Retailer Talk (partitions, kitchens, loose furniture & wardrobe manufacturers in Kerala)- Aristo Atelier, Calicut, Kerala

aristo atelier kerala for wardrobe and furniture manufacturers
aristo atelier kerala for wardrobe and furniture manufacturers

Kerala’s wardrobe market is constantly changing. Brands like Aristo are at the forefront of the expanding demand for factory-made and ready-made furniture. Aristo wardrobes play an even more important function in design quality and brand-conscious regions like Kozhikode and other parts of Kerala. So, Aristo has partnered with Mr. Sunil Thomas & Mr. Sajeev for the first-ever Aristo Atelier experience center and showroom for wardrobes in Calicut, Kerala. Several customers have already given their affirmation to the world-class experience which assists them in making the finest purchases with Aristo wardrobe & furniture manufacturers in Kerala.


In our latest segment of Retailer Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we interact with premium wardrobe, partition, kitchen, and loose furniture manufacturers in Kerala, and the first Aristo experience center partners Mr. Sunil Thomas & Mr. Sajeev CP, Business Partners at Aristo Atelier, Calicut, Kerala. This interaction will surely give you a deeper insight into the market for Aristo wardrobe dealers in Kerala.


aristo atelier kerala for wardrobe design and furniture manufacturers in Kerala
Mr. Sunil Thomas & Mr. Sajeev CP with their team , Aristo Atelier, Calicut, Kerala


Our business model

Ours is an Aristo Atelier Showroom at Calicut. It is a franchise model of Aristo’s showroom program. It’s a dedicated space for the entire range of Aristo products; wardrobes, partitions, kitchens, and loose furniture.


Our showroom

We have about 2500 sq ft of product display space in the heart of Calicut city with a great team of designers and sales team. The team is well equipped to facilitate the product requirement for customers’ design needs. We have been in the business in Calicut for over a year but this showroom was launched in April 2022.


aristo atelier kerala for wardrobe and furniture manufacturers
Aristo Atelier, Kerala


Diverse customer profile at Aristo Atelier

Calicut is our primary market; having said that we also work closely with the rest of the districts of Malabar; Kannur, Thalasseri, Malappuram, Wayanad, etc. We find it difficult to profile our customers for a lot of reasons. Although our products are premium, anyone who is building a new home or renovating their home is a potential customer. With our product range and design, we have a solution for any kind of interior design that is globally trending.

As for the footfall, on weekends we get a lot of walk-ins but otherwise, it is mostly on appointments. We have a great mix of customers both homeowners and also architects and interior designers.


furniture manufacturers in Kerala
Aristo wardrobe designs at the expierence center


Typical customer behavior at Aristo Atelier (wardrobe manufacturers in Kerala)

Customers in our region are quite evolved. They are very well-traveled and are exposed to global design trends. Also, Malabar has a large NRI crowd. This exposure is reflected in the projects we see here. So far, the journey is very welcoming and we don’t see much of a challenge as of now. Moreover, the market is welcoming the product well.


kitchen interiors
Premium kitchen interiors


Project sale Vs Retail sale

Currently, we are doing mostly independent homes and we have done a few projects with Aristo wardrobes as being the first Aristo Atelier experience center for wardrobe manufacturers in Kerala. We are slowly getting a lot of project inquiries which is a good sign and a good market mix.


USP of our Aristo Atelier showroom for wardrobe manufacturers in Kerala

The foremost idea of a showroom for wardrobe & furniture manufacturers in Kerala as well as any other part of the country is to give our customers the best product experience. So, we have curated our range of products and created a beautiful environment in our Kerala showroom that amplifies the wardrobe designs and aesthetics. Beyond that, we believe that the interior design of your home is a big decision and it takes a lot of time. We have designed our space keeping that in mind with enough discussion space both casual and formal spaces. Also, we have a well-trained and skilled staff to attend to our customer needs.


display units for home
Stylish display units for a beautiful home at Aristo Atelier, Calicut (wardrobe manufacturers, Kerala)


Support mechanism by Aristo

Aristo supports us at Aristo Atelier, Kerala through the entire sales cycle. So, from providing business leads, marketing support, training, wardrobe design dimensions, site measurements, and installation, Aristo helps us at every step. They also support us with their strong warranty program and after-sales support.


Significance of product displays for wardrobe manufacturers in Kerala

Live product displays are very important. Customers would like to experience the product before they buy it, simply because it is a lifetime investment. Also, a good display helps us close the sale quicker.


Aristo wardrobe designs for a luxurious room
Aristo wardrobe designs at Aristo Atelier Kerala


To get in touch withMr. Sunil Thomas & Mr. Sajeev CP, contact on the following details:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 9916088718/ +91 9895100900

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