63+ Wall paint designs – most people finalized one in 7 min max!

colorful wall painted using painter's tape


Modern homes are a testimony to the fact that people love colors and there are enough reasons to justify that! Splashing a fresh coat of texture paint on the walls of your home, in the name of paint design, is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest idea to refresh and enhance your interiors be it the hall, bedroom, kitchen, or any other room.

Since walls have the capability to take center stage and become a focal point of the space, it is important to give them the attention they deserve.

With a little imaginative and creative artistry, the walls can become highlights of the entire house!

Since the color of the evidently changes the space, paints have the power to not only infuse life into our space but also affect our mood in a positive manner.

Therefore, whether renovating an old apartment or a new one, painting the walls of your current abode becomes a priority.

If you are planning to take the major step of painting and are still confused among all the overwhelming choices, we have got your back and you can rely on us entirely.

In this article, we have broken down a few paint ideas for all rooms such as halls, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. These are the designs that make people fall in love with instantly.

This will help you with ideas and inspiration you would ever need and turn your into a masterpiece and yourself into nothing less than a pro.

This guide to paint ideas will cover the following aspects:-



paint designs for bedroom


To please your personality, it is mandatory to paint your bedroom walls in a way that appeals to you the most.

Painting the bedroom walls is an inexpensive way to personalize your space. You have the liberty to paint any spots from the ceiling to the floor.

To add maximum value to your wall designs, you must make sure to paint more than just the walls.

The matte and textured paints are best for colour for bedrooms.


paint design for bedroom #1

Neutral warm shade and accessories provide a dose of color to this soothing and cozy bedroom.


warm honey orange wall paint design for bedroom
A bedroom with a warm and cozy vibe

Image Source: Miss Pie Designs


paint for bedroom #2

An accent used to tastefully paint a bedroom with a honeycomb pattern.


wall paint design with honeycomb pattern on a wall with shades of blue and orange
The latest and trend to follow this summer

Image Source: interiormatches


paint for bedroom #3

This striped pattern makes all the difference in this master bedroom.


bold striped bedroom wall paint design ideas using blue and brown pastel shades
A delicate to inspire your master bedroom

Image Source: StencilsLAB


Wall paint design for bedroom #4

An elegantly painted bedroom in two shades of green to create a contrast with a serious view.


two-toned green colorblock wall paint design
An elegant two-toned

Image Source:Trendland


paint for bedroom #5

A creative mix featuring a colorful mural painted on a solid color block in a master bedroom.


a green backsplash with nature mural
that showcases expert pattern mixing

Image Source: dressyourhome


Wall colour designs for living


It is time to jazz up your living walls to make them unique and outstanding.

Since the living is the most used area of any home, decorating them is the responsibility of every homeowner.

Whether you are looking for something bold and bright, neutral, or moody, enamel and emulsion options are best suited for painting designs for living rooms.

Here are a few living painting ideas to get inspired by.


Explore the latest wall design ideas here.


paint designs for living room #1

Go for a pale blue shade and follow a similar color scheme throughout to create a major mood.


vertically divided living room wall paint design with blue and white color
A vertically divided colour idea

Image Source: lovePROPERTY


paint designs for living room #2

An ornate stenciled pattern in golden color makes a statement in this living space.


blue textured paint with golden floral stencil
An ornate with gold highlights

Image Source: Wayfair UK


paint designs for living room #3

Use colorful or contrasting and mixed finishes and textures to full effect in this living room.


Dark rich purple color block wall paint design idea
A rich purple color block

Image Source: John Lewis 


Wall paint designs for living room #4

If you envision your living being less dramatic and point of attention and more aesthetically pleasing, this textured paint is your best fit.


wall paint design texture in grey color
A rich smokey textured with hues of grey

Image Source: Wallhub


paint designs for living room #5

An accent like this bright-colored one will do the trick perfectly for you.

It will not only make your space look chic and lively but also reflect your affable personality.


A playful for the interiors

Image Source: Trendsideas


Wall colour designs for hall


Choosing a bold and vivid color for the walls of the hall is the most recent development.

Although the color schemes, designs, and patterns can range anywhere from bright to dull and from colorful to monotonous, the idea is to do what pleases you and is a reflection of your thoughts.

Hall painting designs add a positive vibe and create a dynamic ambience in your home.


paint for hall #1

To make a bold statement in your choice, try this with a and dark shade of the same color.

This color combination for the hall is great as it imitates a shadow cast.


Adjacent walls painted in a lighter and darker shade of green
A to add depth and dimension to the space

Image Source: fonQ


paint for hall #2

A classic and marvelous combination of pale yellow and dark brown gives an eyecatching and romantic look to your hall.

Moreover, the huge window right beside the dark-colored allows plenty of natural sunlight in and makes the space brighter and airier.


pale yellow and brown wall paint design for living room
The classic pale that reflects maximum sunlight

Image Source: Company


paint for hall #3

Soft and subtle perfectly describe this hall. The powder blue color contributes to the vibe of tranquillity and peace and ties the entire look together.


powder blue wall paint design for hall
An elegant way to add color without going too heavy

Image Source: The Socialite Family


paint for hall #4

The blue tones of the walls and the wooden guarantee an incredible statement.

It gives a contemporary lift to your hall and makes it all the more sophisticated.


blue wall paint design for hall with wood furniture
Simple yet bold for the minimalists

Image Source: Novocom


Wall paint design for hall #5

An incredibly refreshing and vibrant painting for the hall.

The dark creates a contrast with surrounding white walls and reflects to brighten up the walls.


saturated green wall design among other white walls
A sophisticated that ties the look together

Image Source: GeewoonGers


paint idea with stencils


There are hundreds of readymade stencils available in the market to paint your walls with.

The stenciling technique is easy, and the results will make you proud of your creation.

A wide variety of patterns and designs including beautiful floral and foliage stencil patterns allow you to decorate your walls and add a personal touch to them.

Use the following ideas and stencil a stunning accent with these designs.


paint stencils #1

This abstract painting on the walls gives a wholesome and aesthetic look to the whole room.

The golden accent, in contrast to the rich purple, is the highlight of this design.


purple wall with golden highlights using stencils
A mystical pattern in gold highlights the

Image Source: The Daily Inspiration


paint design stencils #2

The abstract palm leaves drawn using the stencil in muted tones are the perfect way to invite nature into your living room.


green palm leaves stenciled on a blue wall paint design
The best and the easiest way to paint yourself

Image Source: Etsy


paint stencils #3

The intricate leaf stenciled pattern in different hues acts as the perfect backdrop.

It is an excellent way to break the monotony of an all-green space.


paint wall design in green color with fern leaves stencils
A contemporary green with leaves as a painting

Image Source: stencilup


 design stencils #4

This paint with stencil gives a welcoming look to the home. The with a wooden frame resting on the makes it look more appealing.


blue wall paint design stencils
A with matte and glossy finish both

Image Source: Royal Studio Stencils


paint stencils #5

A bold and energetic painting and an uber-modern take on the traditional floral stencils.

It lends a visual appeal and enlivens the space entirely.


green wall with golden stenciled pattern
A with mixes of color and patterns

Image Source: Cutting Edge Stencils


Wall paint design texture


Currently, textured paints are the latest development in the market. Its demand is increasing day by day due to the benefits it offers.

textured paints evoke special effects and textures and offer a variety of shades and colors. It is suitable for all application areas, be it residential, commercial, interior, or exterior.

Moreover, texture paints refresh your space with creative and alluring designs and patterns. Their distinguishing property is that they are more pigmented and denser than traditional paints.


paint texture #1

A paint texture that adds an enhancing interlayer, creating new patterns on the wall.

This texture reflects from different angles and the golden color is perfect to make the brighter.


golden wall paint design texture
A rich and heavily textured

Image Source: ColourDrive Solutions


paint design texture #2

Add some statement and depth to your traditional white by incorporating textures on it.


white wall paint design texture
Unlike the boring walls, use texture to create depth

Image Source: Cafe


paint texture #3

In the mood to fill your walls with not just paint but also ideas, creativity, and artistry?

Give your a contemporary vibe by choosing from the endless list of metallic modern textured paint designs.


red wall with golden highlights
A stunning feature with gold highlights

Image Source: Royale Play


paint texture #4

A beautifully crafted, rustic texture for the walls to experience bliss and create a stunning interior.


Textured paint to add depth to your walls

Image Source: Aapka Painter


paint texture #5

A delicate paint texture on a feature with traditional chandeliers.

The bright orange color of the paint is an excellent choice to let the disperse and make the brighter.


an orange feature wall paint design texture
paint inspiration for a cozy atmosphere

Image Source: The Keybunch


Simple wall paint designs


Since there are innumerable ways to change the look and feel of your home, painting remains the easiest and fastest option of them all.

Let’s be real, not everyone is as extravagant or dramatic.

Therefore, for the minimalists out there, here are a few subtle and simple paint ideas to refresh the way your bedroom, hall, and other areas of your feel.

Yes! something as easy as that has the power to totally transform how your looks.


Simple paint design #1

This simple yet statement-making in a warm honey orange shade is bright and mesmerizing.


warm deep red curve on a yellow accent wall
A simple yet statement-making

Image Source: Elemental


Simple paint design #2

This feature painted with the classic black and white colors a staple in making any space look immaculate and modern.

Adding the bare minimum instantly transforms a boring white into this chic and stylish wall.


a white wall with black wonky stripes
A classic mix of black & white

Image Source: The Lovely Co.


Simple paint design #3

One of the most likable existing patterns is polka dots.

Paint them on a in pastel color to make it bright, cheerful, and hence, ideal for a kid’s room.


soft bright polka dots on a white wall paint design
A fun and cheerful kid’s room

Image Source: Dressed Up


Simple wall paint design #4

Upgrade your living walls with a two-toned painting design.

Choose different shades of the same color and paint the darker one in the center from to ceiling.


two toned pastel pink floor to ceiling wall paint design
A statement-making to ceiling painted

Image Source: Dulux Valentine France


Simple paint design #5

Use some ingenuity to amplify your walls.

Take inspiration from the following and divide your walls into random diagonal shapes using the painter’s tape.

Fill in the spaces with contrasting bright colors for an enthralling, dramatic, and fun paint design.


fun and colorful diagonal patterns on a wall
Bold colors to make an outstanding impact

Image Source: Decoration Solutions


Easy to paint wall s


These paint ideas can transform the traditional white walls into a modern and chic interior.

These designs are rather clever and require no professional or artistic or creative skills.

Apart from being unassumingly easy to paint, these also add an elegant and statement-making touch to the ambience.


Easy to paint wall idea #1

Eye-catching, eclectic, and modern. This easy-to-create complements your modern interiors.

Moreover, to paint this design, you do not need any special creative or artistic skills.


random white stripes pattern on a blue wall paint design
Stripes for the win

Image Source: Ashton Wood Homes


Easy to paint design #2

For this exquisite and easy-to-paint design, just pick your favorite color palette and paint random shapes in different shades.

Also, top it with a stenciled to make the stand out.


wall paint design with color block shapes
An elegant with a mix of patterns

Image Source: Wallsauce


Easy to paint idea #3

In a time where the minimalist trends of neutral colors and straight lines are all over the place, this accent stands out.

It incorporates a solid color block theme with circles and curves to soften the look.


simple wall paint design
Choose a bold color and keep the pattern simple

Image Source: Foter


Easy to paint idea #4

An easy-to-paint that inventively mixes dark colors and stenciled florals.


wall paint design using stencils on a deep blue wall
A luxurious created using stencils

Image Source: stencilup


Easy to paint idea #5

A fascinating and fabulous with contrasting colors is all you need in this world full of boring white walls.

The bright colors instantly uplift the space from mundane to gorgeous.


A fun and creative with a mix of soft and bold colors

Image Source: The family handyman


paint ideas with tape


Use painter’s tape to paint a that brightens up the gloomy room.

It is an excellent option to decorate a lifeless with some blocks of bright-colored paint.

paint ideas with tape not only stand out but are also graphically glorious.

Use a little imagination, mask out a plan of action and paint the walls using tape as a guide to drawing straight lines. It creates a surprisingly chic look altogether.


colour ideas with tape #1

Any can be transformed into an interesting and masterful element of interior by painting blocks of several bright colors.

Moreover, no artistic skills are required as the tape helps you keep the lines straight.


colorful geometric wall paint design using painter's tape
Give your old a breath of fresh air using this modern

Image Source: Staunton and Henry


colour ideas with tape #2

Revive a plain white with several pastel shades of honeycomb pattern.

These closely painted hexagons add a fun and funky vibe to the room. Use colors that complement the interiors.

However, opt for bright shades for a kid’s bedroom and subtle tones for the living or hall.


neutral wall paint design with honeycomb pattern and warm orange for a pop of color
A neutral with a pop of color

Image Source: thistlewoodfarms


colour ideas with tape #3

This bright and eye-catching accent is all you need to perk up a room! Its sleek lines are perfect for the modern home.

Hence, this paint is fun and dramatic without being overpowering.


geometric wall paint design in the shape of elephant [painted with shades of blue
The right amount of color and fun without the clutter

Image Source: Myloview


colour ideas with tape #4

This feature exhibits an excellent way to dress up your walls.

Use painter’s tape to make triangular shapes and fill paint with the help of unique designed stencils in each one.

This not only adds dimension to the walls but also is a captivating idea.


a multicolor patchwork stenciled wall
A benefiting from various patterns and ideas

Image Source: Reality Daydream


colour ideas with tape #5

This faux brick paint idea is an absolute stunner. It gives the a rustic vibe and is one of the easiest painting designs.

Painting shapes can’t be that hard after all!


painted faux brick wall
Nothing can go wrong with a painted faux brick

Image Source: Jordan Jean


A beginner-friendly guide to choosing the right wall paint


The chosen type of paint is equally important in creating a characterful and making the house of your dreams.

It not only adds depth to the interiors but also reflects the vibe you are aiming for.

“There are definitely a lot of factors that you should take into consideration before you decide on a type of paint,” says paint expert Sarabeth Asaff South of Fixr, an online service that helps homeowners make remodeling decisions.

The location of the room, its usage, size, traffic attracted by the room, and the overall look & feel you are trying to achieve are the top influencing factors, according to Asaff South.

“These factors can all subtly influence things like the sheen of your paint or the saturation, so you need to closely consider them,” she adds.

There is definitely a lot more to consider than just colors when it comes to choosing the right paint for your walls.


Tips for achieving a that looks fantastic and is not overpowering


  1. Select a color scheme that matches, or complements, to say the least, your scheme.
  2. Take the paint charts out and get as many samples as you can.
  3. Examine the colors as to how easy are they to work with, how easily can you clean them, and how do they look once dried.
  4. Take a look at the source. The quality and quantity of any is getting is a crucial factor. Rooms with plenty of natural sunlight look best when painted with pastel shades.
  5. Don’t be scared of experimenting. Playing with colors is never a bad idea as long as you know what you want.
  6. Yes! Test out the colors. Still, deliberating? Use the testers and narrow down the options by painting sheets and putting them against your wall.
  7. Find your feature and create a spotlight. If you fall in love with bold, bright colors, add color to just one as it will draw attention to the area and make it more noticeable.
  8. Do not forget the ceiling or the “fifth wall” since it is just as important.
  9. Focus on the details and other accessories for a cohesive look.
  10. Let the color flow by choosing the same color scheme throughout the home.

Those tips and key points just about cover it all.

You, hopefully, must have found useful ways to incorporate paint designs in your exactly how you imagined, or possibly even better.

Happy painting!


Click here to explore various false ceiling ideas to amplify the fifth of your rooms.


Spectacular paint ideas lookbook  


With reference to designing, paint has the ability to elicit a vibe or establish a style and dimension. Each can have its own special and distinguishable themes, which will not only make the house more stunning but also add value to it.

Here are some stunning paint ideas for every room:





How often do you wish to redo your walls just because you are tired of waking up to the dull and lifeless colors?

Bring more color to your with these vivacious paint ideas for every nook of the house. Be it your bedroom, living room, or the hall, you need not be glued to the boring white walls. The slightest touch of paint updates the entire look and feel of any space.

Moreover, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to update a and create an effect as simple as renovation and as dramatic as a complete transformation.

Whether used as a subtle backdrop or by making it the focal point of the whole space, painting can highlight a space, give the impression of height, and highlight the key features.

As we know, there are countless ways in which paints can be used to achieve the desired appearance, as professionals, it is important to put a little thought and preparation into this process.

Firstly, colors can drastically change the mood and the entire of your home. After all, it’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and should something go horribly wrong, easy to fix.

Secondly, you don’t necessarily have to stick with paints just for your living rooms or bedrooms. Create modern, retro, traditional style paint ideas for every corner of the house by taking inspiration from the above-mentioned ideas.

Lastly, there is way more to consider than merely which shade to go for while choosing the right paint idea to create a masterpiece whether it is a simple or luxury texture for a bedroom, hall, or any other place.



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