Canadian Wood conducts enriching webinar on WOODINNOVATIONS – Wooden Coatings and Best Practices!

Canadian wood webinar with Indian wood work professionals
Canadian wood webinar with Indian wood work professionals

Canadian Wood, a crown agency of the British Columbia government, conducted another informative webinar on the topic of wooden coatings and best practices. The webinar, which was part of Canadian Wood’s WOODINNOVATIONS series, focused on the advantages of wood finishes and best practices. The session concentrated on surface preparation, interior, and exterior wood coatings, and Indian wood working professionals shared their perspectives on environmentally friendly coatings for export markets.

Coatings are applied to wooden surfaces to protect them against a variety of natural and man-made conditions that can affect the wood in the long run. This could occur over a long period of time as a result of exposure to many types of weather. The wood coating is critical for increasing the durability of wooden applications because it tackles the elements that affect the performance of wood in both household and industrial settings. UV radiation, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, weathering, and attack from bacteria such as fungi and mould are all protected by the coating.

The webinar also highlighted the importance of surface preparation, interior & exterior coatings, and sustainable coatings. Industry experts, Mr. Deepak Chaudhari – Wood Finishing Consultant, Mr. Pankaj Bassi – Country Manager, ICA SpA, Mr. Marco Mancini – Export Technical Manager, Renner Italia, and Mr. Volker Benek – Business Development Manager, Plantag Gruppe, shared their experience and underlined the advantages of coating, and covered the methods as well as techniques related to wooden coatings.


Speaking on the wooden coatings, Mr. Pranesh Chibber, Country Director, Canadian Wood-


Mr. Pranesh Chibber, Canadian Wood, for webinar on wooden coatings
Mr. Pranesh Chibber


“For the long-lasting performance of wooden products, a wood coating is extremely important as it protects the wood from numerous external factors. As the structural and furniture industry grows in India, it is essential for Indian wood consumers to know about wood coatings and the best practices associated with the maintenance of wood products and applications. As a responsible player in the market, we conducted this knowledge-sharing webinar along with the wood-working industry experts. We believe that we’re able to create awareness and educate the industry on the subject. So, we look forward to hosting many of these wood-related engaging sessions in the near future.”


The webinar focused on the evolution of wooden coatings and finishes over time. The practice began with wax and linseed oil, shellac, and other coatings. Then, it progressed to pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose with fancy coatings, and finally to water-based coatings, UV coatings, and bio coatings.

Canadian Wood is well-known for hosting several webinars on a variety of topics relevant to the Indian woodworking business. These webinar sessions with Indian wood working industry partners have covered a wide range of subjects. These include topics of importance to the interior and exterior wood working business.  Moreover, they promote the use of certified wood from British Columbia, Canada.

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