it automatically. Auto-closing hinges are a great choice for offices where people want to ensure the closing of doors without manual intervention. The Onsys series of Hettich is a popular product in this category.

Push-to-open hinges

top 10 door hinge brands in india: black push to open hinge by Hettich
Push-to-open hinges provide a clean look to your office doors

Image Source:

It is one of the many useful innovations by hinge manufacturers. These hinges are ideal for handleless doors as they allow doors to open simply by pushing on them, offering a hands-free and convenient operation. These hinges complement the more contemporary architecture and enhance the look of our spaces.

Pivot hinges

top 10 door hinge brands in India-pivot hinge on glass door
Double-action hinges are a great choice for two-way doors

Image Source:

Pivot hinges also known as double-action hinges are used mainly in pivot doors. The door around a pivot hinge swings in both directions and allows the free movement of heavy goods. They are crafted in different finishes and sizes by most of the popular hinge manufacturers.

Piano hinges

top 10 door hinge brands in India: piano hinge on a wooden entrance door
These provide a clean finish to large doors

Image Source:

Piano hinges, which are often referred to as continuous hinges, provide long, uninterrupted support along the entire length of a door or lid. These hinges have no gap for fingers to get caught thereby providing safety features as well. They are ideal for cabinets and doors in homes with toddlers around.

How to choose the best hinges brand?

Hinges brands based on material

When one is choosing materials for hinges, different use cases determine one’s choices. Hinge companies manufacture hinges in steel or brass finish, which can be used for durability and long-lasting performance. Interior furniture requires soft close or auto hinges which not only add beauty to our spaces but are more hassle-free.

Hinges brands based on finish

The finish of a hinge accentuates the look of the entire door or cabinet. If the doors are more ornamental in their looks, one can opt for finishes like satin nickel or antique brass for aesthetic appeal. They are fabricated in steel, matte, chrome, aluminum finish, etc. by hinges manufacturers and one can choose one as per their requirements.

Hinges brands based on mounting type

One can choose between surface mount or concealed hinges based on their design preferences. If the cabinets are vintage style then surface mount hinges are a better option while concealed hinges often go with the more contemporary styles. Most hinges manufacturers in India offer a collection based on multiple mounting type options.

Hinges brands based on size

Hinge companies have a vast collection of various sizes of hinges which makes it another crucial factor before finalizing which one to buy. One must ensure the size of their doors or cabinets before choosing the product. Precision in size is the silent key to seamless functionality and visual harmony.

Hinges brands based on type

Since the hinge is a crucial factor responsible for the smooth functioning of doors or cabinets, one must decide the hinge company only after knowing the type of hinge that requires installation. While pivot hinges are good for heavy doors, soft-close hinges are suitable for kitchen cabinets in our homes.

Hinges brands based on weight capacity

If the usage of the hinge is in joining larger, heavier things, one must select a product that can sustain the weight of the combined objects. Ball-bearing hinges are one of the best when one wants a heavy-duty performance. Butt hinges are one of the most common types of hinges manufactured by top hinge companies in the market.

Hinges brands based on application

Depending on whether the hinge has to be used for interior doors, cabinets, or heavy-duty applications like gates, the choice from the list of various hinge companies can be made conveniently. The right hinge application ensures optimal performance and longevity as per our project needs.

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Still confused about choosing hinges?

Hinges are a small but crucial element that adds aesthetic, style, and functionality to our doors and other furniture items. Select any of the above-mentioned brands or manufacturers if you want long-lasting and high-quality hardware. Visit today to make your purchase!


What are the benefits of using soft-close hinges?

Soft close hinges by the best hinges brands offer smooth operation and silent closing of doors and kitchen cabinets. This prevents slamming which is easier on the ears. These hinges prevent wear and tear on doors and cabinets, elongating their lifespan. Their regulated closing mechanism adds elegance to any space and enriches the overall aesthetic and value of our homes.

What is the difference between hydraulic and concealed hinges?

Hinge companies produce hydraulic hinges to provide a smooth and soft closing action to our doors and cabinetry. They are ideal for use in settings where noise has to be kept at a minimum. A concealed hinge, which is often referred to as a European hinge, is one where parts are invisible to the viewer when the door is closed.

Are soft-close hinges suitable for all types of cabinets?

Most hinges manufacturers in India, such as Hafele, Hettich, Blum, Ozone, etc., manufacture soft-close hinges. However, they may not guarantee its compatibility with all kinds of products, dimensions, or styles. One must be mindful of the product specifications as well as the hinge type before finalizing a model. 

What is the strongest and best door hinge?

The strongest type of door hinge which is mainly popular for its strength and durability is a heavy-duty ball-bearing hinge. Due to their load-bearing capacity, and well-crafted design, they are a primary choice for heavy and wide doors such as in malls and hotels where there is a busy thoroughfare.

What is the cost of an average door hinge?

The average price of door hinges can differ according to the material, type, and application. There are a variety of hinges manufacturers in the market offering a versatile collection of door hinges from the standard to the ultra-premium ones. Hinges brands list the basic hinges ranging from ₹150 to ₹500 per hinge, while high-end options may cost ₹1000 or more. 

How do I determine the appropriate size of door hinges?

We calculate the size of door hinges after considering the weight and dimensions of the doors. The top 10 door hinges brands along with other hardware experts in India follow a general rule of thumb which is one hinge for every 30” of door height. Heavier doors require heavy-duty hinges and the lighter ones usually go with their basic counterparts.

Which type of kitchen hinges are the best?

The type of kitchen hinges varies according to the taste, and preferences of the user. Functionality also plays a major role in this aspect. If one wants a minimalist look, concealed hinges are the perfect choice. Soft close hinges are viable for open kitchens as they are noise-free. For heavy-duty cabinets, ball-bearing hinges offer durability and reliable performance.

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