RAUKANTEX edgebanding solutions by REHAU – When detailing matters!

black kitchen
black kitchen

Panel processing industries like those engaged in modular kitchens and furniture use edgebanding solutions for both functionality and aesthetics. For the uninitiated, these tapes plays an important role in modular furniture. It serves twin objectives – to seal the edges, thereby preventing moisture from getting into the substrate and add to the ‘smoother finish’ around the edges. These days, edgebands as a category has evolved to such an extent that it is fast catching the fancy of Architects and Designers. REHAU India manufacturers unique RAUKANTEX edgebander solutions for furniture items.

The journey of edgebanding from being a functional solution to one adding to the visual appeal to a piece of furniture shows the maturity curve that the furniture industry is progressing on. The entire value-chain in the industry, right from Furniture and Modular Kitchen Manufacturers to Architects and Interior Designers has started looking at this category in a fresh light.

RAUKANTEX by REHAU – the name that is synonymous with edgebanding solutions is well-positioned to address both the functional and aesthetics objectives. RAUKANTEX edgebands are one of the most innovative and preferred tapes in the market.


REHAU RAUKANTEX solution with wooden edgebander
Stylish room partition furniture


Quality-conscious furniture manufacturers and modular kitchen makers constantly look for superior design, increased functionality, and long-lasting durability in their offerings. Thus, high product quality remains an essential element in their consideration. Edgebanding plays an important role for them.

The wide range of finishes and textures available under RAUKANTEX by REHAU India offer versatile applications and are a delight for manufacturers and creative professionals alike. This range very well compliments the comprehensive range of REHAU Interior Design System including solutions for all kinds of surfaces, plinths, tambour doors, and wall seals. The store and online service tools available with REHAU India offer complete support to your project right from the start to finish.


RAUKANTEX by REHAU completes 50 years

This year, REHAU is celebrating 50 years of its RAUKANTEX edgebanding solutions. Overall these years, the range has been expanding, much to the excitement of the industry.  Today, RAUKANTEX furniture tapes are available in over 1000 colours, and more.


a beautiful bathroom in subtle neutral shades
Minimalist bathroom furniture with REHAU edgebanding solutions.


REHAU India entered the furniture solutions industry with these bands and it has been a rewarding experience for not just the RAUKANTEX brand but also for its users. These bands lend amazing aesthetics to furniture. Also, the zero-joint technology (available under the RAUKANTEX Pro range) offers a polymer-based, colour-matched functional layer even on the reverse side for a visually seamless look.


Functionality with Aesthetics in edgebands

Earlier, the traditional bands was done in a very monotonous way. The sole purpose of edgebanding would be to cover the exposed parts of the materials (usually the sides/ edges). Therefore, not much focus was given to innovation. In addition, there were design limitations. But, RAUKANTEX edgebands opened up an unimaginably wide range of textures, colors, patterns, materials, and styles.


REHAU RAUKANTEX edgebanding solution for drawer edgebander


In addition, RAUKANTEX scratch.protect brings an altogether new level of quality to the surface. The soft-touch feel along with high-scratch resistance makes it an ideal product in the industry. It comes with additional features such as anti-fingerprint effect, anti-sheen effect, and extremely easy care. That’s not all. RAUKANTEX fire.protect makes the edgebands self-extinguishing as it is a halogen-free solution.

Moreover, RAUKANTEX health.protect prevents the contamination of furniture surfaces, especially in confined/closed spaces with high people traffic – a solution apt in today’s day and age. The specially-coated edgebands kill more than 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.


RAUKANTEX lumina offers an illuminated look to the furniture. This helps make the rooms look more spacious and cozier. It also creates an accent and provides a beautiful structure. These ‘light’ bands harvest the UV pigments and accentuate parts of furniture items.


Versatile Range

REHAU RAUKANTEX edgebands come in two ranges- Pro and Pure. Both the ranges offer 100% color-matching and excellent bonding to the material. Also, both ranges come in a wide array of collections based on texture, design, and materials.


black table with yellow furniture fittings
A designer table with a funky look.


From super matte lacquer to high-gloss lacquer, the decorative design edgebands come in solid colors. They come in a flat matte finish and mirror gloss. Also, they come in 3D-effect, duo design glass-effect, translucent finish, metal foil design. The satin-matte textured pattern and real wood veneer edgebands offer great looks to the furniture.

Thus, you get endless design variations for an innovative furniture surface. Also, class and functionality are the key elements that make your furniture stand out and above the rest. So, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living area, RAUKANTEX edgebands offer some spectacular interior designing ideas with unbeatable functionality.


Check out some amazing REHAU RAUKANTEX edge banders 



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