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white floor Exxaro tiles catalogue and price list review from their official website


are typically used as or coverings. These can be made from numerous materials like stone, ceramic, baked clay, metal or sometimes glass. Generally, glazed are used indoors while unglazed are used outdoors. For indoor purposes, apart from their traditional applications, can also be used to decorate accent walls or beautify a partition in the living room. Their outdoor applications include floors and roofs. As a result of their versatility, are always in demand. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to have a detailed look at an Indian tile-making company, Exxaro tiles. We will review the catalogue, price list, dealer’s network of Exxaro tiles, and the official website for your scrutiny.



About the company

Exxaro began its journey as a partnership firm in the year 2007-08. Initially, it manufactured frit but later expanded its operations and began manufacturing vitrified tiles. The company has grown and increased its production capacity to 1,32,00,000 sq. mt. p.a. Its sale turnover for the year 2022 is Rs. 325.34 crores.

Head Office: Vavdi Harsol Road, Survey No 169 and 170, At and Post Mahelav, Taluka: Talod, Sabarkantha-383305, Gujarat, India.

Manufacturing plant: Plot No.204-205, Opp. Hanuman Temple, At & Post: Dabhasa, Ta: Padra, Vadodara-391440, Gujarat, India.

The official website of Exxaro tiles: https://www.exxarotiles.com/


Types of Exxaro


Flate glaze


Commercial entrance with beige floors, desk and chandelier
Flate glaze for and walls

Image Source: exxarotiles.com


Glazed are manufactured using materials like clay, quartz, feldspar and other additives. The are then coated with glaze materials and exposed to high temperatures which give these their low water absorption and high strength. Their smooth and glossy finish makes them suitable for both residential as well as commercial spaces. Exxaro has an exquisite range of flate glaze vitrified tiles.


Double charge


beige tiles in a bathroom with bathtub and mirror
Double Charge

Image Source: exxarotiles.com


These are approximately 3 to 4 mm thicker than other kinds of tiles.  They are placed in a press that prints patterns on them with a double layer of pigment. Due to this process double charge become long-lasting making them ideal for heavy traffic areas. However, one downside of this manufacturing process is that it is not possible to make with complex patterns.


Full body


brown floors in a living room with chair and table
Full Body

Image Source: exxarotiles.com


Full-body are manufactured by mixing clay, quartz, silica and feldspar at high temperatures. These are thicker than usual making them stronger and more durable. Their enhanced strength makes them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. You can explore the full range of Exxaro from their catalogue.


View full catalogue

Click on the image to view

Exxaro tiles catalogue


Exxaro price list

Exxaro is one the best tile companies in India. It produces resilient and high-quality at a reasonable price point. This makes its products accessible to a wide range of consumers. For a better idea of their price range, refer to the below –


Name Size Price
Flate Glaze 600X600 Rs.68
Double Charge 800X1200 Rs.88
Full Body 800X800 Rs.85


Exxaro dealers list

Over the years, Exxaro has laid down a large network of dealers across the country. Refer to the link below to find your nearest Exxaro dealer.


Click here to find Exxaro dealers near me: https://www.exxarotiles.com/dealer-network/



have unparalleled popularity in residential as well as commercial designs. These and coverings come in numerous types that greatly enhance the aesthetic value of any space. From a smooth glossy finish to a rustic look, there is a tile variant for every style preference. Exxaro produce a diverse range of for all areas of your space as is evident from our review of their range and catalogue. Now that you have a better understanding of their products and prices, feel free to use their dealers network to find a store near you.


*The featured image used in this article is from exxarotiles.com




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