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geometric pattern vitrified tiles by kajaria


are a great asset to as these breathe character into a space. These tiles come in a wide range of designs and textures suited for walls and floors of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces etc. are durable and easy to maintain which has made them popular among homeowners. With an increase in demand, top tile manufacturers in India are producing new-age designs with the help of innovative and strict quality control. Among these tile makers, Kajaria has emerged as the market leader, being the largest manufacturer of in the country. Kajaria has a wide array of in different finishes and price points for the walls and floor, with individual collections dedicated to wet areas like the bathroom, pool deck and outdoors. Moreover, with the well-developed network of Kajaria dealers in the India, one can easily find Kajaria tiles ‘near me’.

While selecting you can choose from glazed or polished and different styles of ceramic tiles. Keep reading to learn about the wide range of made by the company. Also, you can send in your enquiries to buy at the best prices. 



About the company

Kajaria also known as Kajaria Ceramics is one of the biggest manufacturers of ceramic/ in India. The 9 manufacturing units spread across the country use new-age cutting-edge like robotic car applications and automation to produce durable products. 


Types of and


Eternity Glazed


Kajaria glazed floor tiles
Eternity Range

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


The Eternity Glazed from the company are known for their beauty. Made with the unique Nano Polish technology, these are scratch-proof and stain resistant. The collection at Kajaria ceramics is made of a wide variety of designs like The Ultima range which offers expansive and elegant designs. Similarly, their Delphi range has eco-friendly designed in natural patterns. Other exclusive ranges include The Megalith and The Slim. The price range for the Kajaria Eternity Glazed starts at Rs. 65 per sqft.


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eternity catalogue from kajaria tiles




marble design tiles for showroom
Luxurious Showroom

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


Kajaria has an ultra-luxurious range of ceramic and tiles. Made with high-end technology, these ceramic give an upscale look to the space. The ceramic are durable and easy to maintain. The ceramic made by the company include The Italian collection which is a mix of Indian and Italian work ethics. Another famous range by the company is DuRock which has sturdy outdoor in a wide array of colours and styles. Gres Tough and Royal are also popular Ceramic tile ranges by the company. The price for Kajaria ceramic starts at approximately Rs. 70 per sqft.


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royal range of luxurious tiles




black wall tiles by Kajaria tiles near me
Stunning in black

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


An epitome of strength and splendour, the polished exhibit the expertise of the team at Kajaria Tiles. The vitrified polished have a -like finish, which gives a look of grandeur to a space. Their collection includes Vitronite, which is designed to help customers create glamorous surfaces. On the other hand, the Duratech line is made of textured influenced by the Indus Valley civilization. Other top-rated ranges in the polished category include Solitaire Plus and StepStone. The price for Kajaria Polished is around Rs. 86 per sqft.


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glossy polished vitrified tiles



bathroom decor
Kajaria bathroom

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


The bathroom range at Kajaria Ceramics consists of ceramic tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and polished vitrified tiles. An epitome of class and luxury, these are perfect to give your a makeover. The Kajaria are available in different styles, patterns, colours and finishes. 


If you’re looking to transform your living into a stylish and trendy space then the wall tiles by Kajaria are perfect for you. Available in a wide range of eye-catching designs and unique patterns these have been crafted using new-age methods.


The exquisite range of kitchen tiles has innovative designs. These are known for their durability and the team of experts at Kajaria ensures that their products undergo a series of quality checks. The designer tile range comprises mesmerising motifs, patterns and colour schemes. The wide variety of caters to the tastes and preferences of each customer. 


  • Outdoor

The collection of robust outdoor offers stain and moisture resistance. Perfect for stylish interiors, these exterior are made using new-age methods to guarantee durability. These are available in different designs, sizes, and colours to help the homeowner create a tailor-made look as per their needs.



beige flooring for shopping mall
Shopping mall flooring

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


Kajaria’s grand range of is a perfect mix of appealing colours, stylish finishes and artistic designs. Made using state-of-the-art technology, these are a feast for the eyes. A team of experts ensure that each tile represents the company’s mission of providing high-quality products to customers.


  • Commercial

The company makes a massive range of catering to commercial spaces. Each tile is manufactured using the most advanced equipment. These exquisite floor tiles are suitable for offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and boutiques among others.


  • Bedroom

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom, then Kajaria has an eye-catching range of bedroom tiles. These durable will instantly brighten up your space. You can choose from wooden rustic designs or glossy marble patterns. These are available across different price points, dimensions, and textures. 


  • Outdoors

Kajaria Ceramics is known for its anti-slip which are suitable for bathrooms, pool decks, kitchens, ramps, etc. These are made in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes, with an emphasis on the safety needs of the customer. Durable and stylish, these are perfect for homeowners looking to add that extra zing to their spaces.




black rotomatt finish for cafe
Kajaria Rotomatt Finish

Image Source: Kajaria Ceramics


The unique by Kajaria Ceramics are available in an unmatched range of finishes. The types of exclusive finishes include Polished, Matt, Gloss Matt, Metallic, Marbletech, Superwhite, Carving, and Rotomatt. The Marbletech finish copies the look of natural marble, while the Superwhite finish gives an illusion of pure white spaces. Additionally, the Carving finish enhances the crevices and grains of the surface to give a rustic feel to the space. The  Gloss Matt and Metallic finishes are emerging as top choices to create a classy and timeless look and feel for the home.


Kajaria price list

The team at Kajaria Ceramics designs keeping in mind the needs of the user. Their aim is to provide artistic designs at budget-friendly prices. Here is a price list with the starting range of all types of offered by Kajaria:


Type of Price Range (approx)
Eternity Glazed Rs. 65/sqft
Ceramic Rs. 70/sqft
Polished Rs. 86/sqft
Rs. 60/sqft
Rs. 68/sqft



Kajaria Tiles ‘Near Me’

The company has produced over 3000 designs, suitable for residential and commercial spaces. With over 34 years of expertise in the tile manufacturing segment, Kajaria Ceramics has an unparalleled distribution network throughout the country. These Kajaria dealers ‘near me’ ensure that customers can transform their spaces into luxurious abodes. 


Click here to find Kajaria dealers near me: https://www.kajariaceramics.com/dealers.php 



are the perfect addition to your walls and floors while constructing new spaces or redoing old ones. are slabs made using a mixture of sand, clay, and quartz. Moreover, with the changing trends, are being used to add a luxurious touch to spaces. Therefore, top tile brands like Kajaria are making innovative and high-quality designs at a budget-friendly price which has made them the biggest tile manufacturer in India. You can choose from a wide range of that can be used as alternatives for marble and wood flooring.

Now, you have all the information about the styles, textures and designs of by Kajaria Ceramics. So, go ahead and submit your enquiries for the most suitable for your space.


*The featured image used in this article is from Kajaria Ceramics



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